Ridgeline Gun Safes: Quality Review

Are you itching to buy a Ridgeline gun safe on a discount sale now but worried about its quality? Read through for the answer.

It is a fact that investing in a gun safe to house your firearms and other valuables is highly recommended. A gun safe is a robust and reliable vault designed to secure and keep guns from getting into the wrong hands.

There are tons of gun safe brand names in the market. But which brand lives up to the word “safe”? Is Ridgeline one of them?

If you are ready to learn about Ridgeline, sit back and read on!

Types and Features of Ridgeline Gun Safes

Ridgeline is not among America’s most common and known gun safe brands, as it comes from China. Nevertheless, it is still vital for potential buyers to know some things about the brand.

Here are the types and feature that you must know about Ridgeline Gun Safes.

TypesFeaturesStorage Capacity
Ridgeline 20 gun safe-Comes with 4 Pack Mini plastic Ammo cans
– $410 -Fireproof -Digital Lock with 2 Back-up Keys
– 4 solid bolt locking systems
– Door Organizer & Gun Rack
– Dimensions: 55″ x 20″ x 17″
– no top shelf
– Opens easily when in a hurry.
– with anchor bolts included.
– Easy code programming
– Felt interior
– Holds 10 long guns comfortably, with provided shelf, and 6 handgun pockets on its door.
– 2 more oversized door pockets for extra handguns or to secure documents.
Ridgeline 24 gun hold fast safe– Dimensions: 55″ x 20″ x 17″
– Fireproof -Digital Lock with Back-up Keys
– Door Organizer & Gun Rack
– with Flag decal
– Comes with bolting hardware to attach to wood floor
– 238 lbs
– Stores 18 Long Guns (without scopes) and 6 Pistols – turn a little sideways to fit.
Ridgeline – 40 Gun Safe– Electronic digital lock and override keys
– With a 3-spoke handle -Includes 1 top shelf, 1 gun rack, 1 adjustable gun rack, 3 small shelves, and a center divider
– Dimensions: 55.0″ x 29.0″ x 20.0″
– 355lbs
– Fireproof
– Adjustable shelf
– Door Organizer
– Stores 10 pistols and 30 rifles.
Rolling gun case– Watertight
– Dustproof
– Comes with a pick and pull foam insert
– Pre-drilled for 2 padlocks.
– Polypropylene construction with pick-and-pull foam insert for impact-absorbing protection
– Adjustable pressure relief valve equalizes pressure for easy opening
-Stores 1-5 guns depending on gun type and size.

Quality of Ridgeline Gun Safes

Here, we will look more into the abovementioned features. When reviewing the quality of a gun safe, the factors to consider are materials used in construction, locking mechanisms, fire protection, water protection, strength and durability, and accessibility.

1. Materials Used in Construction

Ridgeline gun safes have an all-steel construction designed to secure your firearms and other valuables. Its plates are continuously welded.

2. Locking Mechanisms

Gun safes are audited and given security ratings. Ridgeline safes are not UL-approved. Ridgeline gun cases are pre-drilled for padlocks but are sold without padlocks.

3. Fire Protection

Ridgeline gun safes claim a 30-minute fire resistance at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Water Protection

Ridgeline gun safes are not waterproof, but Ridgeline gun cases are.

5. Strength and Durability

Although Ridgeline gun safes are manufactured all-steel, the steel gauge should be thick. The thicker, the better security.

Ridgeline gun safes use 14-gauge steel plates. The recommended steel gauge for gun safes is 14 or lower.

Some reported incidents of tipping over when Ridgeline gun safe doors are open, so it is suggested to bolt your gun safe down your wooden floor.

6. Accessibility

Ridgeline gun safes are praised for their user-friendly locks. Ease in unlocking a gun safe helps in times of emergencies.

7. Size and space

The bigger a gun safe is, the more guns can be stored. Ridgeline offers various sizes of gun safes and cases.

Most of their gun shelves are fixed, thus restraining you from adjusting them for a more breathable and valuable storage space management. You can add a top shelf for more space.

8. Aesthetics

A Ridgeline gun safe is felted inside. It has a good paint finish as well.

Some of its models come with a giant flag decal on their doors, which annoys some minimalist design gun safe owners.

How to Maintain the Quality of Your Ridgeline Gun Safe

Ridgeline gun safes are not at par with the high-end gun safes available. So to keep your Ridgeline gun safe and secured (in case you decide to buy this brand), maintain or reinforce it.

Here is a list of tips on how to maintain the quality of your Ridgeline gun safe:

  • Keep it clean and dry.

Check for molds, rust, and dead critters. Clean and treat. Ensure to maintain a good level of humidity.

  • Securely anchor the safe.

Some Ridgeline gun safe models come with materials for bolting. But you can only use them on wooden floors.

Use proper and quality bolts if you are bolting a gun safe on concrete.

  • Regularly inspect for damage.

Open your safe regularly to check if the door, the locking bolts, the locking system, and the accessories, like goldenrods and lights, are all working fine. If any, repair them with precaution.

Do not immediately use lubricants for loose locks. Call the gun safe manufacturer and ask for warranty coverage and advice.


Ridgeline gun safes are not on the top line. But because it is budget-friendly and often offers discounts, it is considered.

Investing in a good quality gun safe is essential to protect your dangerous guns and other valuables from unauthorized persons. But it is also understandable that people live on a budget.

With the information presented in this article, weigh your buying decision. Also, with low-end gun safes, it is vital to take safety precautions seriously.

It would be best to make it a habit to change your gun safe’s lock combination more often. Move your gun safe to a safe place. Modify your gun safe to make it more fireproof.

These actions will give you peace of mind about meeting possible accidents and deaths in your house and community.

If you plan to say yes to Ridgeline, consider reinforcing it! Remember that reinforcing will also cost you money, effort, and time.


What materials are Ridgeline Gun Safes made of?

Ridgeline gun safes have an all-steel construction designed to secure your firearms and other valuables. Its plates are continuously welded.

Are Ridgeline Gun Safes fireproof?

Yes, with a 30-minute fire resistance at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I bolt my Ridgeline Gun Safe to the floor?

Some Ridgeline gun safe models are pre-drilled and come with bolts for anchoring down a wooden floor. Use proper and quality bolts if you are bolting a gun safe on concrete.

Are Ridgeline Gun Safes TSA approved?

Check the guidelines with your local Transportation Security Administration office before flying your gun safes to another destination.


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