Can Mobile Homes Hold a Gun Safe? (Explained)

Secure your firearms with confidence. Find out if mobile homes can hold a sturdy gun safe.

Mobile homes are a popular and affordable housing option for many people. It can hold gun safes, especially consumer-level gun safes.

However, one question often arises: are any types of mobile homes sturdy enough to hold a gun safe?

A gun safe is a heavy and valuable item that requires a stable and secure foundation to prevent damage or theft.

Let’s explore the tips and best practices for securing a gun safe in a mobile home.

Risks in Keeping a Gun Safe in a Mobile Home

Mobile homes have unique risks and challenges to consider when storing a gun safe.

Mobile homes have a different structural design than traditional homes, and their lightweight construction can make them more susceptible to damage from earthquakes, strong winds, or other natural disasters.

Here are some risks associated with keeping your gun safe in your mobile home.

1. Vulnerability to Theft

A burglary is a common event that happens to most homeowners. It is traumatic and irreversible, and it takes a while to recover. And if you live in a mobile home, they aren’t the most secure places to settle in.

A mobile home is built from porous materials which burglars can easily infiltrate

Guns, when in the wrong hands, could mean a lot of trouble. That is why adding an extra layer of security to your mobile home on top of your padlock wouldn’t hurt.

Knowing that any mobile home is an easy target for criminals, placing your firearms in a gun safe is highly recommended for added protection. Other than that, it also keeps them from your children’s reach.

2. Lack of Secure Anchoring

The lack of secure anchoring refers to not having the safe anchored to a sturdier immovable object such as a wall or floor.

This can make it easier for thieves to steal the safe and its content. Secure anchoring helps prevent the safe from being removed from its location, making it more difficult for thieves to access the firearms inside.

If the safe is not anchored, it can be carried away more efficiently, increasing the risk of theft and accidental discharge.

3. Mobile Home Structure

Although a gun safe can still be established in a mobile home, it is less sustainable than a home with a steady concrete foundation.

A mobile home’s structure may include thinner walls, weak floors, and a lack of anchoring, all of which make it easier to break into the mobile home and steal the contents of a gun safe.

Mobile homes are vulnerable to movement, shaking, and other natural disasters, which could make the gun safe tip over and potentially damage its contents.

In addition, the weak structure of a mobile home also makes it more susceptible to damage during a fire or other emergency, compromising the gun safe’s contents.

4. Difficulty in Concealing the Safe

If you cannot conceal the presence of the safe in the first place, this already makes you susceptible to all dangerous elements.

Whether it’s through technology or someone’s naked eye, most mobile homes are cramped up and don’t have any blind spots.

That’s why concealing a gun safe from the public is difficult. And if in the sight of a curious child or criminal masterminds, this is a big no. 

Factors to Consider When Installing A Gun Safe In a Mobile Home

Installing a gun safe in a mobile home requires careful consideration and planning.

It’s crucial to ensure that the installation process is done correctly to prevent damage to both the safe and the mobile home.

Here are the factors you must consider to help you make an informed decision and keep your firearms secure.

1. Size of the Gun Safe

Most mobile homes have limited space. If you want to accommodate larger gun safes, you may have to proceed with buying a larger mobile home. 

2. Weight of the gun safe

The weight of the gun safe may affect the stability of the home. Other than that, the risk of the mobile home being stable enough to hold onto its flooring may cause problems.

3. The flooring of the mobile home

Another important factor that needs serious consideration is the flooring of the mobile home. The type of flooring is required to fulfill different kinds of anchoring support, which is necessary for gun safes.

4. Wall strength

Aside from having stronger floor support, your walls are equally as important. The wall supports the gun safe’s weight and provides adequate security. 

5. Climate Conditions, Power, and Ventilation

The temperature and humidity within your mobile home must be considered when installing your gun safe. This condition can affect the materials used in the gun safe and its total performance.

Some gun safes require electricity and ventilation to function properly. So, some gun safes are not allowed to get exposed to a humid environment.

Options for Installing a Gun Safe in a Mobile Home

When choosing an installation option, consider the factors mentioned above. However, the right option will still depend on your budget, the size of your gun safe, and the structure of your mobile home.

Here are some of the most common options for installing a gun safe in a mobile home:

1. Floor mounting

Floor mounting involves bolting the gun safe to the floor using anchor bolts. It is an effective way to secure the safe and prevent it from tipping over during an earthquake or strong winds.

However, it may require drilling holes in your mobile home’s floor, which can be challenging.

2. Wall mounting

Wall mounting involves attaching the gun safe to a wall stud using bolts. It is a good option if you have limited floor space, but it requires a sturdy wall to support the weight of the gun safe.

3. Platform mounting

Platform mounting involves building a platform to elevate the gun safe off the floor. It can help distribute the weight of the safe and prevent damage to your mobile home’s flooring. However, it requires additional space and is only suitable for larger mobile homes.

4. Installing under a bed or in a corner

Place your gun safe under your bed or in a corner. When it’s under the bed, this grants you additional security, accessibility, and use of unused space.

5. Closet mounting

If you have a closet in your mobile home, you can install the gun safe inside the closet and secure it to the wall or floor. This is a good option to keep your gun safe and hidden from view.

6. Professional installation

If you’re not comfortable installing the gun safe yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you. They will ensure that the installation is done correctly and that the gun safe is secure and safe.


Mobile homes can indeed hold a gun safe, and several options are available for installing a gun safe within this type of home.

However, you must consider the safe’s location, size of your gun safe, and security features carefully. You must also anchor and reinforce it to ensure stability and safety.

Only with careful consideration and planning can provide a secure and effective way to store your firearms within your mobile home.


How much weight can a mobile home floor handle?

In general, mobile home floors are designed to support a maximum weight limit of around 40 pounds per square foot. This means that a 10-foot by 10-foot room would have a maximum weight capacity of 4,000 pounds.

Where should you not put a gun safe?

When it comes to mobile homes, you must never place them in a spot where it is far too accessible to your children. Moreover, it should not be in a spot where anybody from outside can see it.

What are the risks of keeping a gun safe in a mobile home?

The risks of keeping a gun safe in a mobile home include damage to the safe or the mobile home in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or strong winds, and the risk of theft or burglary.

Can I hire a professional to install a gun safe in my mobile home?

Yes, you can hire a professional installer to install a gun safe in your mobile home. They will ensure that the installation is done correctly and that the gun safe is secure and safe.


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