How to Ship a Gun Safe #Ready To Go

Shipping a gun safe? Learn the essential steps for securely preparing and shipping your gun safe. Let’s secure it together and get it moving!

Understanding the **vital significance** of shipping your gun safe both securely and efficiently is crucial. A solid gun safe for protecting your firearms is a savvy choice.

But what happens when you must transport your gun safe across the country or town? According to World Shipping Council, over 2,000 shipping containers get lost yearly

Ensuring the proper shipping of your gun safe is just as crucial as the safe itself.

Proper shipping is vital for the safety of your firearms. It also prevents damage to the safe’s integrity during shipping. 

With these expert tips, you can rest assured that your gun safe will arrive at its destination in excellent condition.

Stay with me and discover the best practices for shipping your gun safe. As you read, remember that your firearms’ safety and the longevity of your gun safe are well worth the extra effort.

Determine Shipping Regulations and Laws

Adhering to federal and state regulations is crucial to ensure a hassle-free experience when shipping a gun safe. 

Let’s navigate these complex rules by breaking down the federal and state laws that govern gun safe shipments. 

With this knowledge, you can safely and legally ship your gun safely.

1. Federal Laws

Federal laws on gun safe shipping regulations are in place to maintain the safety. It is for security and proper transportation of firearms and firearm accessories. 

These laws govern all interstate transactions and establish a baseline for gun safe shipping that all states must comply with.

By following these regulations, you ensure that your gun safe is transported securely and does not fall into the wrong hands. 

Not adhering to federal laws can result in severe consequences, including:

1. Heavy fines: Non-compliance can lead to significant financial penalties.

2. Confiscation of the gun safe: The government may seize it and its contents.

3. Criminal charges: You could face criminal charges, potentially leading to imprisonment.

2. State Laws

State laws on gun safe shipping regulation vary from one state to another. It must be considered in addition to federal regulations. 

State laws provide additional guidance and restrictions. This ensures the secure transportation of gun safes within state borders.

It’s essential to research the specific state laws applicable to your shipping destination to avoid any issues.

Failing to comply with state laws can result in consequences similar to those at the federal level:

1. Monetary penalties: Non-compliance can result in state-imposed fines.

2. Seizure of the gun safe: State authorities may confiscate it and its contents.

3. Legal repercussions: You could face legal action and criminal charges.

Choose the Right Shipping Carrier for Your Gun Safe

As a gun safe owner, you want your valuable possessions safely and securely transported. 

Choosing the right shipping carrier is a crucial step in this process. 

Let’s discuss the carriers’ restrictions, guidelines, and insurance policies. 

1. FedEx Custom Critical

FedEx Custom Critical is a well-known shipping carrier. They can handle big and small gun safes. 

They offer specialized services designed to handle high-value and delicate shipments. This makes them suitable for safely transporting your gun.

A. Restrictions

  • FedEx Custom Critical only accepts shipments from licensed manufacturers, dealers, or importers.
  • The recipient must also be a licensed individual or entity.

B. Guidelines

  • Firearms must be unloaded, and ammunition must be shipped separately.
  • You must provide a detailed description of the gun safe. This includes its weight, dimensions, and value.
  • Gun safes must be packaged securely to prevent damage during transit.

C. Insurance Policy

  • FedEx Custom Critical provides insurance coverage for high-value items. This includes your gun safes. You can choose the coverage amount based on the value of your gun safe.

2. UPS

UPS is another well-established shipping carrier. It is known for its reliable services. They can handle gun safes of various sizes and offer a range of shipping options to suit your needs.

A. Restrictions

  • UPS only accepts shipments from licensed dealers or collectors.
  • They do not accept shipments to or from private individuals.

B. Guidelines

  • Firearms must be unloaded and securely packaged.
  • Gun safes should be packaged using adequate padding and protection to prevent damage during transit.

C. Insurance Policy

  • UPS provides insurance coverage for shipments. You can purchase additional insurance based on the declared value of your gun safe.

3. DHL

DHL is an international shipping carrier. It offers specialized services for shipping high-value items, including gun safes. They have the expertise to handle gun safes of different sizes and complexities.

A. Restrictions

  • DHL only accepts firearm shipments from licensed individuals or entities.
  • The recipient must also be a licensed party.

B. Guidelines

  • Firearms must be unloaded and securely packaged.
  • A detailed description of the gun safe, including its weight and dimensions, must be provided.
  • Gun safes should be adequately packaged to prevent damage during transit.

C. Insurance Policy

  • DHL provides insurance coverage for gun safe shipments based on the declared value. Additional coverage can be purchased if needed.

How to Prepare Your Gun Safe for Shipping

Shipping a gun safe can be challenging. But with the right preparation, you can ensure your safe reaches its destination without hiccups. 

Let’s review the key steps to get your gun safe #ReadyToGo. 

Step 1: Empty Your Safe

Before you do anything else, it’s crucial to empty your gun safe completely. 

Remove all firearms, ammunition, and other valuable items. Not only will this make the safe lighter and easier to move, but it will also minimize the risk of damage or theft during transportation. 

Ensure you store the removed items safely and securely until the safe has been successfully shipped.

Step 2: Secure and Lock Your Safe

Once your safe is empty, ensure that all internal shelves, compartments, and other removable parts are secured. 

Tighten any screws or fasteners that hold them in place. After that, close and lock your safe using the appropriate locking mechanism. 

This will prevent unauthorized access during transit and keep your safe door from swinging open while being moved.

Step 3: Package Your Safe

Proper packaging is essential for protecting your gun safe during shipping. Do this to prevent scratches and dents. You must wrap the entire safe in a protective material like bubble wrap, foam padding, or moving blankets. 

Be sure to cover every inch of the safe. Pay special attention to corners and edges. 

Once the safe is wrapped, secure the padding with packing tape or stretch wrap. If your safe has a protruding handle or other features, add extra padding in these areas.

Step 4: Choose a Suitable Shipping Pallet

Select a shipping pallet that can accommodate the size and weight of your gun safe. 

The pallet should be sturdy and in good condition, with no visible signs of damage or weakness. 

Place your wrapped safe on the pallet and center it to distribute the weight evenly. 

Use heavy-duty straps or ratchet tie-downs to secure the safe to the pallet, ensuring there is no movement when it is being transported. If you use pallet for shipping your safe, ensure to remove the pallet carefully.

Step 5: Label and Document Your Safe

Clearly label your packaged safe. Include your contact information, a destination address, and special handling instructions. 

Use a weather-resistant marker or label to keep the information visible throughout shipping. 

Additionally, take photos of your packaged safe before shipping. This documentation could be helpful in case of any disputes or damage claims.

Post-Shipment Checklist for Your Gun Safe

After successfully shipping your gun safe, ensuring a smooth transition and proper installation at its destination is crucial. 

To help you with this process, here’s the post-shipment checklist for your gun safe.

1. Track Your Shipment

Always keep an eye on your gun safe’s shipping status. Most shipping companies offer tracking services that allow you to monitor your shipment’s progress in real-time. 

This will help you stay informed about any delays or changes to the delivery timeline and allow you to plan accordingly.

2. Plan and Prepare Your Installation Space

Before your gun safe arrives, it’s crucial to prepare the space where you will install it. 

Measure the dimensions of the safe and the installation area. This is to ensure it will fit comfortably. 

Additionally, ensure the installation location is secure, moisture-free, and easily accessible for routine maintenance.

3. Purchase Accessories

While waiting, take the time to research and purchase any necessary accessories. Some useful additions include dehumidifiers, lighting, organizers, and additional security devices. 

These accessories will help protect your firearms and enhance the overall functionality of your safe.

4. Learn More About Your Safe

Familiarize yourself with your gun safe’s features and operation by reading the owner’s manual or researching online. 

This will help you understand how to use your safe effectively and troubleshoot potential issues. 

Additionally, it will ensure you are prepared to take full advantage of your safe’s security features as soon as it arrives.

5. Study Your Local Regulations

Being aware of your local gun storage and transportation regulations is crucial. Each jurisdiction may have different requirements for securing firearms. So, it’s essential to understand and comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues. 

Researching local laws will also help you ensure your gun safe meets all requirements for safe and responsible firearm storage.


Shipping a gun safe is a critical task that demands careful attention and diligence. 

As discussed, properly packaging and transporting a gun safe is essential to protect the safe and valuable firearms and possessions. 

Adhering to regulations and ensuring safe transport are vital components of this process.

Understanding and following federal, state, and local regulations is crucial to avoid potential legal complications, fines, or even confiscation of your firearms. 

Work with a reliable shipping company. Ensure to employ suitable packaging techniques. This is to minimize the risks associated with damage during transit. 

Remember to double-check the insurance coverage provided by the shipping company. This is to guarantee that your investment is well protected.

I urge all gun owners to prioritize the secure transportation of their gun safes. This demonstrates a commitment to responsible gun ownership and the safety of those around you. 

By taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure the successful shipment of your gun safe.

So, whether you’re relocating or moving your gun safe to a new location, don’t hesitate to invest your time and effort. The security of your firearms and the protection your loved ones are well worth it.


How much does it cost to ship a gun safe?

The cost of shipping a gun safe varies depending on the safe’s weight, size, and destination. On average, it can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

What documents do I need to ship a gun safe?

You must provide a bill of sale for the gun safe and a copy of your firearms license or permit. You may also need to fill out a shipping declaration form.

How long does it take to ship a gun safe?

The shipping time for a gun safe can vary depending on the distance and shipping method. On average, it can take anywhere from 5 to 14 business days.

What should I do if my gun safe is damaged during shipping?

If your gun safe is damaged during shipping, you should immediately contact the shipping company and file a claim for damages. Make sure to document the damage with photos and keep all relevant paperwork.


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