Locked Out Of Your Sentry Gun Safe? No Key, No Problem

If you’re locked out of your Sentry gun safe and don’t have the key, don’t worry! This article provides helpful tips to help you regain access to your safe.

Before we delve into how to open a Sentry Gun Safe without a key, let’s discuss why it’s so important to own one in the first place.

A Sentry Gun Safe is a reliable way to store your firearms, ammunition, and other valuables. It’s designed to resist forced entry and protect your possessions from theft, fire, and other disasters.

This article will show some techniques for opening a Sentry Gun Safe without a key.

Techniques for Opening a Sentry Safe Without a Key

A Sentry Gun Safe is not only used as storage but also helps prevent accidents involving firearms.

By keeping your guns locked up and out of reach of children and unauthorized users, you can ensure they are only used by responsible adults trained in gun safety.

In short, a Sentry Gun Safe is an essential asset for responsible firearms owners. However, there are undesirable instances when we experience being locked out of our safe. 

Using the right techniques, opening a safe without a key is less troublesome than you think.

1. Using a Magnet to Open a Sentry Gun Safe

You hear it right! Utilizing a magnet is one of the methods to bypass your safe. This method works because the locking mechanism in most Sentry Gun Safes is magnetic.

A strong magnet, such as a rare-earth magnet, can open a safe.

Hold the magnet outside the safe and move it around until you feel it connect with the magnetic locking mechanism.

Once you’ve found the right spot, apply pressure to the magnet and turn it like a key. This should unlock the safe.

2. Using a Paperclip to Open a Sentry Gun Safe

You might have seen it in the movies. When you think this method is only seen in movies, opening a Sentry Gun Safe with a paperclip is possible.

Opening the safe with this method requires some patience and persistence.

To open your safe with a paperclip, straighten the clip and bend one end into a small hook. Just insert the hook of the paperclip into the keyhole and jiggle it repeatedly until the mechanism releases. 

3. Using a Drill to Open a Sentry Gun Safe

If the magnet and paper clip methods don’t work, you may need to resort to more drastic measures, such as using a drill.

Remember that this method should be your last option since it could damage your safe and void your warranty. 

You’ll need to drill through your gun safe lock to open your safe.

Drill slowly and carefully using a drill bit slightly smaller than the lock mechanism. After drilling through the lock, open the safe with a screwdriver or other tool.

When to Call a Locksmith for Help?

If none of the above methods work or you’re uncomfortable trying them yourself, calling a professional locksmith should be your next move.

Locksmiths are trained, using specialized tools and a few techniques to safely open the safe without causing any damage.

Choosing a licensed and reputable locksmith with experience working with Sentry Gun Safes ensures that the work will be done according to your preference.

You may ask someone you know or read online reviews to ensure you will receive quality service. 

Tips for Avoiding Lock-Outs in The Future

As a responsible gun owner, keeping your firearms secure and out of reach from unauthorized persons is crucial.

The Sentry Gun Safe is popular among gun owners because of its durable construction and advanced security features. However, one common issue gun owners face is getting locked out of the safe due to malfunctioning locks.

It can be a frustrating and stressful experience, especially if you need quick access to your firearms in an emergency. But worry not! By following some simple tips, you can avoid Sentry Gun Safe lock-outs in the future.

Tip #1: Test the lock regularly

It’s essential to test the lock regularly to ensure it works correctly.

You can do this by turning the dial and entering the combination. If you find any difficulty opening the safe, it indicates that the lock needs to be serviced or replaced.

Ignoring such signs and not immediately calling a locksmith may cause further issues.

Tip #2: Keep safe and well-maintained

Keeping your Sentry Safe and well-maintained will be less likely to give you trouble.

Dust and debris that could affect the lock mechanism can be ridden off by regular maintenance and cleaning.

Afterward, lubricating the lock with a high-quality lubricant is a must to keep the safe functioning smoothly. 

Tip #3: Keep spare keys and combinations in a secure place

Keep your spare keys in a secure and accessible place where you can quickly grab them in an emergency. Keep the spare keys in a place that’s easy to reach.

Also, informing a trusted person about the spare keys’ location will enable you to find them in case the original ones are lost easily. 


A Sentry gun safe is one of the market’s most reliable firearms storage brands. But lock malfunction can still be possible no matter how popular or expensive your gun safe is.

Being locked out of your safe can be extremely frustrating and stressful at the same time.

If this situation occurs, there are still ways to access your safe without a key. With the right techniques, regaining access to your valuable items and firearms is not as complicated as you think. 

To prevent lockouts in the future, you must keep your key and combination in a secure location. Regularly testing your lock is also important. If ever your lock malfunctions, call a locksmith right away. 

Responsible gun owners know they must keep their firearms safe and out of reach of unauthorized individuals. One way to ensure your possessions’ safety and security is to be prepared for lockouts at all times. 


Can I open my Sentry gun safe without a key?

A magnet, a paperclip, or a drill are commonly used methods. If none of these work, hire a locksmith to do the work for you.

What is the best way to get a replacement key for my Sentry gun safe?

Ask your manufacturer if it’s possible to request a new replacement key. If not, contact a locksmith to provide a replacement key.

Is drilling a Sentry gun safe recommended if I cannot open it?

If not done by an expert, drilling the gun safe may cause irreversible damage. A locksmith should be the first thing on your mind if you cannot open your safe.

What is the warranty on a Sentry gun safe?

Usually, Sentry gun safes offer one year warranty. For additional information, you can always check the manual provided by the manufacturer. 

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