Do Gun Safe Doors Come Off? (Learn Everything About Gun Safes)

Can the gun safes door come off? Find out the truth in this article!

The security of your gun safe lies in the sturdiness of your locking mechanism and your door.

However, one question that piques or rouses the curiosity of every gun owner is whether the safe’s door can be tampered with, regardless of whether the locking mechanism is still intact.

We’ll be answering this question in this article, so keep reading.

Types of Gun Safes

There are different types of gun safes. From sizes, shapes, purposes, and even the number or type of firearms it can accommodate. 

The following types of gun safes are:

1. Floor safes

Just as it is named, a floor safe is a like a vault hidden on the floor. If your home is made of wood or laminate, you can always conceal it with a carpet.

2. Wall safes

This is a safe that is mounted on a wall. It is easy to conceal from burglars that attempt to steal it.

3. Cabinet safes

It is designed to look like your traditional furniture, and your cabinet safe is mostly designed to keep them out of sight from your kids.

This type of safe is best for those with limited spaces where keeping valuables out of sight is important.

4. Portable safes

Although you can carry a safe, they are meant for cash, jewelry, or handgun. This should come with a steel strap to avoid being easily cut by scissors.

Do Gun Safe Doors Come Off?

Every gun owner’s concern about owning a gun safe is whether the door is secure enough to avoid tampering.

Everyone knows how a gun safe is manufactured to protect firearms from being accessed by burglars and unauthorized personnel.

However, a lurking question from most curious gun owners says whether gun safe doors come off.

Yes, gun safe doors do come off. However, it depends on the type of model it is. 

For most models, some doors come off because the gun safe door was lifted and removed. The hinges of most gun safes are secure enough from the outside not to tamper.

However, one way your gun safe does come off is when you do leave the door open.

Hence, the only way you can prevent your gun safe doors from coming off is by keeping its doors closed at all costs. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gun Safe

Deciding which type of gun safe to purchase can be a long-term investment for many gun enthusiasts.

Here are factors to consider when choosing the right gun safe.

1. Size

Learning whether your gun safe can accommodate the size and number of your firearms and ammunition is one of the first things you must consider before buying a gun safe.

Your safe must be spacious enough to store all your items.

2. Fire protection

Your ammunition can be considered a highly flammable item. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that the gun safe you are eyeing has fireproof insulation or a door.

3. Water protection

Before you buy a gun safe, you need to consider whether it’s airtight to prevent moisture from entering, which ruins your guns.

Moreover, you also need to consider whether your home is in an area or whether your plumbing has some damage.

4. Locking mechanism

Decide and understand which locking mechanism you should pick for your gun safe door. You can choose from biometrics, digital, and mechanical locks. 

5. Price

Before you can even think about purchasing a gun safe, you’ll need to consider whether this fits your budget.

Regardless of how this safe can accommodate your firearms and ammunition if it’s worth more than one-fourth or even a whole of your salary, don’t buy it.

How to Maintain Your Gun Safe

Maintaining a gun safe is important to ensure your firearms are stored safely and securely.

The followings are some tips and ways to ensure your gun safe’s maintenance.

1. Clean You Gun Safe

You must regularly clean your gun safe to prevent dust, debris, and rust from building up. To do this, use a soft cloth and wipe down the exterior and interior surfaces of the safe.

Note: Avoid using abrasives or harsh chemicals that could permanently damage your safe.

2. Organize Your Gun Safe

Keeping your gun safe and organized ensures that your firearms are easy to access whenever needed. Use shelves, racks, and other tools to keep your guns and their accessories neatly arranged.

Note: This helps avoid accidental discharge when you accidentally move your gun.

3. Check Your Locks and Hinges

Regularly check the locks and hinges on your gun safe to ensure they function properly. Any signs of wear or tear and damage must be repaired immediately.

Note: If your hinges or locks are currently broken, place your gun safe far from your windows and doors yet accessible enough in cases of fire.

4. Control the Humidity

High humidity can cause rust and corrosion to your firearms, just as it does to any metal safe. You must use a dehumidifier to control the humidity within your gun safe.

5. Regular Maintenance

It’s always necessary to check whether your doors and locks are still working. When you perform regular maintenance on your gun safe, your gun safe is guaranteed to last.


In conclusion, gun safes are an investment for most firearm owners to ensure the safety and security of their guns. And to answer the question, gun safes doors can be removed.

However, no matter what type of gun safe or design it has, you must always keep it to maintain the quality of the safe.

Always remember that regular maintenance of any gun safe is essential for gun owners to secure their firearms.


Can you take the door off a Liberty safe to move it?

No, the door of a Liberty safe is irremovable because of its active bolts on all four sides of the safe. If you want to have it removed, best approach a professional or its manufacturer to do it to prevent permanent damage.

Can you remove the door of a Champion safe?

Yes. However, it is highly advised not to remove a gun safe door by yourself to avoid injuries, given how heavy the door is.

Can you take the door off a Sports Afield safe?

This is doable but not recommended since the door weighs ⅓ of the safe. To do this, lift the door straight off the pins and do not tamper with the set screws under the hinges. 

What is the difference between a gun safe and a gun vault?

A safe is a cabinet or a smaller storage space to keep your firearms and ammunition placed in auspicious locations within your home that are easily accessible to homeowners in case of an intrusion. On the other hand, a gun vault is mostly located within your home for maximum security and to avoid exposure to any of your visitors.


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