Locked Out: Troubleshooting Your Cannon Gun Safe [2024 Guide]

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Whether it’s a locked safe, battery troubles, door alignment, keypad glitches, or security alarm hiccups, I’ll walk you through the steps to resolve them. Your peace of mind is my priority. Let’s dive into practical solutions to ensure your Cannon Gun Safe operates smoothly and securely.

What is a Cannon Gun Safe?

A Cannon gun safe is a gun safe manufactured by the Cannon brand. It is best for:

  • First-time gun safe owners: Cannon gun safes are user-friendly despite technological advancement. They also offer a series with traditional locking bolts.
  • Hunters: Hunters are among those who own many guns, and they are the ones who open their gun safes. Electric locks may not be the best choice for hunters, as batteries can drain easily. The group fits Cannon gun safes with traditional locking bolts.
  • Gun owners with family: Cannon pledges ultimate security for life to its customers, making it suitable for gun owners living with family, especially those with children and teens.

    Cannon has a wide range of gun safe sizes, which can accommodate more guns for family members in the industry. Cannon’s motto is “Nothing Protects Like Cannon.”

Why Choose Cannon Gun Safe?

Cannon gun safe is known for its reliable features and terms benefiting gun owners:

1. Secure storage: Cannon gun safes are strongly built with a minimum of 1″ steel composite door. All have the recommended 12-gauge steel body linings.

Cannon gun safes are tested to protect themselves from fire damage for at least 30 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Cannon also has waterproof gun safes.

2. Manufacturing: Cannon gun safe designs are well-thought and people-friendly. They have adjustable shelves for different gun sizes or your other valuable’s layout needs.

3. Biometric Lock: Gun safes vary in locking mechanisms. Cannon adapts to technological advancements, and they offer safes with electronic locks.

4. Warranty: If your gun safe has gone through attempted theft, flood, or fire damage, Cannon warrants a free service to repair its parts, labor, and shipment. They even have a one-year paint warranty.

5 Common Reasons for a Locked Out Safe

Cannon Gun safe may protect your guns at their very height. That is why it is hard to recover re-entry in cases of forgotten passwords for electronic locks or problems with physical locking bolts.

Here are the five common reasons for a locked-out safe:

1. Malfunctioning Lock

Chances are your gun safe has a jammed lever. Some Cannon Safes are not equipped with a key backup for added protection.

2. Electronic Keypad Issues

You may have tried keying your lock combination. Your input may be wrong, or the wheels behind the lock are not aligned.

3. Door Hinge Problems

Have you observed a dragging sound when you open your gun safe? It might become worse if you ignore it.

Your Cannon gun safe may have worn-out door hinge pins. Or some guns or accessories may have leaned on the door and are putting pressure on it.

4. Battery Failure

There are a few possibilities that could be causing the issue. It’s possible that your battery has already run out of charge or you replaced it with an expired one. Additionally, you may have been using a battery that isn’t recommended for your device.

5. Deactivated Code

You may have entered the wrong key code several times. The Cannon gun safe’s lock-out mode lasts for about five minutes.

5 Tips for Troubleshooting a Cannon Gun Safe

Some models have backup keys, but others don’t. Here are five tips for troubleshooting a Cannon gun safe:

1. Check the Battery

The battery compartment is a part of the keypad, which is outside of the safe. You can check the battery and replace it even if it dies.

Pull the battery plug-in, disconnect it, and then connect the new battery.

Cannon recommends bi-annual changing of batteries. They also suggest using a 100% alkaline, no lithium, Duracell, or Energizer battery with a longer life span.

If you worry about your combination, it is stored through the locking mechanism’s memory, thus remaining the same.

2. Test the Lock Mechanism

Try to manage and turn the handle to the right. Keep your hand that way as you enter the code, and then turn the handle to the left. If it beeps twice, your safe door should open.

​If the gun-safe handle spins and is not latching, tighten the screw on the handle’s pivot using a 5mm Allen Wrench.

If it still fails, remove the screws to remove the whole handle and reinstall it. Ensure you have put them back in correctly, in the same spots you removed each part.

If you open the gun safe, keep it open and test the locking mechanism twice before closing it.

3. Inspect the Door Hinge

Check for door gaps and dangling door rubbers.

If your gun safe has served you for long years, its door hinges are likely not responding to the original grease anymore.

The best way to deal with this problem is to call Cannon customer service. Refrain from drilling through your safe to have these fixed all by yourself.

When this gets fixed properly, make sure to also clear your safe’s door from any pressure brought by leaning guns and accessories inside.

4. Reset the Electronic Keypad

You must have your user manual specific for your Cannon gun safe type. Skim for steps to reset a combination.

Refrain from pushing buttons while the battery connects, or the timer will reset, wait for five minutes.

Cannon is not responsible for lost codes. It has a 30-day warranty for combinations, though. Try contacting them for possible help.

5. Use an Override Key

Some Cannon gun safe has an override key. This may look friendly for anticipated electronic lock failures but lessens the unit’s security.

For mindful keeping of gun-safe keys, there are 10 best places to hide your key.

The keyhole is located behind the gun safe’s keypad. If your unit has an override key, skim through the user manual for the proper steps to successfully open the safe.


Cannon’s warranty is limited. It does not cover lost or forgotten key passes, improper opening procedures, and failed batteries.

This is a reminder to prevent you and your frustration from drilling into the safe.

Check your Cannon gun safe warranty details, coverage, terms, and dates, to help you manage your expectations. Then, call their customer service to affirm coverage and to ask for advice. 

It is also recommended to record a video displaying your concern and observations. Make close-up recordings of the parts of your gun safe.

Doing that will help Cannon assess your problem and provide you with remote aid.

Being locked out of a gun safe is common to gun owners. But with proper information, you can solve it without bringing your gun safe into a worse state.


Why is my Cannon safe not opening?

Malfunctioning locks, electronic keypad issues, door hinge problems, battery failure, and deactivated code are five common reasons a safe fails to open.

What do you do when an electronic safe doesn’t open?

Check for possible problems. Check your gun safe batteries, test its lock mechanism, inspect the door hinges, reset the electronic keypad, or use an override key.

Why is my safe beeping and not opening?

Chances are the wheels behind the locking mechanism are not aligned.

How long does Cannon safe lock-out mode?

Cannon gun safe lock-out mode lasts for five minutes.


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