Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews In 2024 – Test Results

Steelwater Gun Safe reviews

For gun security, Steelwater stands out as a top choice available today, thanks to its gun safes constructed with premium materials that are both fireproof and extremely difficult to breach.

Steelwater Gun Safe company is one of the top gun safe manufacturers in the U.S., with a strong presence worldwide. Their safes are robust, heavy-duty, and, best of all, large!

While you can’t compare them with the big boys in the gun-safe industry, they do offer safes that feature all the bells and whistles without burning a hole in your pocket.

This Steelwater gun safe review will provide you with all the information you need about the specific gun safes Steelwater offers and the brand itself and why you should choose it.

Why Steelwater?

If you own a firearm, you need to be confident that your gun safe will protect and secure those firearms. From small to large safes, the company offers a great selection that has received positive customer reviews.

You might wonder what options Steelwater safes offer if you’ve already decided to buy one. Steelwater contracts safe manufacturing overseas to keep prices affordable while maintaining safe’s quality.

This brand has already gained years of experience and expertise in the industry, which is essential for creating a dependable gun safe locking system. Every Steelwater Safe is tested twice to ensure it is of the highest quality and security.

Features That You Can Expect From A Steelwater Gun Safe

Considering its price, Steelwater offers unbeatable features and services. In addition to providing excellent gun safe quality and protection, they guarantee the best service possible.

Many customers have purchased Steelwater Gun Safes because of their exceptional design, locking capability, and build quality. Steelwater Gun Safes offer the following amazing features:

  • Provides safe storage for a large collection of guns and valuables
  • Protecting from fires and water
  • Anti-burglary and anti-theft measures
  • Ensures that children do not have access to guns.
  • Safety and protection of guns in general

Top 4 Steelwater Gun Safes Reviewed

If you are looking for a large gun safe to store all your firearms, Steelwater gun safes might be the perfect option for you. Here are some of their most popular gun safes.

1. New And Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe

Whether you are searching for a quality-made safe for your guns or appreciate quality, the Steelwater Heavy Duty 20-long gun fire-protection safe will meet your needs. Steepwater’s gun safe can withstand temperatures as high as 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes.

You can also set your user code between 3-8 digits on the chrome-plated digital keypad of this gun safe. Even if your hinges are completely removed after an attempted burglary, you are still protected because nine pins hold the door closed, even if the hinges are completely damaged.

Even though this 425-pound, 59-inch high, 28-inch wide, 18-inch-deep heavy duty safe measures 59 inches high, 28 inches wide, and weighs 425 pounds, it is 4 3/4 inches thick, so nobody can get in without your authorization.

Moreover, the door of this gun safe is constructed of 14-gauge steel, and the interior is fully upholstered. In the event of a fire or an attempted burglary, the Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe is durable and solid enough to withstand heat.

In these safes, you can store all the valuables and firearms you own that are most important to you. With the heavy-duty Steelwater 20 Long Gun Safe, your firearms are completely protected from fire and theft. In high-humidity areas, however, it outshines others because it offers protection. Safes like this are true gems.

Highlighted Features

  • There is an emergency bypass key with a double bite
  • Lock & bolt system with three directions of drive
  • Steel construction with a gauge of 14
  • Fire protection for 45 minutes at 1550°F
  • There is a maximum capacity of 20 long guns (12-16 realistically)
  • Construction with solid steel
  • Shelves that can be adjusted
  • Digital keypad that can be reprogrammed
  • Drill/ballistic resistant hard plate eight times larger

2. STEELWATER GUN SAFES New And Improved E.M.P. Proof Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Safe

E.M.P. Proof Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Safe

Steel is used in the construction of this safe. An extra steel plate is welded in the front door to make this safe and even more secure, while steel clips are used on the top long shelf to prevent warping and breaking.

There are 22 guns that can be stored in the Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Safe at its maximum capacity, and most of the time, 14-18 guns can be stored. In addition, this safe contains removable shelves so that handguns safe and small weapons can be stored inside.

It also exceeds California Department of Justice testing standards and includes a free dehumidifier to deal with any moisture inside. Regardless of whether the hinges are removed, all four sides are equally secured with solid steel locking bolts.

Longer bolts provide more pry resistance to keep your valuables safe and secure. The touch keypad with L.E.D. backlighting on the new E.M.P. proof digital keypad allows easy operation in low light conditions.

Furthermore, due to its heat sensing technology, the keypad only requires a “soft touch,” meaning numbers will not prematurely wear out and will not excessively wear the numerals if used constantly.

When the door is opened, fully enclosed L.E.D. interior lighting will automatically turn on and shut off, allowing visibility in low light conditions. It is a good investment to have a good safe.

Most safes on the market are crappy, making them a joke for burglars. There is no doubt that this is the real deal. Compared to other gun safes of similar construction, price & specifications, this Steelwater safe appears to be a great deal.

Highlighted Features

  • Decorative beveled edges on a nine gauge steel body
  • The gun safe exceeds the standards set by the California Department of Justice
  • The maximum number of long guns is 22 (11/11). The average number of long guns is 14-18.
  • Fire protection for 120 minutes at 1875 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Added strength against prying, punching, and drilling due to gear-driven lock and bolt system
  • 18 solid steel locking bolts with a diameter of 1 1/2 inches

3. Steelwater Gun Safes 60 Minute Fireproof 16 Long Gun Safe with E.M.P. Lock

Fireproof 16 Long Gun Safe with E.M.P. Lock

With its quality-made, durable and attractive design, Steelwater’s Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Safe will not disappoint. The ruggedness and strength of this safe makes it excellent for storing a moderate quantity of guns in a secure and protected manner.

Its door expands to ensure a tight seal around its contents, protecting the contents for up to 45 minutes. This Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Safe is secured with a combination lock and includes a double-bitted key for bypassing the keypad.

The safe’s handle releases six bolts that lock the door once the handle is turned. Besides being extremely strong, these bolts are drill-resistant, which makes the door even more secure. It is possible to comfortably station eight long guns on the interior shelves, which are both removable and adjustable.

As the name implies, you can fit up to 16 guns without the shelving. In addition to being drill resistant, the 14-gauge steel makes the safe appear unbreakable. It’s not the heaviest safe on the market (305 pounds), but it’s not the lightest either. Although it isn’t portable, you can be confident that it will remain where it is.

This safe must be locked into position using the bolt holes, according to the company. This safe weigh 305 pounds, so you don’t want it to fall and damage its contents or yourself! Although it may be a little expensive, it’s worth the investment.

Highlighted Features

  • Included is an emergency bypass key with double bits
  • An anchor hole of 1/2-inch diameter is pre-drilled to secure the safe to the floor
  • In the event of a burglary attempt, a spring-loaded relocking bolt secures the safe
  • Lock and bolt system with three-way direct drive
  • Protects the lock from drilling or manipulation with a drill-resistant hard plate
  • Two layers of fireboard are included in the construction of this 5-inch-thick composite door
  • Steel construction with a gauge of 14
  • Fire protection for 45 minutes at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit

4. NEW and IMPROVED E.M.P. Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 45 Long Gun Safe

Heavy Duty 45 Long Gun Safe

Considering its insulated design & massive weight, it’s not a bad choice – it’s fairly fire resistant, and even two young burglars will have a hard time removing it or the contents.

In addition, there is plenty of room for everything you want to keep safe in this thing. Even after removing the hinges, 20 solid steel locking bolts ensure no vulnerable areas are exposed. Secure your valuables with longer bolts that maximize pry resistance.

As well as an EMP-proof digital keypad with L.E.D. backlighting, this device features a touch-sensitive keypad that can be operated in low light. In addition, heat-sensing keypads need only a soft touch, preventing premature wear of the numerals and excessive wear.

As soon as the door is opened, the L.E.D. interior lighting automatically comes on, and when it is closed, it turns off, providing visibility in low-light situations. In addition, no one will ever be able to break into your safe with our high security, double-buttoned, drill-resistant bypass key.

Two internal re-lockers secure the safe if the lock is attacked or punched. The adjustable carpeted interior protects your guns and valuables. A fire seal expands in the event of a fire, preventing smoke and heat from entering.

Highlighted Features

  • Fire protection for one hour at 1875°F
  • Three layers of fireboard are included in the construction of this composite door that is 5 1/8″ thick
  • A residential security container that exceeds the requirements of the California Department of Justice
  • Body constructed from 12 gauge steel
  • There is now a door organizer included.
  • The hard plate is 8X larger and more drill resistant

Top Reasons To Buy A Steelwater Gun Safe

You might be interested in knowing the features and qualities of Steelwater gun safes if you are considering purchasing one. Their safes are designed to be affordable, durable, accessible, and equipped with innovative technology that makes them easy to use.

Steelwater Gun Safes have won most gun owners’ trust for the following reasons:

A Company That Knows What They Are Doing

Steelwater Gun Safes is owned and designed by a security expert who has been in the security field for nearly his entire adult life. Immediately after high school, he went into law enforcement for five years and opened his own lock and safe business.

More than 22 years of experience working on safes has enabled him to service, repair, and open them. The safe he designed covers the security, fireproofing, and reliability needed in a gun safe based on his professional experience.

Gun Safe That You Can Rely On

To entice you into believing this is a new and improved gun safe, most gun safe companies make new models every year. However, in reality, they have reduced quality and reliability in order to compensate for the company’s demand for extra profit margins.

As a result of design changes, it is also difficult to find replacement parts, as the old parts no longer exist or are made in small quantities, making them expensive. Contrary to popular belief, Steelwater Gun Safes have not made any mechanical changes to their gun safes in the past eight to ten years.

Steelwater Gun Safes have solved mechanical, reliability, and cosmetic problems for many years in order to offer excellent fireproofing, security, and reliability.

Design & Construction

Designed with value and quality in mind, Steelwater Gun Safes are one of the best on the market. Compared to other brands, they offer a high level of craftsmanship and functionality.

It is Steelwater’s mission to manufacture gun safes that are durable and of high quality. The door of the gun safe is extra thick to prevent unauthorized entry. High gauge steel is used in the safe and high gauge steel doors.

Strict Quality Control

As soon as Steelwater gun safes are received from manufacturing, they are removed from the packaging and inspected thoroughly for defects and imperfections. However, despite being inspected at the manufacturing plant, gun safes can still be damaged.

Each gun safe is unpacked for a final inspection before it is shipped to you to protect your time and investment. The result is that there are fewer problems or reasons for dissatisfaction with the products.

Different Sizes

Steelwater offers a wide range of gun safe sizes, so whether you have long guns or handguns, they have the right safe for you. In addition, you can rest assured that any valuables and documents will fit inside the safe. Their most popular model is the Steelwater 20 gun safe.


They check each safe for defects before advertising it in the market, which makes them stand out from other gun safe manufacturers. In addition, they test the safes for resistance to such intrusions.

Fire Resistant

Steelwater builds safes that can withstand fire and high temperatures for more than two hours. Secure and damage-proof, these safes provide a prolonged level of protection for their contents.

Where Are Steelwater Gun Safes Made?

This company was founded and is operated by a former law enforcement officer in North Augusta, South Carolina. In order to address these flaws, the veteran manufactures high-quality safes with security, design, and burglary prevention features.

The Steelwater safes are designed in South Carolina America from top to bottom, but they are manufactured in China. In spite of this, the quality and security of the safes will not be compromised; it helps you to save money while increasing security and protection.

What About Warranty?

The manufacturer of Steelwater Gun Safes provides a limited lifetime warranty on all of their safe models, which suggests their confidence in their product.

In addition to fire protection for up to an hour, the warranty includes anti-theft protection. For ninety days, all digital components are checked for free and labor is provided for one year.

How Good Are Steelwater Locking Mechanisms?

Steelwater Gun Safes provide a variety of locking systems, including combination locks, digital locks, and dial locks. Digital locks in gun safes are EMP-proof, and LaGard locking security systems ensure security.

As an additional security measure, every gun safe has a rechargeable dehumidifier that prevents moisture from entering. With Steelwater Gun Safes, skilled burglars are prevented from gaining access to your safe because of the intensive locking system.

It will be impossible to gain access to the safe even if the door hinges and the handle degrades as a result of exerting effort. A five-inch tamper-proof door with an extra-thick locking bolt is included with Steelwater.

Do Standard Duty, Heavy-Duty, And Extreme Duty Products Differ?

As far as the names go, they are pretty accurate. Standard, heavy, and extreme duty are in order of least to most powerful. Even so, Steelwater’s standard duty safes already feature 14 gauge steel and are fire-resistant. The heavy-duty goes up to 12 gauge, and the extreme duty goes up to 9 gauge.

There is no difference in exterior sizing between variants of a safe. A Steelwater 16-gun safe, for example, is the same size and looks on the outside as its heavy-duty counterpart. The interior, however, is where things are different.

In the heavy-duty and extreme-duty variants, the walls are thicker. It is important to note that thicker walls result in a smaller internal volume. Weight is also heavier with thicker walls. Stronger safes cost more, as you might expect.

Thus, standard duty variants are the least expensive, while heavy and extreme duty variants are the most expensive. The amount you can afford versus how much risk you are willing to take is all up to you.

How Are Steelwater Gun Safes Delivered?

A tractor-trailer is specially used to deliver the larger Steelwater safes (gun safes 16, 20, and 22). Therefore, you must have enough space near your home for an 18-wheeler to park and unload.

It may also be difficult to move if you live in a place that isn’t accessible by a tractor-trailer (i.e., an island only accessible by ferry). Offloading the safe will be done by the driver but moving it into your home is your responsibility.

You’ll need more people and special equipment (like a pallet jack) depending on the size of the safe. The good thing about Steelwater is they call you in advance to set up everything. Then, to avoid wasting money, they’ll guide you through the whole process and make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Things are a bit different for smaller Steelwater safes (home safes). U.P.S. will deliver those parcels. The pallets will keep them protected from bumps during transportation, however. You will also receive a call from Steelwater to coordinate shipping.

How About Their Customer Support?

It is still possible to have defects and mechanical failures, despite taking every precaution to minimize them. Regardless of whether the safe is still under warranty or has already expired, they focus heavily on taking care of their customers after the sale.

In case of a warranty claim, the company will immediately assist you and resolve the issue within 1 to 4 days. Even if there is an out-of-warranty issue or a problem caused by the purchaser, this applies. Besides keeping a full inventory of parts on hand, they can ship them out immediately if necessary.

The Bottom Line

Those who wish to purchase a safe but do not want to spend a lot of money on it may want to consider Steelwater Gun Safes. As one of the leading gun safe manufacturers in the industry, Steelwater Gun Safes offers excellent product quality at a competitive price.

Regardless of what features you’re looking for in a safe, you can rest assured that you will find every single one of them. Knowing how and where Steelwater Gun Safes are made is always a good idea.

This information will help build the confidence and trust most gun owners place in their safes. I think I covered all the information about them in Steelwater gun safe reviews. I hope you had a good & easy read.

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