Changing the Combination on a Field and Stream Gun Safe: Step-by-Step Guide

Do you need help figuring out how to change the combination on your Field and Stream gun safe? Worry no more because you are at the right place!

Responsible gun owners consider owning a gun safe to keep the guns out of the wrong hands.

Although gun safes are made to secure guns and other valuables, it is still important to regularly change combinations or rekey for added security.

It will give unauthorized persons a hard time accessing your firearms, preventing accidents or theft.

Following the right steps will lessen the hassle of going over again for missed points and prevent you from being locked out, posing another level of difficulty in dealing with the combination lock.

This article also provides troubleshooting tips for combination fails, so read on!

What is Field and Stream Gun Safe

Field and Stream have been a known outdoor sports brand since the 1870s. Guns and gun safes fall in their hunting category.

Field and Stream has an e-commerce website selling various brands for outdoor sports and accessories.

Below is the table of the common Field and Stream gun safe types and their features.

TypesFeaturesPrice range
Fortress– Fire protection
– Electronic and RFID electronic lock
– Can house 1 to over 40 firearms
From $80 to $1100
Barska– Handgun desk safe
– Rifle safe
– Electronic and Biometric keypad lock
– Can house 1 to 15 firearms
From $200 to $820
Wasatch– Fire and water protection
– Electronic lock
– Can house 16 to over 40
From $550 to $1500
Browning– Fire protection
– Electronic lock
– Can house 26 to 40 firearms
From $1400 to $1700
Heritage– Fire and water protection
– Electronic lock
– Can house 21 to over 40 firearms
From $1200 to $2500
The price range is subject to change.

Preparing Your Field and Stream Gun Safe for Combination Change

Preparing the safe to have your plan executed in the shortest time possible is important.

I want you to know that preparing the safe will keep you from blocking your time staring blankly at your safe or going back and forth for tools.

Here are the things to do before changing the combination:

  1. Gather the necessary tools, such as your password, a pen and paper, and a flashlight. Get your backup keys as well. This will be handy in case the new combination fails.
  2. Check if you can open your gun safe using your current pass. If you successfully opened your gun safe, keep it open until you finally close the door of your gun safe.
  3. Ensure the safe is empty. Unload your gun safe. Keep your guns and other valuables in another safe place from the reach of unauthorized persons.
  4. Clean your gun safe. It is better to work with a clear and clean gun safe to avoid possible damage and accidents.

3 Easy Steps in Changing Your Combination

Following a step–by–step guide will help in smoothing the process.

Here are the steps in changing your Field and Stream gun safe combination:

Step 1: Press the reset button.

After opening the electronic safe, locate the reset button. It is a small red button on the inside of the door near the hinge.

Press the red button and then release it. You will hear a beep.

The yellow light on the faceplate will be activated for a period that should allow you to enter your code. You can only enter your code while the yellow light is on.

Step 2: Enter the new combination.

With the door open and the yellow light on, enter your new combination, which can be 3 – 8 digits long, and confirm your new code by pressing the * symbol on its keypad.

Ensure to write down the new combination and put it in a safe place.

Step 3: Try your new code.

Before you close the door, try the new security code to ensure the lock releases the handle so you can turn it and retract the live-action bolts.

Do not shut the gun safe door until it is confirmed that its memory has successfully recorded the new combination.

Note: If the code fails, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Troubleshooting Tips if Your New Combination Fails

If your new combination fails, do not fret, for this is commonly encountered by gun owners.

You have to try a few things to make it work again. Here are some of it:

1. Check the batteries.

A red light will alert you that the battery is low when you touch a key on the keypad.

Remove the cover of the keypad by pressing the tab and turning the cover. Replace the old battery with the recommended 9V alkaline battery, then screw the cover back.

2. Retry the combination.

Input the new combination again. Ensure you’re pressing the right keys according to your recorded combination.

3. Wait before trying again.

You will be automatically locked out if you enter the wrong security code three times. Wait for 20 seconds before you try again.

Note: There will be a longer lockout if the wrong security code is entered thrice.

4. Use the trouble key.

Use the backup or trouble key if it is still unsuccessful after a couple of tries.

Remove the cover of the keypad just like how you did for the battery replacement. The lock can hang by the connecting cable while unlocking the safe.

Insert the trouble key in the keyhole and turn clockwise 1/4 turn (until stopped). Rotate the handle and open the door. Remove the key and screw the cover back in place.

Tips for Choosing a Strong and Secure Combination

Choosing a unique combination is important to keep your gun safe from being easily opened through guesses.

Here are some tips for choosing a strong a secure combination:

1. Avoid common combinations: Common combinations are 0000, 1111, and 1234. These are the first combinations thieves will try keying to open our gun safe, in case.

2. Avoid birthdates: Your birthdate or any of your family member’s birthdates will make it easy for anyone close or investigative of your personal information to get into your gun safe.

3. Use a long combination: Field and Stream gun safe will allow a 3-8 digit combination. Go for 7-8 digits.

4. Change the combination regularly: You can make a calendar about this or set alarms to remind you of the combination changes. Avoid patterns like 0001, the next quarter 0002, the next quarter 0003, etc.


To guarantee your firearms are as secure as possible, updating your gun safe’s combination regularly is a good idea.

Before changing your gun safe combination, it is necessary to prepare your gun safe and the tools you will be needing. Following the steps provided above will save you a lot of time.

Make sure to keep your new combination somewhere safe together with your gun safe trouble key. Choose a strong combination to tighten security.

Changing the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe is a simple yet crucial step in maintaining the security and safety of your firearms, family, and property.

It is an easy task, but making this a habit is hard. As a responsible owner, you should up the game and take precautions to ensure the safety of the whole community.


Is changing the combination on my Field and Stream Gun Safe necessary?

Yes. It makes it unauthorized for persons hard to access your firearms, preventing accidents or theft.

How often should I change the combination on my Field and Stream Gun Safe?

Quarterly is okay, but you can combine shorter periods for better security.

Can I change the combination on my Field and Stream Gun Safe without the owner’s manual?

Yes. However, it is best to be aided by a specific manual for your gun safe type. If you don’t have it, this article will help give you a step-by-step guide to changing your Field and Stream Gun Safe combination.

Can I use the same combination on my Field and Stream Gun Safe as I do for other locks?

No. It will compromise your gun safe’s security. As much as it is considered a technique for effectively remembering passwords in general, it is not recommended.


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