How to Safely Get Your Gun Safe Out of a Truck Bed: Unloading Your Worries

Need to know how to unload your gun safe from a truck bed? Following this article will help you unload your worries.

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The common worry about getting a gun safe from a truck bed is damaging its outer shell and internal mechanisms. We don’t want this to happen because a defective safe threatens safety.

A gun safe is a functional storage keeping firearms and other valuables secure and protected from unauthorized persons. It is an investment, so it is reasonable to consider taking utmost care of it.

Moving anything, especially those that are fragile, is a delicate chore. Though a gun safe is sturdy, handling your gun safe properly is still important to avoid damage.

This article will aid you with tips on getting your gun out of a truck bed safely.

Assess the Situation

Start planning the movement by assessing the environment and the gun safe and preparing the materials that will support the process.

1. Check the weight of the gun safe.

Before moving a gun safe, it is necessary to check its weight. Moving small safes from one place to another is way less problematic, and this article talks about the guidance for moving larger gun safes safely.

A large gun safe weighs 1000 pounds on average. Also, check for your gun safe’s lengths. Check with the gun safe model documents its weight and dimension or ask the gun safe seller.

Learning about these will help you match the proper tools for moving the gun safe.

2. Assess the surroundings for potential hazards.

A truck bed is usually stocked with stuff that needs to be cleared up after a trip or shopping.

Check the sides of the gun safe mounted on your truck bed and remove anything that might hinder a smooth transfer of the gun safe. Place the found unnecessary things where they should be.

Also, give a heads-up to the people at your house about the transit that is about to take place.

Gather the Necessary Equipment

To ensure that you safely transport your gun safe and avoid any potential damage, you need to gather the necessary equipment before attempting to remove it from the truck bed.

1. Early warning device

This reflective triangle sign is necessary to secure your place and warn passers-by that something is happening there.

Placing this in an open spot will alert people to restrain themselves, their children, and their pets from entering the perimeter.

2. Thick and soft blanket

One large comforter or thick but soft fabric or a few small ones to cover up the whole gun safe will be an effective resistor from possible scratches.

3. Mat

One large mat or a few will reinforce the blanket barrier to absorb shock and receive the first layer of possible scratches.

Alternatively, you can also use a packaging box, layers of plastic wrap, or Styrofoam.

4. Appliance Dolly

An appliance dolly is a very valuable piece of equipment for moving heavy things. Using the extendable type to support the gun safe’s dimensions is recommended.

5. Straps

It is necessary to use additional thick and sturdy straps with either hooks or belt locks to secure the gun safe to the dolly even more.

Preparing the Truck Bed

Before attempting to remove your gun safe, preparing the truck bed is crucial to ensure a safe and successful extraction.

This preparation involves taking specific steps to minimize the risk of damage to the truck bed, gun safe, and other objects during the process.

1. Make sure the truck is parked on a flat surface.

Park your truck on a flat surface. Also, see that the ramp and the landing space are on the same flat surface.

Keep your truck as close as possible to the entrance of your house door or where you plan to mount your gun safe.

Make sure to give enough space for your ramp and landing of the dolly or hand truck.

2. Clear the area around the truck bed.

Aside from clearing the area around the gun safe, it is also essential to clear the areas around the truck bed or the truck itself.

Also, check for loose things around the way or up the air that might fall or hinder the transit.

3. Remove any obstacles in the way.

Remove anything that might delay the moving. Clear the way from the truck bed to the landing space to the final location.

Place a ramp at the edge of the truck bed. Place it close enough for a seamless slide of your dolly or hand truck.

Before proceeding, place one or two early warning devices at the side of your truck facing the roadway. 

Unloading Your Gun Safe from the Truck Bed

It’s essential to follow certain guidelines to minimize the risk of damage to your gun safe, truck bed, and other objects during the unloading process.

By following these steps, you can avoid accidents and ensure a safe, secure transport of your gun safe.

Step 1: Gather the necessary equipment.

Before you start unloading your gun safe, gather all the equipment mentioned above and a couple of friends to assist you. These tools will help you lift and transport the gun safe safely.

Step 2: Plan the unloading process.

Identify the best route for moving the gun safe from the truck bed to its final destination. Check for any obstacles that could hinder the unloading process, such as stairs or narrow hallways.

Step 3: Secure the gun safe.

Use moving straps to secure the gun safe to the dolly, ensuring that it’s stable and won’t shift during transportation.

Step 4: Lower the gun safe.

Carefully lower the gun safe from the truck bed using the dolly. Ensure that the gun is safe and well-balanced and that the weight is evenly distributed.

Note: Do the lifting keeping your body close to the gun safe. Maintain a straight body back to avoid injuries, and exhale as you lift. Feel your strength against the gun safe’s weight and signal if you are unsure of being able to lift it.

Step 5: Roll the gun safe to its destination.

Roll it to its final destination using the dolly, ensuring it’s always stable and secure. Take breaks if necessary and adjust the straps to maintain stability.

Step 6: Install the gun safe.

Once you’ve rolled it to its final destination, use a level to ensure it’s level on the ground. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the gun safe securely.

Check if your gun safe contains drill holes for floor bolting. It does not have drill holes; check this article for hacks.

In case of uncertainty, carefully put the guns safe back down, strategize accordingly, and try again.


Moving gun safes from your second floor is best done by experts at an additional cost. But you can do this with the help of able and trusted people.

But, if you are worried about damaging your floor, read this article for information. It might help you decide on the final location of your gun safe.

If you decide to move it on your own, do it with proper caution to avoid damage to the gun safe and your surroundings.

Always prioritize safety and wear protective shoes and gear to avoid injuries.

Some gun owners consider DIY to lessen expenses. It is highly suggested to weigh the professional service fee against the tool and protective gear expenses, help fees, and the stress that will incur when executing the task without expert help.


Is it safe to unload a gun safe from a truck bed by myself?

Yes, with a good guide, proper caution, and proper tools. You can unload a small gun safe from a truck bed safely by yourself. If your gun safe is large, you must ask for help from around three people.

What should I do if the gun safe is too heavy to lift?

If your gun safe is large-sized, aid the lifting with a dolly or hand truck. Also, ask for help from around three people or a moving company

How do I make sure the gun safe is properly installed and secured?

If you placed the gun safe in a walled corner or properly bolted down the floor, it is likely secured. If you are worrying about it tipping over, read this article.

Can I use a ramp to unload a gun safe from a truck bed?

Yes, it is a necessary tool to unload a gun safe from any elevated platform down.

What should I do if the gun safe falls over during unloading?

Stay away from the fallen gun safe and check for the liabilities around it. Check its stability before coming close again and ask for help to lift and turn it back to the upside position.


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