How Often Gun Thieves Steal Gun Safes?

Locked and loaded — but is it safe? Here’s the surprising truth about gun safe safety.

An average of 380,000 guns are stolen yearly out of 250,000 theft incidents. And supposedly, when securing guns, a gun safe should be the most efficient protection from unauthorized access.

But what if that gun safe itself becomes the very target of thieves? That would be contradictory.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the types of gun safes and ways to secure them.

Common Types of Gun Safes

Knowing the kind of gun safe you have, helps you protect it from thieves.

That’s why I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of each gun safe type for you to read.

Types of Gun SafeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Biometric Gun Safe– Keyless
– Emergency access
– Multi-User access
– It requires the owner’s unique fingerprint
– False scans (Low-Quality Safes)
– Battery operated
– Expensive
Dial Lock Gun Safe– The OG of all gun safes since the 1800s
– Requires batteries
– Long fifespan
– Can be easily cracked
– Slow opening
Electronic Keypad Gun Safe– Foolproof
– You can choose or change your passcode anytime
– Its lock memory can remember your password
– Easy and fast access during nighttime
– The battery needs to change yearly
– You can be temporarily locked out of your safe
Combination Lock Gun Safe– Extra secure
– Easy to use
– Functional safe
– Difficult to keep track of combinations
– It only needs a single key to reset it
Key Lock Gun Safe– Quick to use
– Does not require any battery
– Easy to duplicate
– Can be easily tampered
– You could lose the key, which can lead to unauthorized personnel access

Reasons Why Thieves Target Your Safe

Guns possess a high value. This explains why there’s a high rate of people stealing them. 

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, in a report analyzed from 2017 to 2021, there are enough firearms to arm all offenders regarding homicides, firearm assaults, and firearm robberies yearly.

That’s why placing them in a gun safe would be wise. 

However, if these gun thieves do, it’s for the following reasons:

1. To gain access to firearms.

Thieves know that guns and ammunition are placed here. When they steal a gun safe, they get additional bullets and firearms.

2. To sell the safe.

Selling the safe could get them a higher value. That’s why they can get a higher return if they steal it, especially when the safe is still in its best condition.

3. To hide evidence.

Some people keep confidential files in their gun safes. And in worst-case scenarios, criminals mostly use gun safes to hide evidences on their criminal activity.

4. To use the safe.

If it’s too expensive to buy themselves one, they’ll be taking them instead. That’s why you must secure it because many people are willing to risk stealing gun safes just to have one.

5. Lack of security.

Burglars just steal anything valuable when they see it’s not bolted on the ground or if it lacks security. That’s why if your gun safe isn’t bolted, you must bolt it down now or secure your safe to keep unauthorized personnel from taking it with them.

Ways to Secure Your Gun Safe

Gun safes are a crucial long-term investment that every gun owner should have. However, if you don’t want to compromise its quality or its safety, it’s highly recommended to implement specific ways to secure them. 

1. Choose a high-quality gun safe.

A sturdy, high-quality gun safe is your first step in protecting your firearms and valuables. Find a safe built with fire-resistant materials, pry-resistant doors, and reliable locking mechanisms

2. Bolt your safe to the floor.

The most effective way to prevent thieves from stealing your gun safe is by bolting it on the floor. Choose a place concealed and far from the view of your children or guests, such as in your closet or basement, and use anchor bolts to secure it. 

3. Install security cameras.

Although placing security cameras in auspicious places may not guarantee to prevent of burglary, at least you’ll identify who stole it. Install durable gun safes that you can monitor straight on your phone or laptop to monitor the activity in your home. 

4. Use motion detectors.

When you place motion detectors in your home, this will alert you of any movement around your gun safe. Ensure these will be linked to your system, triggering an alarm or alerting you via a mobile app when activated.

5. Secure your gun safe’s key or combination.

You must ensure that your key or combination is in a secure location, such as a locked safe or a password-protected digital device. You must not share your combination with your kids or those who shouldn’t access your safe.

Implementing these security measures helps ensure that your gun safe remains intact and protected from unauthorized access. Therefore, you must ensure that you follow these so your gun safe is always secured. 


Securing your gun safe is crucial to ensure the safety of your firearms, valuables, and loved ones.

Investing in a high-quality safe and taking preventive measures such as bolting it to the floor and upgrading your home security system can minimize the risk of misuse, theft, or accidents.

Therefore, regularly inspect your gun safe for any signs of damage or take proactive steps to secure it.

When you take these steps, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your gun safe is safe from burglary.


Can gun safes be broken into easily? 

A gun safe is easily broken into with the right tools, experience, and time. Then again, it also depends on the gun safe brand and whether they have a reputation for using low-quality gun safe materials.

What should I do if my gun safe is stolen?

Notify your insurance and credit company in case of fraudulent uses. Then contact authorities afterward to handle it.

Can I install a GPS tracker on my gun safe? 

Yes. Knowing how handy and portable these GPS trackers are, you can attach them in areas within your gun safe that are less obvious so they don’t get manually removed.

Can insurance cover the loss of a gun safe and its contents if stolen? 

Homeowners’ insurance mostly covers firearms under the personal property coverage policy. However, you must look into your insurance provider for its limitations, as not all might share the same benefits.


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