7 Tips To Help You Improve Your Long-Range Shooting

Long-Range Shooting

Most everyone wants to be able to shoot their gun as far as possible. Well, some factor that affects the distance you can shoot is the gun or rounds you are using, but other things that can affect the distance you can shoot accurately have to do with you.

In this article, we will look at some factors that go into being able to shoot long-range and accurately at the same time. Read on for the top tips to improve your long-range shooting.

1. Practice Proper Shooting Position

The first thing that goes into being able to shoot a long way accurately is the position that you are in. There are a few things to consider when picking a position to fire your gun.

The first is that you want the position that you are in to be stable. You don’t want to be wobbling, and you don’t want your gun’s kickback to cause a lot of recoils because that will affect your shot, so being in a tight and stable position is important.

A lot of times, the most stable position you can be in for long-range shooting is lying down on the ground. This way, you can use the ground for added support, and a lower center of gravity means less movement.

The thing with being down on the ground, though, is it may not be the most comfortable position, and the next part of the position is you want to be comfortable.

To help it be comfortable, clear out a space to lay down so you aren’t on any rocks, and you can also add some padding down on the ground if you need to. If you need to move after you are in position, then be sure to move your whole body and don’t just move your torso or the gun.

Moving the whole body will help with shifting your weight thru everything and distributing it easier instead of what part of your body is having all the strain. Having a good position, though, and keeping your rifle steady can go a long way in improving your long-range shooting.

2. Get A Good Scope

It would help if you had your scope 100% clear, or else your shot will be thrown off from distortion or shadows. You also want to make sure that your scope is calibrated perfectly.

Before you even start hunting or shooting for real, you need to take your scope to a range and zero it in. You want to line up the circles perfectly because if your scope is off or not working right, then your shot will, of course, be off.

Investing in a top-quality scope is a good idea, especially if you want good long-range shooting.

3. Shot and Follow Through Perfection

The next thing that goes into being a good long-range shooter is having a solid shot release and follow-through.

A top tip is to ensure you don’t add any movement to the gun when pulling the trigger or after shooting. To pull the trigger properly, you want to make sure you are pulling it straight back and that it is a smooth motion.

The way to properly pull the trigger is to use the center pad of your index finger, and you want to ensure your index finger and fingernail are parallel to the trigger guard. This will make sure that the motion is straight back.

After pulling the trigger, there are still key things to do. First, you need to keep your eyes open and don’t flinch or blink. This can cause your shot to travel astray. Next, you need to memorize where your crosshairs are when the shot breaks.

This information is vital, and other vital information is refocusing on when the shot hits the target. Using this information, you can ensure your next shot is even better.

4. Maintain Grip

The next thing that can affect your shot is a proper grip that can help control recoil. We had already touched on this when we talked about the position, but we will go into more depth on the grip in this section.

You don’t want your grip to be too tight, but you also don’t want it too loose. For a proper hold, your check should be pressed firmly against the stock with your head held upright and not at an angle.

Having your head at an angle can affect your view through the scope. Therefore, having an excellent ‘check weld’ is vital to shooting a long distance.

Your hand should have a firm hold on the pistol grip, and you want to ensure your thumb is curled around it for safety. If you leave your thumb along the bolt or beside the safety catch, you will feel the pain from that if you fire a larger gun.

5. Breath

The next tip for getting more distance on your shot is your breathing. You want to fire after inhaling and before exhaling. This will help steady yourself and the gun. However, if you really need the shot to go a long way and be accurate, you will need to hold your breath.

Eliminating any and all movement in your body is key to being able to shoot a long distance, and the best long-range shooters are excellent at holding their breath as they fire.

6. Know Your Gun And Bullet

The next thing is you need to know your gun and bullet. Certain guns and bullets behave differently, and you need to know what you are firing to shoot a long way.

This is similar to the idea that you must be able to zero in your scope before shooting; you need to know your bullets and gun before shooting.

You want to know how the win will affect your rounds and when your bullets start to break. Knowing your rifle and bullets is key to remember when shooting for distance.

7. Practice

Practice is the best way to learn how your gun and bullets will react. So before trying to shoot a long distance, you first need to practice with your gun and shoot short-range targets down.

Once you get good and accurate with your gun at short range, you can start shooting longer distances. Eventually, with enough practice, you will be able to shoot farther.

The key is to get shooting short down pat first, learn how the wind and environment will affect your gun, and get it set up to be able to shoot farther.


With all these tips, you should be able to start shooting a long distance in no time. The key to shooting long-range is practicing with your rifle, learning how the wind will affect your bullets, and getting your scope zeroed in.

Once you have done that, you want to be in a proper position and be sure to pull the trigger straight back and reduce all movement when firing. Hold your breath when firing to get the top distance from your shot if you can. These tips will help your long-range shot; after reading this, you will be shooting farther in no time.

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