How to Crack Stack-On Gun Safe? (Let’s Crack the Code)

Upgrade your gun safe’s security! Discover how cracking it can keep your firearms even safer.

If you own a long gun, you need someplace safe to keep your firearms out of reach from your children and unauthorized people. In the hands of the wrong people, your gun could cause a scratch to fatal injuries.

However, you may be in a difficult situation if you forget the combination or lose the key to your Stack-On gun safe.

While it is always recommended to contact a professional locksmith or the manufacturer for assistance, there are some methods that you can try to crack your Stack-On gun safe on your own.

I’ll help you remove your worries, keep reading to know how.

Why Crack a Stack-On Gun Safe?

When you have stored some important documents or need your firearms to go hunting, you’ll often open your Stack-On gun safe.

There are specific reasons why you need to get it cracked open, and these are some of it:

  • You lost your key.
  • You’ve forgotten your combination.
  • Your locking mechanism’s battery died.

However, cracking a gun safe requires specialized knowledge, tools, and techniques, and it’s a task for some.

It’s worth noting that cracking a gun safe without authorization or legitimate reason is illegal and can lead to serious consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and a criminal record.

As for the latter scenario, you must crack open and rekey your own safe to avoid letting unauthorized persons access your safe.

Tools Needed to Open a Stack On Gun Safe

You’re not some mutant with superhuman strength that could open your gun safe with bare hands. You’ll need the following tools to open them safely and efficiently.

1. Hammer

A hammer is often used to knock on top of your safe or your locking mechanism. When you hammer down the locking mechanism, there’s a greater chance that the anchor holding the lock bar inside the safe gets released.

2. Drill

Although this can damage the surface of your Stack-On gun safe, if you’re in a hurry to open your safe, this is applicable. For this one, you must poke a hole and insert a screw to move the locking mechanism within the safe.

3. Metal Rod or Lever

Most stack-on gun safes with electronic safe locks are not watertight, and you can also open them using a lever or metal rod.

However, this method is not recommended, as it will damage your stack-on gun safe and even your locking mechanism.

4. Master key or Backup key

If your battery ran out or your digital button didn’t work, you’ll need a master key to open your Stack-On Gun Safe.

If your Stack-On Gun Safe has a keypad, you’ll need to pull it to access the master keyhole, where you can plug the master key to open it.

5. Screwdriver

You’ll need a screwdriver to remove any casing or parts of your digital lock, especially when replacing your battery or accessing the backup keyhole if your gun safe malfunctions.

Using pins or scissors to unscrew the bolts on your casing could deform the screws bolting the digital lock to your safe.

6. Stack-On Default Code

Contact your manufacturer for your Stack-On gun safe factory code. For safety purposes, these manufacturers will also ask for your ID. 

Cracking Process of Your Stack-On Gun Safe

If you want to crack your gun safe successfully, you can choose between two options: damaging it or not damaging it.

Here are some scenarios that you could use to crack your gun safe.

If the safe is locked:

Step 1: Call the manufacturer of the gun safe.

Search for the manufacturer’s number for your stack-on gun safe. Dial the number indicated for the gun safe’s manufacturer.

If you have a manual with the manufacturer’s instructions in case you get locked out, follow it. There is no need to call or proceed with the following steps when instructions are available.

Step 2: Give them your gun safe’s serial number.

Give them your serial number to track the default combination lock or factory code for security purposes. They do this to ensure you are the true owner of the gun safe you are trying to crack.

Step 3: Input the Factory Code and Open the Safe.

Once they give you the code to open the safe, input it on the digital lock. After that, your safe will automatically open.

If Your Safe is Open, Yet the Mechanism is Locked, and You Lost the Key:

Step 1: Empty your gun safe of firearms.

When you’ve lost the key to open your safe, ideally, you’ll find someone skilled such as a locksmith, to make you a spare.

However, before you bring it to them, take out all the ammo and items within your gun safe for the lesser load to carry and no theft.

Step 2: Let the professional locksmith open it

Through their skills and experience in unlocking these almost impossible locks, a locksmith can unlock your stack-on gun safely. And if you found one that also provide a spare key, that would be even better.

Please note that it is always best to call a locksmith. Otherwise, you could permanently damage your locking mechanism and your gun safe.

Factors to Avoid When Cracking a Stack-On Gun Safe

Cracking your Stack-on gun safe on your own comes with risks. To minimize it, here are some factors to avoid:

1. Avoid using force

Avoid using excessive force if you are unsure that your safe will open. You could permanently damage your locking mechanism, forcing you to buy a new safe.

2. Stop guessing the combinations

Guessing random combinations or numbers could eventually lock you out. This will again force you to replace your gun safe.

3. Using the wrong tools and using it incorrectly

Don’t experiment when cracking your gun safe. Using the wrong tools can harm or damage your gun safe.

And even if you have the right tools, if you aren’t confident using them, don’t. Items such as screwdrivers, rods, and others could potentially injure you.

4. Not following the manufacturer’s instructions

If there’s someone you can trust the most to crack your Gun Safe’s code, it is the gun safe’s manufacturer. Read the manual word-by-word, understand it well, and implement their instructions.

What to Do Once the Safe is Cracked

Now that you know how to open your Stack-on gun safe, here’s what you must remember to avoid future lockouts.

  • Determine the Type of Lock Used

Check that type of lock is installed on your Stack-on gun safe. Most usually come with a combination, a dial lock, or an electronic keypad lock.

  • Replace Your Lock

Purchase a new Stack-On lock or from a locksmith and install it. Remove the screw bolting the lock to your gun safe. 

Ensure this lock is compatible with your gun safe and has the same model or dimensions as the first one.

  • Reset Your Combination

Whether someone you are no longer associated with has the key or password to your gun safe or if your children learned the code, change it. Here’s how you can reset it:

  1. Get your manufacturer’s manual.
  2. Enter a reset button code, turn your dial to your desired combination, or enter a new code.
  3. Test your gun safe combination lock before you close it.
  • Test the New Lock and Combination

Once your new lock or combination is installed, test if it works properly. Close the safe and try locking or unlocking it with your new key or combination. 

If it doesn’t work, contact a locksmith for assistance.


Cracking your Stack-On safe if you’re locked out of it can be highly challenging to gun owners who have lost their key, forgotten their password, or are trying to access a Stack-On gun safe passed on to them.

However, if you do manage to crack it without breaking it, you can access the document and reuse your gun safe conveniently.

Always remember that resetting or rekeying your gun safe can be a complex job and will require tools you may be unfamiliar with. If you can’t do these steps, I recommend contacting a professional.


Is it legal to crack a Stack-On gun safe?

Cracking a Stack-On gun safe or even any type of vault is illegal without proper authority. This can result in a criminal offense, leading to serious or legal consequences. However, this is legal if you are cracking your Stack-On gun safe.

How long does it typically take to crack a Stack-On gun safe?

Cracking a Stack-On gun safe can take hours to be successful. However, a professional locksmith only requires fewer hours than you.

Is it safe to crack a Stack-On gun safe on my own?

Yes, cracking a Stack-On gun safe is highly dangerous and could result in injury or permanent damage to the safe and its contents. It is highly discouraged to do this if you have no prior experience.

Does cracking a Stack-On gun safe damage the safe or its contents?

Yes, cracking a Stack-On gun safe can damage the safe and its contents. And as for a loaded gun safe, this could be potentially dangerous for you and your family.


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