Resetting the Combination on a Sentry Gun Safe

Limit the access of your firearms to yourself. Learn these straightforward steps to reset the combination of your Sentry gun safe.

Resetting the combination of your Sentry gun safe is crucial to ensure your firearms’ security. While locksmiths can open a gun safe, it is still crucial to have familiarity with your safe to store and access your firearms properly.

With a freshly reset combination, you can ensure that your gun safe is only for you or those you’ve granted permission.

Now, let’s learn how to reset a sentry gun safe from the biometric to the digital lock.

What is a Sentry Gun Safe

Top-of-the-line protection is what Sentry gun safes are all about. The safe is made of solid steel construction and pry-resistant and heavy-duty locks. These gun safes can protect your valuables against tool attacks. 

They offer the most advanced security for your home defense. If you want unauthorized firearms access, this is the perfect safe to keep them off.

Here are some features you should know about this gun safe.

1. Biometric and Digital Lock

The Sentry gun safe provides two options for securing your firearms: a biometric lock and a digital lock.

The biometric lock allows secure access with a finger swipe and can store data for multiple users. This type of lock offers enhanced security compared to traditional or digital locks.

Alternatively, if you prefer a digital lock, Sentry’s battery-powered option allows you to choose a 1-8 digit code to protect your firearms.

2. Interior Light

Interior lighting provides increased visibility in areas within the safe that are dimly lit. That way, you can easily see your items without much lighting needed.

3. Compression Gas Strut

Instead of those safes or containers which make a lot of noise and easily break, Sentry safes offer a compression gas strut. It guarantees a smooth, noiseless operation that is also safe from wear and tear.

4. Utilizes Steel Construction

Sentry gun safes are built with a solid steel exterior, providing high strength and security for storing firearms and other valuables. The steel build for the gun safe prevents unauthorized access and protection against fire, theft, and other potential dangers.

5. High Compression Foam

The high compression foam helps protect your firearms, ammunition, and other items stored inside this safe by cushioning them from bumps, drops, and other impacts. This interior foam lining also prevents items inside the safe from sliding or shifting.

6. California DOJ Certified

The California Department of Justice has approved Sentry gun safes. It meets the state’s firearm safety standards regarding construction, locking mechanisms, and other safety features.

It is a certification that assures consumers that the safe has been tested and meets the strict safety requirements mandated by the state of California.

Why Reset the Combination on a Sentry Gun Safe?

A periodic reset of the combination of your gun safe maintains its security. Here are the top reasons why you should rest your gun safe:

A. Lost or forgotten combination

If you lose or forget the combination, you can call a locksmith to help unlock your gun safely. Resetting the combination on your Sentry Gun Safe allows you to input a new combination to help you easily access the firearms inside your gun safe.

Write down and store a copy of this code where only you can access it. This spot must be easy for you to remember.

B. Need to change the combination for security reasons

If you’ve previously given access to someone whom you may know will possibly mishandle your firearm, or if they figured out the combination, then you need to change it.

Changing your lock’s combination improves your security and disallows unauthorized people from ever accessing your gun safely.

C. Prevents wear and tear on the lock mechanism

Over time, the lock mechanism can become worn, and resetting the combination can help ensure it remains in good working order.

D. Second-hand gun safe

Resetting the combination is essential to ensure the previous owner doesn’t have access to your firearms if you have recently purchased a used gun safe.

Steps for Resetting the Combination on a Sentry Gun Safe

Resetting the combination on a Sentry gun safe is a relatively simple process. Still, following these correct steps is essential to ensure the new combination is secure and effective.

1. Digital or Electronic Lock

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools and materials such as pen, paper, and screwdriver.

Step 2: Open the Sentry gun safe by entering the current combination.

Step 3: Locate the back panel of the safe, which is usually held in place by four screws.

Step 4: Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the back panel.

Step 5: You will see the combination lock mechanism once the back panel is removed.

Step 6: Locate the combination changing lever, which is usually located at the back of the lock mechanism.

Step 7: Move the combination changing lever to the left or right, depending on the model of your Sentry gun safe.

Step 8: Enter your new combination on the lock mechanism and test it several times to ensure it works correctly.

Step 9: Once you’re satisfied with the new combination, move the combination changing lever back to its original position.

Step 10: Replace the back panel of the Sentry gun safe and secure it with the four screws.

Step 11: Write down your new combination in a safe place, so you remember it.

2. Biometric Lock

Step 1: Locate the reset button inside the safe behind the battery compartment.

Step 2: Press and hold this down until the keypad flashes three times. The light will remain on to accept the new fingerprint.

Step 3: Swipe the finger you’ll use across the scanner multiple times. The LED light will flash green for every successful scan. Do this five to ten times, as indicated, to successfully register your fingerprint.

If the LED lights flash three times, the safe is ready to scan a second fingerprint. Repeat the scanning process until you successfully change the lock.

Note: If you forget your combination or resetting it alone doesn’t work, call the manufacturer and request the factory reset combination. A locksmith can also help you unlock your gun safe.


Resetting the combination on a Sentry gun safe is essential to maintain the security of your firearms and valuables.

Regularly changing it will also help you prevent unauthorized access and protect your belongings. Also, regular maintenance on the exterior of your safe can preserve it for years to come.

Remember to have the necessary tools and materials before starting the process, and write down your new combination in a safe place.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily reset the combination on your Sentry gun safe and have peace of mind knowing that your firearms are secure.


Can you change the combination on a gun safe?

Yes, you can change the combination on a gun safe. You only need to follow the guidelines printed by the manufacturer to ensure a successful combination change.

How do I change the code on my safe digital keypad?

Find the reset button and long press. Once that’s done, you can input your 4-6 digit codes. Wait for any indication, such as a green light for a successful registry. Once that’s done, test your newly registered code and wait for your gun safe to open.

How do I reset my safe code if I forgot it?

Resetting your safe’s code is simple. Look for the reset button behind your battery’s compartment. Wait for the green light to flash three times. Once that’s done, your gun safe will accept a new code combination into its data.


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