Tips For Using The Bathroom While Carrying Concealed

Tips For Using The Bathroom While Carrying Concealed

What should you do if you need to use the bathroom while carrying concealed? There are times when you need a restroom, but you’re not in your usual location.

If you are one of those people who feel uncomfortable going to the restroom in public, you might find this article helpful. But unfortunately, this is a situation you’ll have to deal with sooner or later.

You will have to do the number 2s or 1s sooner or later. For example, let’s say you carry a concealed weapon. When nature calls, what do you do? It would help to think about this question when performing a certain task.

The Bathroom While Carrying Concealed

Leaving your gun in the car is fine, but what if someone tries to attack you as you take a poo while naked?

The firearm is highly likely to be concealed near the body’s waistline. Therefore, many challenges arise when one drops the pants in the bathroom. Here are some tips on how to deal with this situation safely and tactically.

To avoid encountering this situation in the future, let’s take a moment to discuss how to use the bathroom when you carry concealed. Despite my best efforts, it was somewhat disappointing to find little information about concealed carry guns in bathrooms.

Bathroom Safety Tips While Carrying Concealed

Bathroom Safety Tips While Carrying Concealed

While many good ideas were suggested, the topic has not been explored in depth. A balance between the ideas and topics discussed in this article can be achieved by examining two key factors.

  • Security
  • Accessibility

There is a difference between security and accessibility. Therefore, it is important to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense on both counts.

The Art Of Avoiding Detection

You’re best off finding a bathroom that can accommodate only one person at a time. Then, there is no need to worry about anyone seeing your gun when you go in and out.

Look for family bathrooms in a large, big-box store. There are often more bathrooms in the back of the store than in the front, so ask for them.


Our goal is to avoid becoming vulnerable as much as possible. For example, we are highly vulnerable in a restroom stall because we cannot retrieve our firearms or fire them.


Also, we must strike a balance between being ready to respond to tactical situations and being able to ensure our safety.

Selecting The Right Location

You should look for more than just cleanliness in a bathroom. If it is not an emergency, there are better options for the bathroom than others.

You should find an individual bathroom to make the best choice. Then, when you enter and exit a building, there is no need to worry about people seeing your gun.

A big box store is a good choice if you’re looking for a family bathroom. It is common for the ladies’ restroom to be located opposite the store from the men’s toilet. The back of the building may have it if you cannot find it there. There will always be a restroom.

Carry Holster

What If The Gun Falls Out?

First, don’t panic if your weapon falls out of your holster while you’re pulling your pants up or down. Instead, holster it carefully after picking it up.

Make no fuss about it. Dropping your gun should not cause it to discharge. Since the holster you used probably wasn’t the best, check out our belly band holsters for carrying.

Holsters That Are Right For This Situation

As we have discussed so far, it becomes evident that a holster will play a significant role in the ease and safety with which one can visit the restroom while armed; however, caution is advised.

Pocket Holsters

It is difficult to draw your gun when your pants are down if the gun is in a pocket holster. Therefore, we recommend removing the holster and securing it in your pants before sitting down.

In this way, you can make sure it is pointed in a safe direction and make it easily accessible. Also, you won’t forget it when you leave.

Pocket Holsters

Systems For Off-Body Carrying

It’s easier to go to the restroom if you use a purse, backpack, or another type of off-body holster. First, however, you should consider how to position your holster so that you can quickly pull it if needed.

The Traditional IWB Holster

The clip that secures the belt’s holster must be removed before you sit down if you use a conventional IWB system.

To keep the firearm securely secured on the belt, you can use your legs to keep the waistband rigid when your pants come down.

Holsters For Ankles, Shoulders, And Bras

Our industry doesn’t see a lot of ankle and shoulder holsters, but they’re worth mentioning. For example, it is much easier to go to the bathroom when you have a shoulder holster or a bra holster on your shoulder.

The gun can be secured or removed from an ankle holster without any special action, but it may become inaccessible if you don’t position your pants properly.

Holsters For Ankles

It’s important to take extra care when dropping your pants if you’re using an ankle holster. You want to ensure that the pants are pushed down under the ankle holster, so you’ll still be able to get to it if you need to.

Some Other Tips for Using the Bathroom While Carrying a Concealed Weapon

  • After finding a location for your natural business, you need to invest serious time and energy to get to it and do what you must.
  • You have to pull up your pants differently when you carry a weapon, even though it seems simple.
  • To avoid being obvious about what’s attached to your belt when you drop your drawers, you may need to pay attention when you do so.
  • As you handle your pants as they rise, you will need to watch the barrel’s direction, the amount of space under the stall wall, and the direction of the barrel.

Positioning Your Gun While Seated

No matter where you are, you must follow the gun safety rules. Keeping something in your hand is imperative when your pistol rests loosely between your legs in your pants. It’s important to avoid pointing it in a dangerous direction in the event of an accidental discharge.

Since bathroom stalls are designed differently, this is not an option. However, you might be able to point it at the corner office wall since flimsy drywall and 2x4s wouldn’t stop much.

You Can Count On Your Carry Holster

When you use a good holster with good retention, you shouldn’t worry about your gun falling out, even if it flips upside down. A holster should be able to hold a magazine (or unloaded gun) upside down without falling out when shaken upside down.

We also frequently carry a second or third magazine in our carriers. They can be a nuisance in everyday activities, even when you need them when something breaks or a reload is needed.

Knowing your gun won’t fall out of the holster will save you from having to drop your pants. Now that you have control of the loose weapon, you can lower your pants while guiding the holster into place.

Make Sure You Don’t Leave Your Gun In The Bathroom

Traditional IWB Holster

It’s important to be consistent. Muscle memory can be created with just a few repetitions. You will remember things more easily if you do the same thing repeatedly. It will be helpful if you practice at home.

For a few weeks, sit down even if you don’t need to practice and repeat. You shouldn’t ignore your gun if it’s in an obvious area. Standing at the exit makes it easier to overlook the dispenser and the back of the toilet because they’re at the back.

Holster your gun at all times. Furthermore, you are less likely to forget your gun in the holster, even when you remove it from your clothing.

Random Tips

It would help if you tried using the stall furthest from the door when you go to a public bathroom. You will only have to deal with threats or prying eyes from one side if you use this strategy. Using a family bathroom with a single lockable door is best whenever possible.

What Others Say

It is recommended that you remove one leg from your pants before sitting down by some professionals. If you need to react quickly, you will have more flexibility if you wear pants around your ankles.

Nevertheless, the weapon cannot be stowed while seated, so you forfeit some options. Additionally, if you have to run, you must put your leg back into the pants, which takes time.

Finally, depending on your clothing, it might not be feasible. But, again, this is up to you to decide if it works for you.

Final Words

Carrying concealed does not necessarily mean dealing with bathroom stuff. In addition, off-body carrying provides less protection than on-body carrying in an emergency.

An ankle holster accomplishes the same thing. In the bathroom, though, switching the method of carrying would be unusual. That’s all I have to say about using the bathroom while concealed carrying.

Ensure that your firearm is stored safely and facing the right direction. Taking ownership of a gun comes with a lot of responsibility from start to finish.

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