The Best Place To Keep Gun While Sleeping

The Best Place To Keep Gun While Sleeping

It’s no secret that **guns** can be dangerous. But what if you ***need*** to keep one close while sleeping? Make sure the firearm is always accessible to handle any crisis that comes up.

This way, it will be ready for use when the need arises. But the question is, what is the best place to keep guns while sleeping?

Best Place To Keep Gun While Sleeping

Do you keep it under your pillow? Under your bed? Or on you? Without a doubt, the safest way to store a gun is in a nightstand safe.

This will ensure that it is readily available and not too difficult to access if you need the weapon for self-defense.

There are many reasons why people might need to keep a gun close by while they sleep. A few examples include:

  • Some people might be in danger and need protection from an intruder or a criminal.
  • Some people might have children in the house and want to protect them from an intruder or a criminal.
  • Some people might live in a high-crime area where it is necessary for them to keep their guns close by for self-defense purposes.
  • Some people might live alone and want the security of knowing that they can protect themselves if something happens at night, even if they don’t intend on using the weapon during the day.

While you are sleeping, it is best to keep it on your nightstand. If it’s a long gun, it is better to keep it inside an under-bed safe.

What if you don’t have a bedside gun safe? Or you have a shotgun or a rifle that you want to keep close. What will you do? That is what we will be discussing in this article.

Where to Keep Your Gun Safe While Sleeping

Firearms are supposed to be a source of protection, but if you keep them on a nightstand, they could mean trouble if there’s a break-in. It’s because nightstands are where most homeowners keep their guns, so they might hit them first.

Bedside Gun Safe

Although the nightstand might seem like the most convenient place to store your firearms, it is not always possible or safe. People who live in a shared space or have kids at home shouldn’t use the nightstand because it can be dangerous.

I hate it when people sleep with guns under their pillows too. Is it really worth testing it and risking it going off even if it’s secure and locked? Then where should you keep your guns while sleeping?

A home defense handgun can be safely stowed in a variety of places so that it is readily available when needed. As there is no way to predict when and where an attack will occur, we have included some interesting locations in the bedroom as well as other parts of the house.

It might no longer be a good idea to have a single location for gun storage in this day and age. Decentralizing your gun storage makes it easier to keep your firearm secure. The safest option would be to put them in a mixture of places, preferably under a lock.

1. Inside A Hidden Drawer

You can find some talented home gunsmiths out there who have invented a number of ingenious hard-to-find places to stow loaded handguns. Some craftsmen have made hidden drawers and pull-outs that reveal a pistol for home defense.

Hidden compartments should not be confused with firearms storage, whether they are in a bookcase or in a drawer in your dresser.

Doing this makes it more difficult for others unfamiliar with the layout to spot your guns. Yet, it will make handguns more accessible without the fuss of a combination or lock associated with a safe.

2. Using An Alternate Drawer

In addition to being commonplace to store guns, the nightstand is also the quickest target for burglars, a situation not found in any other drawer in your bedroom.

I’d keep the gun in the wardrobe drawers in a top opening biometric fingerprint safe so it’s easy to get to yet out of the way. You should put the gun in the highest drawer in your room if there are kids or unexpected visitors.

Best Place To Keep Gun While Sleeping1

3. In The Master Bathroom Drawer

It’s common to consider home invasions to occur at twilight hours, but they can take place at any time during the day.

Do you think a home invasion doesn’t happen while you’re in the shower? It may make a difference between life and death to keep a handgun in the master bathroom drawer.

You can easily keep a gun their inside a budget pistol safe.

4. Near The Front Door/In The Guest Room Is A Closet

You want the gun to be accessible but out of sight, so either of these options should do. Even if you have a guest room in your house, the chances are that no one would use it unless you had overnight guests.

Intruders won’t target guest rooms like they would the kitchen. You could also keep your gun near the entrance of your house so that you’re prepared if you need to get your gun.

You can also prepare yourself before answering the door if you spot any fishy activity on your front door.

5. In An Under Bed Gun Safe

Children are curious, and keeping a firearm unsecured may not be an option in homes with young, curious children. But the home defense should never be ignored.

Many people keep a gun safe under the bed or on their nightstand that they can unlock when they need to. It may take some time to detect a break-in and get to the gun, but some choose daily safety over immediate emergency response.

Under Bed Gun Safe
Keeping a gun under your bed is the best place

6. Pantry In The Kitchen

The kitchen pantry is a great place to keep your gun since it is one of the least obvious locations in the house. As a result, it is less likely that the thieves will target the kitchen, as well as children in the house or guests coming over are less likely to wander into it.

Even from a tactical standpoint, a kitchen is a place where adults tend to spend most of their time during the day. Thus, if you need to get your gun during the day, you will likely be in the kitchen, and your gun will be readily available to you.

7. Consider Installing A Magnetic Mount For Your Gun Near Your Bed

Safekeeping the gun with this option also has the added benefit of being less expensive as well. The MG magnetic gun mount from Comfort Tac is a popular choice for such a gun mount.

The rubber coat magnets are rated at 35 lbs, making it one of the strong, premium-quality options. You will be able to easily access your gun if needed, and on top of that, there will be no scratches on the firearm like with other storage methods.

With the easy installation instructions that come with the mount, you can conceal your weapon elegantly. Gun mounts like this one can hold any type of firearm, including Glocks and colts.

Gun Safe Under Bed

8. Under The Pillow

Since there is no security under your pillow, it is not a good place to keep your personal security handgun. A loaded handgun is perfectly safe as long as you do not pull the trigger.

When you’re in bed, the last thing you want to worry about is where that loaded gun may be hidden. Under no circumstances should you leave your firearm under a pillow if you have kids. There is too much possibility that someone may get hurt.

You can go ahead if you’re not a deep sleeper. In fact, many people keep their weapons under their pillows. Imagine how easy it will be to grab a gun.

9. In A Large Gun Safe

If something goes wrong, a gun safe may be the best place to keep your weapon, not just to prevent it from accidentally going off, but also to protect it from falling into the hands of intruders.

If you need to retrieve the gun quickly, you don’t always have to lock the safe with multiple codes. Your safe could just as easily be secured using your fingerprints.

You can always lock the safe with extra security using a car pistol lock box during the day or if children are around, and you won’t have to worry about security.

10. Nightstand Gun Safe

Easily accessible at any time, close by and readily available. When homeowners need to act quickly, the nightstand is their go-to item.

Think about keeping a flashlight in the same side table gun safe if you haven’t done so already. It will allow you to illuminate a dark hall or crawl space instantly. For those of you who have an everyday carry pistol with a flashlight attachment or laser sight, bravo.

What Should You Do If There Are Kids Around?

Whenever you can, make sure your kids are educated about guns and gun safety. They need to understand how dangerous it is to handle a gun.

So, keep your guns somewhere; you’ll be able to access them if you need to. It’s a smart idea to keep a weapon in a safe that’s protected by a fingerprint lock because it’ll stop kids from getting hold of it.

Where Should I Keep My Rifle In The Bedroom?

You should keep your rifle in the bedroom if you are going to use it at night. The rifle should not be kept on the bedside table as this makes it easy to grab. It also invites accidents if someone were to trip over it while walking around the room at night.

The best place to keep your rifle at night is in an under bed gun safe. You can buy one or build your own with some DIY skills and basic tools.

If you are not going to use it, then keep it in a safe place. There are some safety measures that you should consider before doing so.

First of all, make sure that your rifle is unloaded and stored in a locked container or cabinet that is not accessible to children. You should also make sure that the ammunition is stored separately from the rifle.


Guns are necessities in neighborhoods as much as they are risks. You should be prepared to keep your guns safe wherever you decide to keep them in the house.

Make sure your family members and roommates are also aware of the situation. It’s always a good idea to have your firearms available within a few seconds in the event of a home invasion, wherever you may be.

It is imperative that you keep them out of reach of small children and hide them from being misused against you. The situation is particularly critical if you have young children living with you.

Making sure the gun is out of reach of children is only half the battle; the more important half is ensuring they do not attempt to retrieve it or gain access to it.

Author’s Note:

Keeping guns in the house is a controversial topic. Some people believe that it is safer to keep them in the house, and others believe it is better to keep them locked away.

Some people who are pro-gun argue that keeping guns in the house is better because it gives them protection from intruders.

They also argue that if they have a gun, they can protect their family from intruders or even other members of their family. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you and your family.

Final Words

The best way to store guns while sleeping is by putting them in a gun safe or locking cabinet. This way, they will be out of reach of children and pets while still being close enough for an emergency.

It is important to remember that a gun should never be left out in the open and should always be stored in a safe place. You should also keep your gun unloaded and locked up.

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