7 Useful Tips For Selling Your Used Rifle Optics This Year

Selling Your Used Rifle Optics This Year

The optics market is very competitive, and the prices for used rifle optics are in high demand. It is not uncommon for a hunter to have several rifles and optics. Sometimes, the rifle and optics are used for different hunting seasons.

It is also not uncommon for hunters to change their minds about the rifle they want to use for a certain season. Here are some reasons why you should sell your used rifle optics:

  • You don’t need it anymore
  • It doesn’t fit your needs anymore
  • Sometimes, you can get more money from selling it than the price you paid for it

The first step is to find a platform that will allow you to sell your used rifle optics. For example, you can use Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or even eBay.

Once you’ve found a place to list your product, you should take some high-quality photos of it. This will make it easier for people to find and purchase your product. Here are some other tips for selling your used rifle optics.

Pro Tips For Selling Your Used Rifle Optics

Although the optics on a rifle are not as expensive, they can still be worth a lot of money. Therefore, you must know how to sell your used rifle optics so you will not lose any money.

1. Choosing The Right Place To Sell

You want to let go of a few scopes in that pile, so you rifled through them. So now you won’t have to worry about clutter keeping you from doing your best!

What about selling them? Where do you go? If you want to sell your rifle optics, forget about all the places you can go. There are tons of options, but not all of them are equal.

It’s pretty inconvenient to use most of them, and some can be quite expensive. You shouldn’t always trust strangers online (or in person!) or at random pawn shops.

It’s also a pain to carry your rifle optics around town, especially if you have a lot to sell, and both options will cost you time and probably gas.

Finally, maintaining equipment exchanges on many web forums takes a lot of work. Would you be willing to devote the time and effort necessary to figure this out?

2. Be Realistic About The Price

From the moment you sell something, it loses value. That’s an economic fact. A used scope won’t cost you as much as a new one so that you won’t get all your money back.

Each scope you sell will have a different value depending on its type and condition. A fairly recent model in like-new condition will likely give you a decent chunk of the scope’s retail price back.

Even older models in poorer condition can still be sold for a good price, and you can make a nice profit.

Nevertheless, don’t waste anyone’s time or money trying to sell last year’s model you paid $800 for and promptly dropped.

If you can never use one of your scopes again, no one wants to buy it. You might get a few bucks for parts, but no one wants to buy them.

3. Rifle Optics: Know Your Stuff

You can now check out what you have now that you know what is likely to sell. To sell used rifle scopes, you must have all the accurate information about them. What is the quality of your scopes?

Currently Popular Brands

What is the date of purchase of the scope you are selling? Maybe five, ten, or even more years have passed. The brand may have been top-notch, but does it still hold up today?

Tactical shooting gets a boost from top optics manufacturers:

  • When it comes to precision and simplicity, Vortex optics deliver the best of both worlds
  • You can fine-tune your technique with a wide selection of options from U.S. Optics
  • The ultra-clear glass on Trijicon’s optics provides sharpshooters with the visibility they need
  • The tract is relatively new but is already making a name for itself in the distance shooting world
  • There is no better tactical line for finesse than Steiner’s
  • Rifle scopes were perfected by Riton down to the last detail
  • Scopes from Revic are automatically adjusted for your convenience
  • Despite its small size, Nightforce optics are powerful
  • The Leupold scopes are designed to withstand intense recoil
  • Known for their high quality and time-tested optics, Khales optics are the best available
  • Long-distance shooting is easy with EOTech
  • In unpredictable situations, Bushnell’s scopes deliver quick magnification
  • The accurate aim is ensured by Athlon’s precision

It’s easy to break the bank buying these top brands new, but there’s a reason they’re the best! You’re lucky if you have any of these in your shooting supplies.

A lower price on these hot names will likely make them sell quickly. Those top brands have all these characteristics. Think of how much you like your old scopes and why.

Then, even if you don’t have those names in your safe, look at what sells: sturdy, weather-resistant, accurate, automatic, precise, detailed, and compact. Features like these make a product more valuable.

4. Scopes in Good Condition

For your scope to work properly, you must ensure all its parts are present. It isn’t easy to keep track of old scopes that work and don’t, though, if you’ve got many of them.

Taking your current model and testing it against the one(s) you’re selling will give you a good sense of what state the scope you want to sell is in. Quality-used scopes should work similarly to your current scope, assuming it is as nice as you think.

What you need is:

  • Image clarity, brightness, and alignment
  • Make sure you adjust to zero and stay there
  • The adjustment does not damage the turrets
  • The body should be unbent and scratch-free
  • It is still possible to use the scope illumination (if it is available).
  • Even if it has a few scratches, if it functions properly and is sturdy, there’s likely to be a buyer.

5. Become An Expert In Quality

Optical products you want to sell may no longer be your favorites. You better not sell junk if you’re selling them.

Would you settle for any crummy old scope if you were looking for a used one for sale? I don’t think so.

It doesn’t mean that the gun owners you’re hoping will buy your products want your trash just because they can’t afford a fancy new scope.

More likely, someone buying used has more in common with those looking at new state-of-the-art models rather than cheap knockoffs.

How come? Used scopes are more affordable for hobbyists than new scopes, so they buy them to get better quality. Isn’t it better to buy a new scope rather than a cheap, low-quality one?

6. Is The Optics Working?

Make sure everything is working properly before using the scope. Your sight should still show a clear, bright image when you look through it. A centered and even reticle is ideal.

If the optic has an illumination function, check it out. It is also important to check the turrets. The new owner must make windage and elevation adjustments for the optic to be useful.

Make sure the turrets do not wiggle or play when adjusting. You shouldn’t expect too much wear on the O-rings that seal around the turrets.

Make sure the optic is mounted correctly. The final step is to hold the scope outwards and check to see if it is still perfectly straight.

Even the slightest bend can ruin scopes. The best way to ensure your rifle optics work as they should is to take them to the range.

The scope will quickly become apparent when you put some rounds through it. You will probably find a buyer if your scope has some wear and tear but still works well.

7. Obtain The Original Documents

All the tools and accessories with your optics, including wrenches, sunshades, and lens caps, should be gathered together. Used optics can be more valuable if they come in their original box, papers, receipts, and other documentation.

Your scope’s paperwork provides proof of its quality to the buyer. If you have optics that you have never used, they are likely still in the factory packaging. Therefore, you can sell them as long as they are still in their original condition.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling Used Optics?

Owning a rifle (or more than one) is generally not a money-making investment. However, your experience will improve as you sell many parts and replace them with new ones. There is no other way to explain it.

The most important thing is understanding why you should sell your used optics. Then, instead of letting them sit around collecting dust, you can get compensated for them and send them to someone who can put them to better use. Alternatively, you can choose something you like better.

Some of you may have scopes that hold sentimental value for you. In that case, you have nothing to lose by requesting a quote. Doing this will determine how much a company is willing to pay for your optics. It is then up to you to decide whether or not to sell.

A Few Words Of Wisdom

Our goal is to ensure everyone interested in the hobby has access to the latest optics when possible. Don’t throw out your old scopes, though!

As a result, you now know everything you need to determine your assets’ value. But, of course, nothing stops you from selling your used rifle optics, so what’s holding you back?

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