Can I Put A Gun Safe In My Bedroom?

Can I Put A Gun Safe In My Bedroom

Every firearm owner’s top priority should be keeping their weapon out of children’s reach and ensuring it remains inaccessible to intruders. This is why it’s essential for every gun owner to have a gun safe.

Having a gun means you need a safe place to keep it so that you can reach out to the weapon during emergencies. So, should you be putting a gun safe in the bedroom?

In general, yes, you can keep a gun safe in the bedroom, but it is recommended to keep them safe in the bedroom closet, not just out in the open so that it might grab the attention of any intruder.

Some people who have been victims of home invasions, burglaries, and other crimes may feel safer with a gun in the bedroom. If someone has children, they may also feel safer with a gun close by in case an intruder breaks into their home while they are sleeping.

Gun Safe In My Bedroom

Why Should I Put A Gun Safe In My Bedroom?

I would recommend that you put a gun safe in your bedroom. There are many reasons for this.

First of all, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your firearm is in a place where it is readily accessible to you if needed. 

Second, the gun safe will keep your firearm out of the reach of children and other unauthorized people who might be able to access it without permission. 

Third, if there were an intruder in your home and they were looking for weapons, they would not be able to find one because you have hidden it from them by putting it in the gun safe.

What About Bedroom Closets?

A closet is undoubtedly one of the safest places you can think of hiding your gun safe. Let us know why exactly.

  • Closets provide surrounding protection to the gun safe
  • Closets are bolted to the wall and can’t be tipped over
  • The gun safe can’t be easily seen
  • The fastest way to reach the gun as people spend most of their time in bedrooms during a breakout.
Gun Safe In My room

What Type Of Safe To Choose For the Closet

Your choice of the safe and its shape and size will determine the proper way to hide it. Some safes are noticeably huge and have to take a seat down on the floor.

Other closet safes are designed to be installed on conventional intensity closet shelves. So, let’s look at the types of safes, and you can decide what kind you can choose to use.

Well, of course, the size of your weapon is also a variable to consider.

1. Small Closet Safes

Due to their relatively small size, these types of safes are easier to hide. While shopping for a pistol safe for home, ensure to choose a safe made to fit into the closet. 

The size dimension for small closet safes are 14-inch depth and 18-inch width, and the door should be 4mm thick and the wall 2mm thick.

The bolts should go through the safe into the closet, not the other way around. Only people with access to open the safe door should be able to detach or remove the safe from its shelf.

The safe’s body is recommended to be steel and to get a closet with an electronic keypad with an emergency key. But don’t keep the key inside the safe just in case you need it to open the safe if the battery on the keypad dies.

Bedside Gun Safe

2. Floor Safes for Closets

Some house owners pick huge ground safes. This safe is commonly pretty heavy and no longer needs to be bolted to the ground. Getting it up or down the steps and into the closet is usually a trial.

With standard weights of 250 pounds and up, you won’t need to transport this securely very often. Better hide it than seek to relocate it.

Quick tip, a secret door made to appear like a full-length mirror mounted to the wall may be a sensible choice to cover a safe of any size. However, since mirrors are standard accessories in closets, it is unlikely to draw much attention.

Another alternative that you can try is disguising the door among a bank of shelves to look like a drawer front or file cabinet. Or you could just install an in wall safe.

Other Places to Keep Your Gun Safe

Other than the bedroom or the bedroom closet, here are other places to keep your gun safe.

The Basement

The basement is used to keep floor safes primarily due to the heavy nature of the safe. The basement can pretty much hold all sorts of safes. Since many safes aren’t fireproof, they are stored in the basement, far from the kitchen or garage.

Furthermore, it is one of the most secure places to keep your gun safe. The humidity of the basement is an essential factor to consider before storing your gun safe there.

Because high humidity is not suitable for the safe and its content, in other words, rust will find its way to the safe. The best option for you is to choose a safe with humidity control or a sensor if you’re planning to keep them safe in the basement.

It is also safe because the weapon will be out of sight from other house members like your children. If your basement gets flooded during the rainy season, then best avoid keeping your safe in there since flood water can cause damage to the safe.

Gun Safe For Home

The Garage

Well, you can keep your gun safe in the garage, but it isn’t recommended, though, to own a weapon for personal safety there since you can’t reach it out in the first place during an emergency. 

A garage might be a unique place to keep your gun safe, and thieves usually don’t go for the garage at first. Instead, they hit the rooms where people keep most of their valuables, like the living or the master bedroom.

The downside of keeping in the garage is that it is pretty easy to break in, and thieves might find your safe and jam it. There is also the issue regarding humidity. You will have to place a dehumidifier for gun safe in garage to protect your guns.

However, there are some safes with vibration sensors and cameras that can alert you remotely if there’s anyone near your safe and take action accordingly. So you might consider looking at those types of safes for your garage.

Handgun Safe

Home Office

Small safes are the appropriate choice for keeping in the home office, but it is one of those rooms that a thief will try to break into since it’s a familiar spot for keeping safes.

If you keep your office clean and the space is small, it will most likely give the impression to the thief that there is probably nothing here except just for a bunch of papers.

While keeping a safe in the office, make sure to get extra security safe with a biometric lock system. There is some safe like The Space Safe, where you can choose what to display on the screen of the safe.

So if you can be creative with the display image, you can absolutely hide the safe in plain sight. Another place I prefer is inside my car. I actually have an in vehicle gun safe installed just in case.

Final Words

Some people might be more comfortable with a gun in their hidden bedside gun safe, while other people might not want one in the same room as them.

To conclude, you can keep your gun safe in the bed but keeping it out in the open poses a few risks like your children might tamper with the safe, and intruders can easily spot the safe.

So better keep them safe in the bedroom closet and choose safe according to your closet size. The other places to keep safe are your bed with gun storage, garage, basement, or home office.

So, it is up to your preference where to keep it but if you have a weapon for your personal safety, keep it closest where you can reach it quickly during emergencies.

The best way to figure out whether or not you should have a gun safe in your bedroom is by considering your personal situation and what you feel most comfortable with.

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