Is it Safe to Keep Your Gun Safe on the Second Floor? What You Need to Know

Finding the perfect spot to store your gun safe can be a puzzle. But don’t worry! I have the answers for you.

Being an accountable gun owner is crucial to ensure everyone’s safety. 

By storing guns securely and hindering access to firearms by people who could be a potential danger to themselves or others, deaths and casualties caused by guns can be prevented. 

I will discuss one of the most talked-about topics among firearm enthusiasts. Specifically, is it advisable to put a gun safe on the second floor.

Factors to Consider When Storing a Gun Safe on the Second Floor 

The floor’s solidness is essential. It will determine whether it is safe to keep your firearms upstairs. Before placing your gun safe upstairs, you must consider several factors:

1. Weight capacity

It is important to ensure that the second floor of your home is structurally strong and can support a gun safe. Gun safes can be extremely heavy, with some weighing over 1000 pounds.

Ensure that the floor can support the weight of the safe and that the safe is positioned in a secure location. If unsure, ask a contractor or an expert to enlighten you regarding floor capacities. 

2. Support beams 

Support beams are often made of wood or steel. It is used to provide additional support to structures and construction projects. Ensure that your floor is reinforced with such before bolting your gun safe on the floor.

3. Construction of the building

A poorly constructed home may eventually result in major issues. They include decay, wood-borer or termites, damage caused by disasters, etc.

Before you place a gun safe on the upper level, look over your house to see if it’s secured enough to withstand damaging agents and the weight of a gun safe. 

Advantages of Storing a Gun Safe on the Second Floor

The advantages of keeping one’s firearm secure upstairs are plentiful. To begin with, let’s examine each one of them.

A. Reduced risk of flooding 

Storing your possessions on the second floor could reduce the chance of flooding. When the water level rises, it is easy to protect your firearms from water and moisture. If you have a valuable collection, you will be assured that it is protected from corrosion and rust.

B. Increased privacy 

The upper level is often ideal for securing firearms since visitors, and other people hardly see the place. This ensures heightened privacy and prevents easy access to your gun safe. 

C. Less likely to be discovered by burglars

Home break-ins are extremely common. Gun safes can be vulnerable to theft if not properly secured, so it is important to ensure the safe is anchored securely.

In most cases, criminals are more apt to focus on the ground floor rather than the upper level of the house for fear of getting caught. This is one of the reasons why some gun owners may prefer to put their safes upstairs. 

Disadvantages of Storing a Gun Safe on the Second Floor

Now that you know the advantages of placing your gun safe on the second floor, it’s also important to consider the disadvantages so you’ll know how to address the problem.

A. Increased difficulty in moving the gun safe 

Gun safes are heavy, and they are not easy to move around. If you need to access your gun quickly in an emergency, you want to avoid navigating a narrow staircase or a long hallway to get to it. 

Moving the gun safe from upstairs to a new location can take time and effort. Also, moving the safe can’t be accomplished by a single person due to its bulky size and heavy weight. 

B. Potential safety hazards

The safety of your firearms could be jeopardized by potential hazards such as fire. Moving your gun safe to safety can be a hassle if this disaster happens. 

C. Potential for damage to the floor

Bolting your gun safe may cause irreversible damage to the floor due to its heavy weight. In addition, doing so may cause moisture build-up, especially when the safe is not elevated. Moisture and humidity may result in rust and corrosion. 

Tips for Safely Storing a Gun Safe on the Second Floor 

Consider the following safety measures to store your gun safe on the second floor safely. 

A. Consult a professional

Before installing a safe anywhere in your house, asking for professional advice is prudent. The location must be given proper assessment beforehand for safe installation.

B. Choose the right location

Where exactly do you want to anchor the safe upstairs? Consider the right location. The place should be safe enough the reach unauthorized persons.

C. Use proper equipment and techniques for moving the gun safe 

You will need the right equipment to move the gun safe on the second story of your home successfully. More than just acquiring the right tools, proper techniques should also be applied.


Storing your gun safe upstairs can be a safe and secure option. However, some considerations must be considered before storing your gun safe on the second floor. You must deeply examine where to put your safe.

Although it is permissible to store your firearm securely on the second floor of your residence, it is imperative to take into account factors such as your floor’s weight capacity, the construction of the building as well as the use of support beams.

Before putting the safe upstairs, assessing the location’s safety is important. Ask for an expert’s opinion and outweigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Ultimately, responsible gun ownership and safe storage practices can help prevent tragedies and ensure the safety of both the gun owner and others.


Can any gun safe be stored on the second floor?

Yes. You can store your gun safe upstairs as long as you have evaluated the weight capacity of the floor. 

Is it safer to keep a gun safe on the ground floor?

The ground floor is more stable but not ideal since it can be easily accessible. In addition, gun safes located on the ground floor are more susceptible to theft and flooding. 

Can a gun safe on the second floor be easily stolen?

Any safe can be broken into. However, criminals are more likely to search the ground floor than the upper floor.  

Are there any laws or regulations regarding where I can keep my gun safe?

Regulations about gun storage include requiring the guns to be stored locked and unloaded. Persons convicted of a felony or domestic violence and those who have mental issues are prohibited from owning a gun.


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