Moving a Gun Safe with a Pallet Jack: Is it Possible?

Curious about moving a gun safe using a pallet jack? Of course, you are! Keep reading to find out how to do it.

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Traditional methods, like using a dolly or hand truck, may not be practical or safe in some situations. Different types of pallet jack is commonly used in warehouses and factories to move heavy loads on pallets.

I will teach you the best way to move your gun safe with a pallet jack.

What is a Gun Safe?

A gun safe is an essential security device for storing and protecting firearms.

It is a secure container designed to offer maximum protection for firearms, ammunition, and other related items while providing quick and easy access to authorized users.

The importance of gun safety and using a gun safe cannot be understated. As guns become a common part of gun owner’s daily life, it’s essential to ensure they are stored safely.

Factors to Consider Before Moving a Gun Safe

When moving a gun safe, it is important to consider several factors to ensure a safe and successful move.

These factors include:

1. Gun safe’s weight

How heavy the gun safe is affected how many people and tools you need to move it.

2. Gun safe’s size

The size and shape of the gun safe affect how much space you need and the route to take when moving it.

3. Pallet jack capacity

Ensure the gun safe’s weight fits the pallet jack capacity you plan to use.

4. Moving equipment and companion

Moving a gun safe is heavy, so ensure you have enough help or tools to make it easier and safer. Get enough people, hire a moving company, or rent heavy-duty equipment for a smoother move.

Preparing the Gun Safe for Moving

To prepare a gun safe for moving, it is important to follow these steps:

A. Empty the Gun Safe: Remove all guns and items inside the safe to avoid damage before moving. Keep guns unloaded and in a separate case.

B. Lock the Gun Safe: This is important to stop unauthorized access during the move.

C. Secure the Door and Hinges: To prevent damage, secure the door and hinges by taping them shut or using straps or ropes.

D. Wrap the Gun Safe: Wrap the gun safe with moving blankets to help protect and prevent scratches, dents, or other damage during the move. You can use tape to secure the wrapping.

Moving Your Gun Safe with a Pallet Jack

When moving a gun safe with a pallet jack, it is important to follow these steps to ensure safety:

Step #1. Put pallet jack under safe

Center the pallet jack under the gun safe and adjust the forks to be under the safe.

Step #2. Lift the safe

Pull the pallet jack handle until the forks are under the safe, then lift the handle to lift the safe off the ground. Make sure it is secure on the pallet jack.

Step #3. Move your gun safe to a new spot

Use the pallet jack to move the safe to the new location. Be careful while maneuvering and ensure the safe stays secure.

Step #4. Lower the safe

Lower the pallet jack handle to place the safe on the ground. Ensure it is steady and in the correct place before letting go of the pallet jack.

Safety Precautions When Moving a Gun Safe

A. Wear gloves and sturdy shoes: Protect your hands and feet by wearing gloves and sturdy shoes. Consider wearing a back brace if the gun safe is heavy.

B. Keep the gun safe balanced: Make sure the gun safe is attached to the pallet jack and balanced so it doesn’t tip over.

C. Move slowly and carefully: Moving a heavy gun safe takes time and care. Use proper lifting techniques, and don’t rush.

D. Watch out for obstacles: Check the area for anything that might get in the way, and make sure there’s enough space to move the gun safe without it getting stuck.


Moving a heavy safe with a pallet jack requires several important steps to ensure your valuable item’s safe and efficient relocation. 

These steps include preparing the safe for transportation, securing it to the pallet jack, and maneuvering it to its new location.

Following the necessary precautions while moving a gun safe is of utmost importance. Wear proper gear, seek help, and be careful when unloading your gun safe to avoid harm and damage.

I recommend you take your time and exercise caution throughout the moving process. Consider hiring professional movers if you need more clarification about your ability to move the safe on your own. 

Proper planning and preparation can help ensure a smooth and successful move, keeping your gun safe and its contents secure.


How do you get a heavy object off a pallet?

To get a heavy object off a pallet, you need at least one additional person to help you lift and move the object to its desired location. You can use a pallet jack or a forklift if the object is too heavy.

Can you move a gun safe with a pallet jack?

Yes, you can move a gun safe with a pallet jack. However, it is important to ensure the safe is fastened to the pallet jack and that you have at least one additional person to assist with the weight.

How much does a 6-foot gun safe weigh?

The weight of a 6-foot gun safe can vary depending on the type, material of the safe, and its construction and size. On average, a 6-foot gun safe can weigh anywhere from 300 to 800 pounds or more.

Can I move a gun safe by myself?

Yes, you can move a gun safe by yourself, but it is recommended to have at least one other person assist with the weight and ensure the safe is moved.


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