The Best Reloading Bench & Stand To Choose in 2024

Best Reloading Bench

Reloading is hard work. You have to dedicate hours to preparing and trimming cases, loading gunpowder, and priming cartridges before you finally get a decent batch of ammunition for your firearm. Additionally, you’ll need numerous tools and accessories within reach while reloading ammo.

Now, many reloaders have different preferences when it comes to their reloading setup. Some reload in a workshop, and some use hand primers and prime cases while watching TV. But one thing that most people agree on is you need a nice reloading bench where you can do most of your work.

A reloading workbench also helps you keep things organized. Some models come with drawers and pegboards to stow away your equipment until you need to use it. Some even feature overhead lighting to combat visibility issues in a dark workshop.

But finding the best reloading bench is easier said than done. If you are a complete newbie, you would hardly know what things to focus on. And with so many different products available in the market, it can be hard to whittle down your options.

Well, I did the grunt work for you. In this article, I will talk about some of the finest benches you can buy to make reloading easier for you. So, without further ado, let us get started.

Top 5 Best Reloading Bench Reviews

Here are my top picks for some of the coolest reloading workbenches that you can buy from the market.

1. Seville Classics Lighted Workcenter UltraHD Bench

I do most of my reloading in my garage. It’s private, and I can work in peace without worrying about any interruptions. But the problem here is that the garage is not exactly the ideal workspace because of poor lighting. So, I needed a bench that could tackle that issue for me.

That’s when I discovered the Lighted UltraHD Workbench by Seville Classics. It comes at a pretty good price and boasts an amazing set of features that makes it a perfect pickup for those who reload in their shed or garage.

This reloading bench features a bullet-proof construction using beechwood for the table top and alloy steel for the legs. So you can be sure that it will survive the test of time. The total dimension of the table is 48 inches in width, 24 inches in Depth, and 65.5 inches in height, giving you plenty of workspace for reloading ammo.

You can also find two slide-out drawers just under the tabletop with stainless steel rivet handles. Since the handles do not protrude outwards, you will not have to worry about them poking you as you work. The drawers also come with three removable dividers and seven mounts that give you the freedom to organize them any way you want.

This reloading bench can hold up to 500 pounds of weight thanks to its sturdy construction. Since it has a steel pegboard mounted to the table, you will be able to hang lightweight tools and accessories and even a couple of weapons on it without any trouble.

But the true highlight of the unit is its built-in LED light strip at the top. With the light turned on, even if the room lighting is poor, you will have a clear vision of all your work tools. You also get a 6-outlet power strip that features 2 USB-A ports as well for all your power needs.

It has a satin graphite finish that looks quite stylish and professional. As for the drawers, they come with the UltraGuard coating that protects them against fingerprints and smudges. If you take the time to wipe it down after work, it should remain spotless for years to come.

Needless to say, all of these features don’t come cheap. This is a pretty expensive workbench, which might be the only thing holding you back from getting it. But if you are after the best experience possible while reloading, this is an essential pickup for you.


  • Amazing build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can hold up to 500 pounds
  • Includes LED light, power strip, and a metal pegboard


  • A bit on the pricy side.

2. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand

Since my early days reloading, I have been a huge fan of Frankford Arsenal. While they have a few different amazing tools that can make your life easier, the most standout of the bunch are the Platinum Series line of products. Sure, most of their Platinum line of products are expensive, but the reloading stand they offer is much more affordable compared to the rest.

The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand can be a solid pickup for you regardless of whether you decide to buy their other reloading kits. It is a very well-made table with clever additions here and there that can greatly enhance your overall experience while you work.

First off, the manufacturers tried to make this thing as portable as possible while making sure it stays healthy and functional for a long time. So what they came up with is a foldable design that is light enough for you to move from one room to the next. This is an amazing design if you do not have the space for a full-sized workbench.

But just because it is lightweight does not mean that it is not sturdy. The frame is made with 1.5 inches of tube steel that can withstand any abuse you throw at it. Furthermore, the tabletop is made of polished wood that feels smooth and gives you a solid surface to put your stuff on while you work.

Another excellent thing about this unit is that it is height adjustable. So you can easily adjust the height of the table depending on whether you are standing or sitting down. The height adjustment option allows you to set it anywhere between 28.5 inches to 45 inches high.

In addition to that, the tabletop comes with two side bins, which, while not as convenient as a full-sized drawer, are pretty handy for keeping small tools and accessories close by. I would have preferred drawers, but I understand how that would take away from the portability of the workbench.

I love the clever design of this table, but to some, it might seem gimmicky. Most notably, if you want a freestanding workbench in your workshop where you can store all your tools and accessories all the time, then this might not be the best pickup for you.

However, for those who like taking their job on the road or have a tight room that just cannot fit a full-sized reloading bench, this can be a fantastic option to go with. The price is high, but it is well within reason.


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Comes with two side trays for tool storage.
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Strong and sturdy construction


  • Not the best as your main workbench

3. WEN WB4723T 48-Inch Workbench with Power Outlets and Light

WEN WB4723T 48-Inch Workbench

If you are on a tight budget but still want a relatively large workbench where you can reload ammo in peace, then the WB4723 Workbench by Wen might be worth a look. I had used it myself before and had a pretty decent experience with it. From a value perspective, it is quite an excellent piece of equipment.

Now when I say value, I do not mean going with the cheapest option out there. Going cheap is never ideal if you want to end up with a workbench that will last. This one is priced reasonably at around 150 dollars, which in my opinion, is really not that high for a nice, sturdy work table.

The bench gives you 48 inches of work surfaces which is pretty huge considering its lower price tag. Its tabletop rests around 35 inches off the ground, which makes it perfect for sitting down in front of it as you work.

However, the real drawback with the unit is that it can hold only up to 220 pounds. So if you have a heavy-duty press that weighs around 150 pounds by itself, you might have trouble putting other tools on the table as well. Personally, I didn’t have any issue with the weight capacity, but it is still something you need to know about before you buy it.

The bench does offer two large drawers where you can stow away your tools when you don’t need them. It also comes with a bottom shelf where you can put even more equipment. I use it as a leg stand since, for me, comfort is everything. But you can use it however you like.

You also get a metal pegboard where you can hang your screwdrivers or even display your favorite firearm. This adds a classy touch that makes you feel like a true gunsmith while you work. In addition, the overhead fluorescent light in the unit ensures you never have to work in the dark.

Other than that, the unit features a power outlet that lets you hook up your power tools without pulling cables all across the room. There are a total of three outputs that you can use simultaneously.


  • Comes at a good price
  • Features two large drawers
  • Includes a power outlet and overhead lighting
  • 48 inches of work surface


  • Relatively low weight capacity

4. LEE PRECISION 90688 Reloading Stand (Better Than A Bench)

LEE PRECISION 90688 Reloading Stand

Reloading benches can be pretty expensive. Even with a sale going on, you usually have to spend more than a hundred dollars to get a new one that is worth getting. Then again, you can’t exactly skip it since you need a solid and sturdy top surface to attach your reloading press.

What if there was a reloading bench that wasn’t even a bench in the first place? Well, as it turns out, the brand LEE PRECISION had the same idea when they were designing the 90688 reloading stand. And frankly, if you don’t want a large bench, this will be the better investment.

The main selling point of the stand is that it will take up only a small fraction of space in your workshop. If you are tight on space, fitting a large workbench is not exactly possible. But thanks to the design of this reloading stand, you can fit it just about anywhere.

Keep in mind, though, that the only thing that is designed to carry is a reloading press. It is supported by three sturdy stainless steel legs with groovings at the top, where you can easily attach any reloading press you want. You do not necessarily need to get the LEE PRECISION reloading press for it to work.

You do get a small bit of storage space with the shelf that you can find between the three legs of the stand. It’s not much, but you can place a couple of screws or some bushings on it for easy access.

The stand is pretty well-made and looks sturdy enough to handle the pressure coming from the reloading press. It does not look stable at first glance. But when you actually use it, you should find no weird wobbling issues with it. Just make sure you put it on a flat and even surface.

It is a pretty heavy-duty reloading stand, and while it may seem portable at first, its 19 pounds of weight will force you to keep it placed in one place. This is still not a major dealbreaker, though, since most gunsmiths prefer working in their workshop anyways.


  • Strong stainless steel construction
  • Comes with a small shelf
  • Compatible with most reloading presses
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • No space to place any other tools

5. Stack-On WB-382 Steel Reloading Bench

Stack-On WB-382 Steel Reloading Bench

I will be wrapping up my reviews with a simple, straightforward, and affordable option by a brand that you might know about if you bought any gun safes in the past, Stack-On. The WB-382 by the brand is a great pickup if you do not want fancy gadgetry with your bench but instead want a nice, firm work surface.

Now, what makes this special is its simple design. It looks very minimal at first glance, but when you take a closer look, its minimalistic design starts showing some signs of clever engineering.

The first thing you will notice is the two legs come with small holes that you can use as a pegboard. And since it is on both sides, you can actually store a pretty decent number of screwdrivers or pliers on it. The legs themselves are made of stainless steel, so you should have little to worry about in terms of durability.

As for the table surface, it is made of polished wood and is about 1 inch thick. Its length measures about 42 inches, giving you plenty of real estates to put your reloading press and other equipment on the surface. It even features two small shelves between the two legs giving you more storage options.

The shelves are adjustable, which means you can put them higher or lower according to your requirements. I use the bottom shelf as a leg rest which comes in handy when I am working for an extended period. But you can also use it for storage if you want.

In terms of durability, you will find nothing worth complaining about. It is well made, and if you don’t abuse it, it should last you for a long time without complaints.

However, it does not come with any lighting or power strips that you will find in more expensive benches. Still, that should not be too much of an issue if you use it solely for reloading. The bench has a glossy black epoxy finish that looks quite stylish in any workshop.


  • Features two shelves
  • Side pegboards for tool storage
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Does not come with any power strips

Final Thoughts

A reloading workbench is an essential investment for anyone who likes to reload their own ammunition. Without one, you will have a hard time keeping track of all your tools and accessories.

This allows you to keep things organized, which in turn makes reloading a lot easier. I hope my complete review of the best reloading bench could help you find the perfect table for your workshop. Good luck!    

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