Is It Safe To Sleep With A Gun Under Your Pillow?

Is It Safe To Sleep With A Gun Under Your Pillow

In today’s age of frequent mass shootings, it’s not unusual for individuals to sleep with a gun under their beds. Naturally, this wouldn’t pose an issue if you stored it in a gun safe beneath the bed. Nonetheless, there are certain precautions you can take to ensure your safety while sleeping.

Some people say they feel safer knowing they have a weapon nearby in case someone enters their home, while others say that it’s not worth the risk, especially if you have kids or pets.

If there is an imminent threat, sleeping with a pistol under your pillow is better than having it next to your bed. If you want to conceal the gun from others, you might want to stuff it into a pillow next to your head.

Sleep With A Gun Under Your Pillow

You won’t be right on top of it that way. The key is not to keep a round chambered in your gun. You are one of those idiots who give gun-phobic liberals something to complain about if you keep a round-chambered.

No matter what, do not chamber a round in a semi-automatic. When keeping a revolver under your pillow, keep it in a holster. The hammer is hard to move back, but there is a chance you could snag it on your bed sheets or pillowcase and be one step from a rude awakening.

Is It Possible For The Gun To Move Less Underneath The Pillow?

Putting the gun on an anti-slip surface might be worth a try. If you want to grip objects on your dashboard, you can buy one of those open mesh soft grips.

I am not making a recommendation here. It’s just a suggestion. Think carefully about the risks you may be adding to an already tricky practice by sleeping with slippery sheets or pillow protectors.

Most pistol barrels produce projectiles of enormous power, powerful enough to penetrate a block wall, and most homes are made of composite materials if you get an accidental discharge.

The same thing can be fatal to someone in a different room or even in their neighbor’s house if they sleep there.

A Loaded Gun Under The Pillow

If you sleep with a hot gun under your pillow, you are gambling with your life. The gun can discharge if it is dropped during the night. Don’t rely on safety in these situations; it doesn’t always work. The fact that your safety isn’t working won’t be acceptable in the court if worse comes to worst.

Gun Under The Pillow

Keeping A Revolver Under Your Pillow While You Sleep

We might as well get into this since sleeping with a revolver under your pillow has inherent problems. Their design makes them bulkier.

The possibility of an accidental discharge is zero when sleeping with a loaded cylinder open. The problem arises if you ever feel threatened enough to go looking for an intruder.

If a certified gunsmith does not regularly maintain the revolver, the rounds can rise in the cylinder when the cylinder is closed. Sleeping with a gun under your pillow defeats the purpose.

Your Choice Of Gun

Some may find it counterintuitive to choose a gun to sleep beneath your pillow safely, but if you are determined to do this, no one can persuade you otherwise. It will be a good idea to be as safe as possible if you plan on practicing this.

Depending on how much you move around while sleeping, sleeping with a loaded or hot gun may be somewhat dangerous. Most of us move at some point during the night, often placing our arms or hands under our pillows.

A 1911 can be kept under your pillow with the magazine out and without a round in the chamber. A proficient gun user should not have problems slamming in a magazine and racking the slide.

Sleeping With A Gun Under One’s Pillow | What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

gun safe under the bed

It is best to keep your weapon in the same place every time you use it. It would be difficult to deploy it quickly if it were under a pillow since it could shift or move.

It’s not a good idea to fumble around under your pillow under pressure if you need to arm yourself in a hurry. Maintain the same orientation and location at all times.

From this location, you can practice drawing your weapon. Consider locking or barring the door if you sleep in a shared room. Get regular training and practice on that door. Consider installing an alarm.

It may be a good idea to carry a familiar carry holster if you are limited to carrying an issued Glock or similar weapon. Keep your powder dry and good luck.

Things That Could Go Wrong #1

During sleep, people sometimes toss and turn. Over the years, I have woken up strangely wrapped in my bed sheets. One shouldn’t add any solid, hard, reasonably blocky object to their bed.

Things That Could Go Wrong #2

Getting tangled up in pretzel-shaped bed sheets that are tightly wound around you might cause the gun to spit reasonably high-powered bullets. Not a good scenario.

Things That Could Go Wrong #3

People sometimes do strange things when they are asleep, especially while dreaming. An accident will likely occur when a handgun is readily accessible in such a state.

Things That Could Go Wrong #4

In most cases, people who awaken from deep sleep don’t immediately behave rationally. When a loaded gun is readily accessible in that state, there is a high risk of an accident.

Things That Could Go Wrong #5

That gun under the pillow is likely to wander even if you don’t end up neutering or killing yourself or someone close to you.

The gun is likely in a different position than you expected, even if you’re highly alert and fully aware at the moment you’re rudely awoken (yeah, right).

Things That Could Go Wrong #6

Just like those western games, you might look for a loaded gun in your bedding under stress in an immediate life-threatening situation, but I’d rather not.

So, What Can I Do?

There are plenty of better options if you need a firearm in the middle of the night, during your sleep cycle, or at home:

Place it in a fixed position relative to your bedding. It doesn’t matter whether you keep it on the nightstand, in a holster, in a hidden compartment fitted to the headboard, or velcroed to the side rail of your bed if it’s in a fixed position and is easily accessible.

Wear your shoulder holster or similar harness at night so that you are used to carrying your sidearm. There will always be a safe place for the gun, and no matter what happens, it will be where you expect it to be.

gun safe under 1000

Safer Yet Fast-Accessible Alternatives

Gun owners who take the proper precautions to store their handguns know they can access them quickly in an emergency without sacrificing safety. For instance, a locked nightstand firearm safe can be used to store your gun.

Modern biometric gun safes can be opened in various ways, including digital keypads and fingerprint scanners. By doing so, the gun stays secure and can be accessed quickly when needed. In addition, it is possible to store loaded handguns in lock boxes.

Facts About Sleeping With A Gun Next To You

It is estimated that a few dozen home invaders shoot anyone for any reason inside their bedroom each year. As likely as it is that the .38 guy with the under-pillow firearm will hurt anybody with it, it is also likely that you will get hit by a runaway Hostess cupcake truck.

One of the biggest problems with the right to bear arms is that children are not taught the legal and moral aspects of exercising it. Every citizen should be taught the responsibilities associated with the Second Amendment if that amendment guarantees the right to bear arms.

As a parent, I would begin by teaching safety first to a child of ten, just as I would do with matches, which kill far more people than guns. It is expected that schoolchildren have a basic understanding of keeping and maintaining firearms by the time they are 12 years old.

As a result, I would conduct several drills that would teach them about the actual nature of death, the instrument of which will be put in their hands when they are young.

gun safe under the bed1

As a result, the prime rule is:

Point firearms at living creatures only if you are willing to kill them. Unfortunately, American adults and children often hold the moral position that they would never kill anyone under any circumstance. Therefore, they need not own or keep a gun to respect and use it properly.

When children handle and learn about firearms, they will learn not to be afraid of guns but instead to respect them. Unfortunately, despite being less common than sleeping pills and automobiles, guns kill when handled carelessly.

Having seen an actual gun, I have seen American children quiver and tremble in fear. A child’s future is endlessly degraded when fear is taught to them. Firearms should be taught to children as much as cars, even though cars can be very deadly, should be taught to them.

It is pathetically silly to sleep with a firearm under your pillow if you can learn anything from the experience of others and know as much about firearm safety as a ten-year-old American should. Consider other ways to deal with intruders, such as locking the front door or popping an Ambien.

Note From The Author:

However, the most important thing you should do is reevaluate your approach to security. It is a potentially fatal accident waiting to happen when a loaded pistol is tucked under a pillow. The weapon is also useless in almost all self-defense situations that are somewhat realistic.

The Bottom Line

In the unlikely event that you manage to shoot yourself in the sleep, you will be labeled a dumbass and never forgiven by the liberals. But, of course, that’s not going to happen either since then they’ll be in my comment section pointing out your stupidity.

In their opinion, taking away our fundamental rights is a great idea, so we need to change the Constitution. Society has changed in the past few decades, and crime has increased. Adding fuel to the fire is the country’s political divide. It’s your right to protect yourself from intruders, and it’s understandable.

The dangers associated with sleeping with a gun under your pillow cannot be overstated, and it’s not a good idea. As a side note, keep it inside a pistol safe if you really need quick access.

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