7 Stack On Gun Safe Review For 2024 – Tested


Stack-on gun safes are created to combine security with accessibility, and it appears clear that this aligns with what you are seeking.

The reality is that not everyone wins the lottery and has $3000 to spend on a strong gun safe. Most of us are simply looking for a basic level of protection for our guns in case of a burglary or a small fire.

It may also just be a matter of keeping their kids from stumbling upon guns while they are not around.

There may be several reasons you may want a gun safe, but whatever your reason may be, Stack-on safes may be exactly what you are looking for if you are looking for quality features at a reasonable price.

Aside from the fact that there is no shortage of these on the market, they also have a lot to offer. So, if you are looking for the best Stack On gun safes of 2024, there is a list that I have compiled that will help you.

Top 7 Stack On Gun Safe Review

It has taken me a lot of research to come up with this Stack on gun safe review, but that is not all I have done.

My friends in various firearms communities on Facebook, forums, and in person have also given me their opinions. So, my experience with a good number of the safes below comes from real people who have tried them.

1. Stack-On QAS-1304-12 Low Profile Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On QAS-1304-12 Low Profile Quick Access Safe

Safely store your guns with the Stack-On Tactical Gun Cabinet. Stack-On designs its products with the ease of use and comfort of gun enthusiasts in mind while not compromising on quality for a lower price.

It is designed to safely store firearms and meets the standards the California Department of Justice set forth. Whether you’re at home, on a road trip, or working, you’ll have great protection for your pistols, ammo, and valuables.

Solid steel, pry-resistant plate steel doors, steel live-action locking bolts, and concealed hinges provide greater security. By using a “Safety Key” override, the user can easily program the electronic lock.

There is a removable mounting plate on this quick access safe with an electronic lock. It features a low-profile design. With four easy-to-use push buttons, this Stack-On Quick Access Safe with an electronic lock accepts a personalized 3- to 8-digit security code.

The case is perfect for a standard-sized pistol with a foam-lined bottom that protects your valuables against scratches.

In addition, vehicles can safely transport handguns and valuables with this safe because it has a removable mounting plate. All mounting hardware and a low battery warning system, and a backup key are included.

Highlighted Features

  • When the correct combination is entered, the safe door can be opened instantly
  • A removable mounting bracket is included
  • It is possible to silence the keypad
  • The battery warning system warns when the battery is low

2. Stack-On GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet

Stack-On GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet

This 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet from Stack-On is California-approved in accordance with California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations thereunder. This cabinet is equipped with a 3-Point locking system and a key-coded, double-button lock to ensure greater security.

All steel 3-point locking systems with double-butted, key-coded locks are found on these safes. They feature welded steel box construction and a superior all-steel 3-point locking system.

In addition, an all-steel piano hinge with welded and staked ends provides greater security. The barrel rest and standoffs for scoped guns are also Stack-On’s patented, contoured nonmarring barrel rests.

The black epoxy finish is durable and long-lasting. Easily fastens to floor with flush mount bottom. The mounting holes are pre-drilled for easy attachment to the wall or floor.

The finishing hardware and fastening hardware are included. Greater security is provided by Stack-On’s superior all-steel 3-point locking system. The locking plate runs behind the steel cabinet frame to the top and bottom of each unit.

Moreover, the center section of the door panel has a large steel locking plate. Barrel rests made of molded plastic will not deteriorate or compress over time. In addition to rifles, the barrel rest can also accommodate side-by-side shotguns.

With a 52-inch height and removable shelf, the GCB-910 cabinet can hold up to 10 rifles or shotguns. Longer guns can be stored along the cabinet’s side walls on the back shelf. As well as padded barrel rests, the bottom of this cabinet is foam-padded.

Highlighted Features

  • In the cabinet’s back, there is a shelf
  • The front of the cabinet can be used to store longer guns
  • The steel top shelf provides additional storage or it can be removed
  • Ten rifles or shotguns up to 52 inches tall can be stored in this case

3. Stack-On Fire Resistant 14-Gun Safe with Combination Lock

Stack-On Fire Resistant 14-Gun Safe

An impressively designed safe that can be used for more than just firearms. A safe that has exceptional space is perfect for storing your collection. This is one of the best all-around storage units, with room for up to 14 firearms.

Over 300lbs of solid strength go into the making of this safe. You won’t have to worry about anyone taking this out of your home and taking it away anytime soon. There is almost a cabinet feeling, and it looks impressive in the house. It stands out in any house because of its color, so it looks good.

It is also important for a gun safe cabinet to comply with gun safety laws. A California department of justice approval has been granted to the Stack-On gun safe. As a result, your guns will always be secure so that you can sleep soundly at night.

A temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit will not cause it to catch fire for 30 minutes. As a result of the fire-retardant material used in the steel doors, this is the case. The interior of the safe is carpeted to prevent your weapons from moving.

In addition to ensuring the safety of the guns, this also protects them from moving around and causing damage to one another. A combination lock keeps them inside, which is a method that is preferred by many.

This is likely due to their preference for mechanical locks over electronic locks. Your weapons are safe in this safe because it has five locking points.

Highlighted Features

  • Rotating the steel handle extends and retracts the live-action bolts
  • Live action 1-inch steel locking bolts for 2-way locking
  • Testing and verification by ETL for fire resistance up to 1400°F for 30 minutes
  • Tested and listed as a firearm safety device by the California Department of Justice

4. Stack-On GCB-18C Steel 18-Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet

Stack-On GCB-18C Steel 18-Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet

Safely store firearms and valuables with Stack-On Security Cabinets. Secure Gun Cabinets from Stack-On come in a wide variety of configurations and capacities to fit anyone’s storage requirements.

The 18 Gun Security Cabinet has a convertible interior that can hold 18 long or nine long guns and four steel shelves for ammunition, supplies, and valuables.

You will receive barrel rests that are molded with scoped rifle standoffs included. It is safe and secure because it is constructed of welded steel and has a three-point locking system.

Easy installation is made possible by pre-drilled mounting holes. Hardware is included for fastening and finishing. The box is constructed of welded steel and features a superior all-steel three-point locking system with a double-butted, key-coded lock.

In addition, an all-steel piano hinge with full-length welds and stakes provides greater security. On the center section of the door panel, a large steel locking plate is secured behind the steel door frame.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable barrel rests are included
  • Tactical weapons can be stored in this safe due to its added depth
  • Key-coded cylinder lock with a 3-point locking system
  • Areas can be converted into shelving for storing ammunition, pistols, and other items

5. Stack-On A-24-MB-E-S Armorguard 24-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On A-24-MB-E-S Armorguard 24-Gun Safe

Convertible fire-resistant, DOJ-approved safes are available in the Stack-On Armorguard Series large capacity safes. Independent testing labs have verified that these large capacity safes are fire resistant for 30 minutes at 1400° F.

These safes can be configured in any way that suits your needs, thanks to carpeted barrel rests and adjustable shelving. Fire retardant material is inserted into the reinforced steel door. My safe weighs 360 pounds and took three guys to move upstairs.

This safe has six specific pistol slots, depending on how you configure it with the shelves. Expanding when heated, the door stripping seals the safe’s door and prevents fires from spreading. In addition, each safe comes with fastening hardware.

I have been satisfied with this safe, especially considering my price. It’s been over a year since I bought it, and I would recommend it. Some of the security keypad’s buttons sometimes malfunction. Initially, it was fixed by changing the battery.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work this time. Stack-on support was excellent. The issue was resolved when they emailed me with steps to follow.

Highlighted Features

  • A three- to eight-digit combination is stored in the electronic lock, and a backup key is included
  • It can hold up to 24 guns or a combination of storage and guns
  • Pistols and additional equipment can be stored in the lever handle and door of the door
  • The Arm or Guard Fire Resistant series is rated for 30 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit

6. Stack-On E-30-MB-E-S Elite 27-30 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On E-30-MB-E-S Elite 27-30 Gun Safe

These Convertible Fire Resistant, DOJ-approved Elite Series Large Capacity Safes are available in a variety of sizes. An independent testing lab has verified that these large capacity safes are fire resistant for 30 minutes up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Long guns can be stored more comfortably with carpeted barrel rests and an additional barrel rest included. With fully adjustable barrel rests, you can lower one side to hold MSR rifles and raise another to handle long rifles and shotguns.

Scoped rifles can be stored in spots on the barrel rests with a U-shape. Fire retardant material is injected into the reinforced steel door. As a result of its expansion when exposed to heat, the door stripping seals the safe’s door and protects its contents from a fire.

With each safe, you will find fastening hardware. This is a fairly well-made and heavy piece of equipment. If you want it set up where you want it, you will need the help of a few friends.

There is no denying that it is a heavy piece of equipment, weighing in at 438 pounds. If you’re putting in a room over a crawl space, make sure you put it against a bearing wall. 

Highlighted Features

  • To meet your storage needs, Safe interiors are fully carpeted
  • A 4-way locking system with 1.5-inch live-action locking bolts
  • Up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit fire resistance for 30 minutes
  • Storage and guns can be combined to hold 27 to 30 guns

7. Stack-On TD-40-GP-E-S Total Defense 36-40 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On TD-40-GP-E-S Total Defense 36-40 Gun Safe

In addition to protecting your valuables and firearms from fire and water damage, Stack-On’s Total Defense Safes also provide fire and water resistance. Independent testing labs have verified that these safes are fireproof for 75 minutes at 1400°F and waterproof for 72 hours at 2 feet of standing water.

Long guns can be stored more comfortably with carpeted barrel rests, and an additional barrel rest included. A barrel rest can be adjusted to hold MSRs on one side and long rifles or shotguns on the other. You can adjust the height to suit your needs.

Scoped rifles can be stored in U-shaped barrel rests. Fire retardant material is infused into the reinforced steel door. Expansion of the door stripping is caused by heat, which seals the door and prevents a fire from spreading to the contents of the safe.

The waterproofing is provided by a synthetic rubber gasket and other sealants. Furthermore, they come equipped with an electrical socket that can be used to charge or power electronics inside the safe. Each safe comes with fastening hardware.

There are locking bolts all the way around this safe, making it very secure. Changing the code is easy with the keypad, which works flawlessly.

A ton of extra shelves are included as well as two backup keys. Additionally, it has solid feet that keep it off the floor. You won’t find a better deal for the quality and size than this. This safe is highly recommended.

Highlighted Features

  • A 4-way locking system with 1.5″ tapered live action locking bolts
  • 72-hour water-resistance in 2 feet of standing water
  • The product is fire resistant for 75 minutes up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It can hold 36 to 40 guns or a combination of storage and guns

Buyer’s Guide For Finding The Best Stack On Gun Safe

Surely safety is the most important factor in a safe for serious gun enthusiasts? A combination lock is one of the good things about the first two Stack-On products.

Keeping the smaller family members out of the cabinets makes them safe. It would not last long before they discouraged a thief. It would take no time at all for some of them to be broken into.

Your needs will determine what matters to you. However, there is no doubt that the Stack On 14 Gun Safe and the Stack On 24 Gun Safe are the more serious items here.

In addition to being sturdy, these two are the best for keeping out unwanted hands. Any thief would have a tough time removing these two products due to their weight.

In addition to storage, there are other factors to consider. Many of the gun safes in our review of the best Stack on gun safes of 2023 have ample storage space. Among the many examples of weapons storage cabinets, the double door cabinet is one of the best.

This is a good option if you need some storage and are not concerned about thieves. Many people are looking for fireproof safes. Therefore, the cabinets included in the review are insufficiently protected. Up to 30 minutes of protection is provided by the 14- and 24-gun safes.

About Stack-On

It’s pretty common knowledge that Stack-On makes safes in the US. The company was founded in 1972 and is based in Wauconda, Illinois.

The safes made by Stack-On are pretty diverse. Their safes range from handguns to long guns to home safes. Long gun safes are their most popular product. Safes from this company are known for their great value.

You can find safe reviews in all those categories here, so no matter your needs, you’ll be able to make the right choice.

What Is The Customer Service Like For Stack-On Safes?

According to my experience, Stack-On’s customer service is decent, though maybe not as proactive as Liberty’s.

Their website makes a great deal of documentation available, which sets them apart from the competition. In addition, you can find documents for just about anything on their customer service portal. This is perfect if you’re the type of guy who enjoys tinkering or fixing things on your own.

What Country Makes Stack-On Safes?

It is common for Stack-On Safes to be imported. However, the majority of them are manufactured overseas, with a few made in Illinois. That’s all I want to say.

Stack-On safes aren’t all bad, though. My shooting buddies always rave about them; they’re some of the highest-rated safes on the market.

Is The Stack-On Safe Covered By A Warranty?

Various warranties are available for stack-on safes, depending on the model. Certain products/situations are covered by limited lifetime warranties, while others are covered by 1-, 2-, 3-, and 5-year warranties.

The Bottom Line

While it was hard to choose between the Stack-On 14 gun safe and the Stack-On 24 gun safe, I chose the Stack-On 14 gun safe.

Several features I liked about the 24-gun safe, including its fire resistance and solid weight, are also found in this safe. However, it takes up less room and is more practical.

Anyone trying to steal your weapons will have difficulty doing so due to the combination lock’s safety and weight. In addition, it keeps children out, and if the safe is bumped, the contents won’t be moved.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Stack-On gun safe review. I hope it answers your questions. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments below, and I’ll add them to this review.

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