Putting Your Gun Safe in a Pod: Is It Safe?

Storing your gun safe in a pod can be a convenient option, but is it safe? I’ll give you expert advice on gun safe storage in a pod.

A real gun enthusiast always comes up with various ways to secure firearms.

It does not end with simply having a gun safe, but also keeping the safe inside a secure location.

Pods are among the most popular choices of storage containers in terms of convenience and portability.

These metal containers are perfect whether you are moving or storing your valuables. Some people also utilize pods to store their gun safes. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about pods. I will elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of putting a gun safe inside a pod. Moreover, I will differentiate between a storage unit and a pod. Let’s dive in!

What is a Pod?

PODS or Portable Home Storage Units is portable sheds or containers for storing personal property.

A POD is made of superior-quality materials, combining water-resistant steel, impact-resistant polymer, and wood. It is commonly used as portable storage. 

These large rectangular containers are often used to transport items and belongings to your desired location. Some use it as a new home

Using pods is beneficial, especially for those moving to a new address. They can be a good alternative to self-storage storage units. 

Pod vs. Storage Unit

A pod and a self-storage unit are often interchanged. But these two are different in terms of their features and purposes. 

Unlike regular storage units, pods are a convenient way to move your items as they are delivered straight to your door. They offer flexibility, especially when moving from one place to another. 

A storage unit can only be placed in a certain location. On the other hand, a pod is portable. It can be delivered straight to the front of your residence. 

Can You Put a Gun Safe in a Pod?

Some gun owners prefer putting their gun safes in a pod. But whether it is safe to do so is still debated. 

One of the reasons why people store their guns safe in a pod is when they need to move to a new place. Moving your valuables needs a safe and secure container. 

On the other hand, the PODs company does not recommend putting your firearms and explosives in the pod. They claim not to be responsible for possible casualties caused by doing so. 

Keeping firearms secure is a top priority for gun owners. This act prevents theft and unauthorized use. 

Having a gun safe is not enough. Guns and ammo must be stored where no one can easily access them. 

Common Risks and Threats to Firearms

Firearms are valued items that must be kept in a secure location. Choosing a place to store your guns and ammo must be carefully considered. 

Criminals could easily break into your house and take away your valuables, including your guns and ammo. Locking them up in a gun safe and putting your keys in a hidden place is what a responsible owner should do.

There are instances where your house is not an ideal place for your gun safe. This allows you to store your safe in a storage container, garage, or pod. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Putting Gun Safes in a Pod

Putting your gun safe in a pod has advantages as well as drawbacks. If you are willing to take risks, you must first weigh the pros and the cons. 


Here are the advantages:

1. Increased protection for firearms

Pods claim to be made of high-quality steel and aluminum skin panels. The materials are said to be shock-proof and water-resistant. This assures you that whatever you put inside the container will be protected. 

Any Pods company will provide you with your key. Compared to traditional movers, they give you a guarantee of added security. 

2. Convenient storage solution

Regarding convenience and portability, the pod is a top choice for movers. The company itself is in charge of delivering the storage container right in front of your home.

Storing and moving items from one place to another is no longer a struggle. You can also load and unload your belongings in no time. 


The following selections are the major drawbacks of using a pod to store your gun safely.

1. Potential for theft or damage

Although pods claim to be secure, they are not theft or damage resistant. The company provides a lock that seems tougher than the standard locks. However, they will always find a way if someone wants to break in. 

2. Difficulty accessing firearms in an emergency

In case of an emergency, accessing a pod won’t be easy. Unlike if your gun safe is situated in your home, unlocking a pod when you urgently need to could be too much of a hassle. 

Factors To Consider When Putting a Gun Safe in a Pod

Once you decide to put a gun safe in a pod, you must consider many factors. Whether it is worth the risk, let us find out. 

1. Size and weight of the gun safe

How much does your gun safe weigh? This should be the first factor you need to address. Renting a pod could be quite costly. 

Pods come in different sizes and dimensions. Most of them are spacious. Sometimes, picking an appropriate container size for your guns takes time. 

2. Security

No matter how sturdy the pod is, anyone can steal your items. If you have ever thought of using a pod to contain your gun safe, locating it near your home is recommended.

Security cameras and alarm systems can be installed for added security features. 

3. Humidity within the pod

Stagnant storage spaces such as pods are susceptible to humidity. As a result, you will be dealing with residual moisture, which may cause damage to the items inside. 

If you plan to put your gun safe inside a pod, consider installing an insulation system to battle humidity and moisture. You may also use desiccants and dehumidifiers

4. Price

Pods company offers rental services starting at $140/month. Delivery and pick-up charges may vary depending on the proximity of your location. Prices may also depend on the size of the container. 

Given the cost, they may not be ideal for long-term storage.

Alternatives to Storing a Gun Safe in a Pod

If you’re still weighing in whether you’ll use a pod or other storage for your gun safe, here are the best alternatives that you can do to protect your gun safe:

A. In-home storage options

Storing your safe inside your home is common to gun owners. You can have access to your firearms anytime.

Some bolt their safe in the basement so thieves wouldn’t notice. Others install alarm systems to prevent home invasions. 

B. Off-site storage options

One of the best solutions for gun safe storage is an off-site facility. Knowing that firearms are potentially dangerous, storing your safe away from your home is also recommended.

C. Gun Cabinets or Lockers

Gun cabinets or lockers are a cost-effective and secure option for storing firearms. These cabinets are typically made of metal and feature locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.

They come in various sizes and can be installed in a garage, closet, or basement.

D. Wall-Mounted Gun Racks

Wall-mounted gun racks are an option if you have limited space.

These racks allow you to store your firearms on the wall, providing quick access and easy organization. They can be mounted in a closet or gun room; some models even come with locking mechanisms.


Finding a suitable storage facility is one of the biggest challenges for gun collectors. A storage container like a pod is among the popular options. 

A pod is a portable storage unit that can be rented to move your belongings from one place to another. They can also be used to store valuable items. However, the company does not recommend putting your gun safe in their pod for several reasons. 

Review the advantages and disadvantages beforehand if you have ever considered renting one. Also, consider other options that are safer and more secure.


What should you not load in a pod?

Loading hazardous and toxic chemicals and materials inside a pod is not allowed. Also, PODs do not recommend putting your firearms and ammo inside the container. 

Will PODS ship firearms?

Moving companies have certain guidelines when it comes to valuable belongings. PODs prohibit shipping guns and ammo for safety reasons. 

Where should you not put a gun safe?

Do not put your gun safe in an accessible area. Accidents can occur anytime. It is best to place the safe in your basement or a hidden location to prevent unauthorized use

How much weight can a pod hold?

Pods have a weight limit. An 8-foot container can hold up to 5,200 pounds. A 12-foot container and the 16-foot one can carry a weight of 4,200-4,700 pounds. 


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