How To Move A Gun Safe | Tips From Expert Gun Safe Movers

How To Move A Gun Safe

Relocating a gun safe can be very challenging without the appropriate equipment. It demands significant physical strength and poses risks to both the individual handling the move and those nearby.

If you plan to relocate your safe and want to avoid potential damages, this article will help you out. This article provides tips on how to move a gun safe without breaking your back or hurting yourself.

Note: If you have the option, ask for help from a professional moving company. They’ll have the proper equipment and will know how to handle the safe.

Trying to move a under the bed shotgun safe weighing 1000 pounds? Not easy. Just trying to move a 500lb gun safe is hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a safe from an apartment to a house or moving to a smaller place.

Move A Gun Safe

First, you need a solid moving plan. It’s also hard to move a drawer gun safe long distances by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it. Even so, if you find yourself in a bind regarding how to complete all moving tasks on your to-do list, you ought to hire a reputable moving company.

While you can move your firearm cabinet alone, I recommend that you enlist the help of three or at least four strong people to ensure the job is done properly. To make the process of moving your gun cabinet easier, I’ve prepared some moving hacks and relocation tips.

Step By Step Guide On How To Move A Gun Safe

Moving large gun safes entails plenty of obstacles, such as tight corners, narrow hallways, small doorways, and stairs that need to be considered during the planning stage.

Therefore, you should consider these obstacles when moving. Be sure to protect floors before you start your move to prevent damage.

Let’s learn more about what precautions should be taken before moving your large weapons safe. Again, a professional moving company with experience in safe moving is the most reliable option.

When moving a heavy safe, here’s how to do it safely and without causing damage to your home.

Moving Gun Safe

1. Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

If you want to move your firearm cabinet, then you should gather the following items:

  • Dolly for moving furniture or appliances
  • Security straps
  • Pallet jacks or stair climbing dollies
  • A thick pair of gloves.

It’s recommended to test the equipment beforehand if you’ve never used it before in order to minimize the risk of failure.

2. Note The Weight And Dimensions Of The Safe

Before buying a safe, did you check its weight and dimensions on the Internet? Usually, people do not remember to do this before moving after having the weapons locker in their house for a while.

It may be a good idea to consider your safe’s dimensions and weight during the relocation. Do you think you can handle these features?

To learn more about the experience of moving a safe, you might check out and speak with friends who have the same type of handgun gun safe. Thick steel is what makes good weapons lockers. Unfortunately, because of that, they’re bulky and inconvenient to move.

You might consider some lighter models in time if you haven’t bought your gun cabinet yet, and you’ll avoid one of the most common mistakes people make when moving. In addition, relocating will be much easier when this is done.

3. Make Sure Your Gun Safe Is Empty Before Moving

Weapons are heavy, as you probably know. So, your gun safe will become almost twice as heavy then it is if you have several pistols, handguns, and ammunitions stored inside.

You risk damaging your equipment if you don’t empty it and it is accidentally dropped. In addition, these unplanned expenses won’t help you if you’re trying to find the cheapest way to move out of state.

Additionally, do not move loaded guns inside your weapons locker for the safety of everyone in the house.

 Gun Safe for home

4. Make Sure Your Gun Safe Is Secure Before You Move It

Make sure your ponderous item does not roll off the dolly by using your security straps. This may happen when it is transported from your home to the moving truck. Ensure the firearm cabinet is also secure during transport.

5. Using A Dolly To Move A Gun Safe

Once the two-wheeler safe has been mounted and secured with straps, you need to follow these steps: Back up the dolly. In order to put a dolly with a safe in this position, you may need the help of several people.

When moving the cabinet with a hand truck, make sure you have two or three people helping you. Have them hold the cabinet up to keep it steady.

The hand truck should be tilted back and gently maneuvered until it is entirely resting on the truck’s floor after the weapon locker has been placed on the truck. After removing the load strap from beneath the object, cautiously slide the dolly away from it.

6. Moving A Gun Safe While Protecting The Floors

It’s almost time to start moving the safe. You have to know how to move a gun safe on carpet, linoleum, tile, and other floors to prevent property damage.

Dolly wheels can become snagged on the carpet or become difficult to turn. In addition, it is very easy for tiles to crack under the weight of a gun safe, especially when the entire load is concentrated on a dolly’s 2 wheels.

You can keep yourself and your flooring safe if you plan ahead during the moving process. A roll-out mat or several blankets can be used as padding. It will provide some cushioning for the floor surface.

The hard surface serves to protect the floor and prevent it from being scratched and serve as a base for it. Additionally, steel sheets are ideal for the hard surface.

As a result, the weight of the safe will be distributed evenly across the whole surface, and you can reduce the pressure on your floor. Plywood may work, but it cracks under heavy loads.

There will be a limit to the use of hard surfaces, and tight corners will be particularly challenging. Keep the safe steadily moving over unprotected parts of the floor when moving it.

Gun Safe

7. Once It Has Been Moved, Secure It Into Place

You have to do one more thing after you place your firearm cabinet exactly where you want it. After that, you should fix it into place.

To prevent possible theft, this is a necessary precaution. When you buy a fingerprint gun safe, make sure it comes with locking bolts that will fix it to the ground or the wall. The firearm cabinet is ready to use once this last step is completed.

How To Move A Gun Safe Across The Country

There’s a good chance that you have a moving checklist for moving across state lines and detailed plans related to the kinds of packing materials you plan to purchase when moving across the country.

You should also know ahead of time the dimensions of your new home so that you do not attempt to move furniture into a place that does not have the right dimensions.

In the event that you move into an apartment or plan to live in a high rise, you will have peace of mind knowing exactly what to place before you move in. Of course, this also applies to your gun cabinet.

You must decide where to place it in your new home. It is perfect if you have a designated spot in a room for it. Otherwise, determine the location right away.

As soon as you’ve decided where your safe should be located, organize how you’ll do it. Is there a staircase, a narrow gap, or something else along the way?

Before loading your weapon locker onto rental trucks, lift it and fix it if it needs to be moved. The job isn’t done yet, though.

It will be necessary to perform the same actions in reverse during the second part. Be sure to plan everything thoroughly before beginning.

You may find this experience useful if you’ve ever moved a piano. Don’t do it yourself though. Even if you manage to move a bit safely, there is still a risk that you will suffer a severe injury.

Moving A Gun Safe

Safety Tips When Moving A Gun Safe

There are times when you may want to move your safe on your own, especially if you are simply moving it from one room to another. However, you run the risk of it tipping over.

When moving gun safes or other overweight objects, it is always helpful to have someone around who is used to lifting heavy things. You must learn more about the right technique you should be using if you don’t already.

Using good technique will reduce the likelihood of injury, and you’ll accomplish this task faster and with less effort and fatigue. To perform this process properly, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Instead of rushing, take steady, firm steps.
  • Lifting objects, as well as setting them down, should be done with bent knees and straight backs.
  • Don’t twist your body
  • Maintain the correct posture
  • Keep your back straight as you approach the object and try to get as close as possible.
  • Once you have lifted it, you should change the direction of your feet.
  • Furthermore, having the right equipment makes the difference between a dangerous and a safe move.

Ask For Help At All Times

If you need assistance with moving your weapons safe, ask your friends or relatives. The gun safe will need to be moved, lifted, and loaded onto the truck by three or four people.

Also, don’t overestimate how many people are around the object; if it’s too crowded, you won’t be able to accomplish much. Everyone will just be in each other’s way.

Additionally, if you are planning on moving during the summer, make sure you have enough water, cold tea, or lemonade on hand. After back-breaking work on a hot day, this will be the icing on the cake.

To do this heavy-duty task properly, you’ll need at least three strong friends who are physically able to handle it.

Car Gun safe

Possible Alternatives

You may have seen stories online about how people use golf balls or PVC pipes to move safes. Is this a viable option? I’ve talked with professional gun safe installers, and they disagree with the advice on golf balls.

Even though your safe rolls fairly easily on a bed of golf balls, they can damage floors. This is because you can push your safe’s small, focused areas into the floor, leaving dents, scratches, or even breaking tile, due to too much pressure.

This method will not work if you’re moving your safe over the carpet (the golf balls will sink too low and stop rolling), or if you’re moving it across different floors.

Our installer says PVC pipe is a viable option, though there are some risks associated with it. A pipe distributes the weight of the safe over a larger area, allowing it to roll easier and protect your floors.

Even so, there is always the chance that you might lose control of your safe and damage it, your home, or even hurt yourself. Professional gun safe installers often use long, rectangular bars in place of PVC pipe.

The bottom of these bars is cushioned to protect your floors, and the top has a smooth surface for allowing heavy objects like safes to glide smoothly across it. These bars are laid out in a track behind the safe, which is pushed along by the pros.

The bars behind the safe are then lifted up and pushed to the front of the safe. It can be a little easier to move a safe if you can find these bars or make your own. If you must move your gun safe, we recommend using a dolly.

Are Furniture Movers Allowed To Move Gun Safes?

The policy of the company you plan to hire will determine whether or not you are covered. There are companies that might take on such a task, while others will avoid anything having to do with guns, including legally bought and owned weapons.

In addition, things can get complicated depending on the state in which you live or the municipality where you reside.

Depending on where you live, some states might have laws that prevent moving companies from moving gun safes. As we are not lawyers, we cannot guarantee anything regarding the second topic.

Final Words

You probably have a firearm cabinet if you’re a gun enthusiast. You must have a portable vehicle safe since you own a gun as a responsible owner. Moving a gun safe can be a real challenge when planning to move across the country.

It’s heavy and big, so moving it from one location to another can be stressful. However, even if a safe weighs more than a thousand pounds, you can still move a gun safe using the above methods.

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