Using Magnets to Open Your Gun Safe: Breaking Down the Myth

Are you locked out of your gun safe or bored that you want to try using magnets to open your gun safe? Don’t try it!

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Not all magnets can correctly interfere with a gun safe lock mechanism. Experimenting might even damage or further damage your gun safe’s lock.

Dispelling the myth of gun owners is important because we do not want a community that relies on malpractices. It is not like any other myth that will not harm you; this might compromise the very feature of your investment— security.

Let us dig deeper into the myth of using magnets to open your gun safe.

Overview of Different Types of Gun Safes

Gun safes vary by size, type of locking mechanism, proofing, and placement.

1. Handgun safe: This attached case-like safe usually fits one handgun.

2. Car gun safe: Almost the same as a handgun safe, small-sized to fit under car seats.

3. Small-to-medium-sized gun safe: This type houses a few to a good number of guns, depending on its volume.

4. Large-sized gun safe: This type can house a lot of ammunition, from handguns to rifles. This is usually bolted down to the floor to avoid tipping over or possible theft.

5. Gun cabinet: This is an old type of gun safe in which guns are usually exposed through a glass door.

6: Electronic gun safe: This type has a lock installed that needs power from batteries or electricity.

Concealed gun safe

1. In-wall or In-Floor gun safe: This type is installed inside or under a floor, usually covered by a fixture to camouflage.

2. Collectible gun safe: This type uses the power of transforming something into a functioning gun safe. Check out this article to get a better view of this idea.

3. Under-bed Gun Safe: This type is designed to be stored under a bed.

4. Fireproof or Waterproof gun safe: This type specializes in effectively protecting your gun from fire or water hazards for long periods. 

Lock Mechanisms Used in Gun Safes

Gun safes, especially modern ones, have lock mechanisms to protect your valuables from theft. 

Common lock mechanisms are mechanical locks, redundant locks, combination locks, biometric locks, keypad locks, and RFID locks.

Importance of Properly Opening Gun Safes

A gun safe, especially a high-end one, exists to keep guns and other valuables secure effectively. Everything made and designed to function at its height should be handled properly to keep its purpose.

Opening a gun safe with magnets can cause damage to its lock, making it un-secure. If this happens, the gun safe will no longer be able to deliver on its promise as a safe. 

The Myth of Using Magnets to Open Gun Safes

The myth of using magnets to open gun safes even called for moral and values discussion in the gun community. 

The myth is a form of tamper. Unauthorized persons can use this technique to delve into one’s gun safe.

Thus changing the gear positions of internal lock mechanisms that can be irreparable and further pose threats leading to theft or, worse, accidental injuries or deaths.

Consequences of Using Magnets to Open a Gun Safe

Any study does not support using magnets to open a gun safe. If you use a magnet to open your safe, it can:

  • Damage to the Safe
  • Invalidation of Warranty
  • Legal Consequences
  • Increased Risk of Theft
  • Personal Injury

If you will watch and listen to the viral Mr. Locksmith video about this, the host clearly said that the magnet he used is a “rare magnet” and thus not simply accessible.

He also said that the magnet he used was dangerous. Its force can jam with objects near it, like cell phones, and it is too heavy and strong that it can cause injury to the user himself.

It is also important to note that some safes are reinforced with lockers. If you pick the lock with a magnet, lockers might still hinder you from opening it, making your gun safe harder to repair.

Other Methods for Opening Your Gun Safes

While electronic locks and combinations provide excellent security, they can occasionally fail, leaving you locked out of your gun safe.

In such cases, using the backup keys or calling the gun safe manufacturer or a professional locksmith is essential. 

1. Use of backup keys: Most electronic gun safes have backup keys for emergency lockouts. Remembering where you placed your backup keys will save you time, energy, and worry.

2. Hiring a professional locksmith: Gun owners commonly forget where backup keys are placed. You can hire a trusted and professional locksmith to examine and open your gun safe.

3. Call the gun safe’s manufacturer: If finding a trusted locksmith might not be your option, call your manufacturer for help. Next to the backup keys, the manufacturer is the most reliable. You can also ask for possible warranty coverage.


Using magnets to open a gun safe is a myth. There is no study to back up the claim; uncertainty will only push you to the edge of the negative consequences, further compromising your security.

If you’ve seen a viral video that circulated turned into a dangerous myth when it wanted to explain why a gun owner should invest in high-end safes, not low-quality ones.

As early as nothing unwanted happens, take precautions.

Don’t keep your backup keys inside the gun safe. Regularly open your gun safe for a combination lock mind refresh. Also, regularly check where your backup keys are placed. Making this a habit makes you a responsible gun owner. It lessens the chances of being locked out.

Do not promote the use of magnets to bypass gun safes. This act undermines these safes’ very purpose, putting their family and the public at risk. It only takes one unauthorized access to a firearm for tragedy to strike.


What is the best way to secure a gun safe?

Keep its locking mechanism untampered and change combinations regularly or when you feel compromised. Large-sized gun safes can be bolted down the floor for added security.

Is it safe to use magnets to open my gun safe?

It is not safe to use magnets to open a gun safe. It might cause the lock to break from its original mechanism, making it faulty.

Can magnets harm my electronic locks?

Yes. Magnets have forces that can jam the internal mechanisms of your electronic locks.


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