How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe?

How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe

Relocating a 2000-pound safe is a challenging job. Numerous factors need to be taken into account before you begin. It demands thorough planning, appropriate gear, and adherence to safety measures.

What type of flooring do you have? Is the floor uneven? What kind of grip does the safe have? What tools will you need to move it?

You also need to consider what type of vehicle will be able to transport the safe. And finally, how do you plan on moving it from point A to point B?

Moving a gun safe this size requires more than just one person to carry it. You will need at least two people to move it successfully. This article will cover all of these considerations and more.

Hoe to Move A 2000 Pound Safe

Step By Step Guide On Moving A 2000 lbs. Safe

The most commonly used safes are gun safes. These can weigh as much as 2000 pounds, sometimes even more.

Since they are so heavy, gun safes are not as portable as other safes. It doesn’t matter if you just bought the safe and need to get it into your home, you’re moving to a new location.

Or you’re moving it from its current spot to another within your house, you’ll have a tough time moving it.

There’s a good chance you’re going to have to move your safe at some point. While it would be best to leave moving a 2000-pound safe to professionals, you might still want to try it yourself.

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Then you’d better make sure you’re prepared for the job. Be careful though. This is harder than it looks.

However, if you follow these tips to the letter, you’ll be ready to move your 2000lb safe in the most cost-effective, safest, and correct way.

The Best Way

Especially when it involves a safe weighing 2000 pounds, moving a large safe should be handled carefully. It is a difficult and dangerous task to move a safe that weighs 2000 pounds.

So, if you plan on relocating large safes to, from, or within homes or businesses, you should hire professional movers who have the necessary experience, skill, and equipment.

Safes and other heavy items are no problem for them since they have a lot of experience moving them. However, the experts can significantly reduce your risk of damaging or harming your safe, your home, or even yourself by ensuring that they assist.

The following tips are useful if you decide not to hire professional movers to move your large gun safe. In this article, we offer tips for preparing for moving and actually moving. The tips can help minimize risks and make moving less stressful.

1. Making A Moving Plan

Your first step should be to prepare the safe for moving if you’re determined to move the 2000-pound safe yourself. Before starting, you must know exactly what you are going to do and how you will do it. Before you move your safe, you should take the following steps:

You can’t handle this on your own. You will need at least two or three friends to assist you. You should plan everything out carefully as well. If you are just moving the safe within your home, map out the entire path from the starting point to the end point.

Moving A 2000 lbs. Safe

You may need to remove some furniture or other items to make the move easier. To prevent damage to floors and walls, you might also consider putting up protection. For example, placing blankets, old rags, or thick cardboard may be necessary as padding.

This will help minimize damage and reduce costs when accidents occur. It is important to plan how you will transport the safe from your house to the next location and how it will be placed inside the moving vehicle if you are moving it to another home.

Note the doorway measurements, corner placement, and stair placement. This will make moving the safe easier.

2. Have A Clear Understanding Of What You Are Dealing With

Weight, size, and even where a safe is placed before and after a move make every safe unique. Because of this, it’s very important that you know the characteristics of your safe before you use it to determine how you should proceed.

You can choose the right moving equipment for your large safe by knowing the weight and dimensions of it, as well as knowing the brand and manufacturer.

3. Get The Safe Ready For Moving

If you are moving your safe, you should unload it first. The safe will be lighter, and your valuables will be less likely to be damaged. You should remove everything, regardless of what it is: jewelry, guns, documents, etc. It won’t just lighten up the safe but also make moving your valuables easier.

Regardless of whether you hire a professional mover, all guns inside the safe must be unloaded. These items cannot be moved by movers. You are responsible for dealing with firearms and ammunition.

Get The Safe Ready For Moving

It is possible to remove the door from some safes. In that case, remove it to reduce the safe’s overall weight. Make sure that the safe’s door is locked if it is not removable. I don’t want any accidents because someone opened the safe accidentally.

Secure the safe both tightly and completely by closing it and locking it. During relocation, if the safe opens accidentally, it could cause permanent damage to property or injury to people.

Make sure the entire safe is wrapped in thick furniture blankets. Tape the blankets together. If you follow these tips, your safe will be protected from bumps and unwanted hits, and your walls and floor will be protected from damage.

4. Choosing The Right Moving Equipment

Make sure you have the right moving equipment. Make transporting heavy appliances, gun safes, and furniture easier by using a sturdy dolly. These dollies can easily handle your large and heavy safe. Professional movers also use heavy-duty dollies.

Dolly carts are heavy-duty carts designed for transporting appliances, furniture, and gun safes by professional movers. You can put a 2000 pound safe on them without any problems.

Almost any moving company in your area can provide you with a dolly. Be sure to take note of your safe’s exact dimensions and weight before going to them. Make sure you bring your specification sheet with you. They’ll be able to find the right dolly for you this way.

Note: You’ll need a loading ramp if you’re loading the safe onto a moving truck. You can’t do it without one.

Choosing The Right Moving Equipment

5. Securing The Safe Before Moving It

Now we need to attach the safe to the dolly. Line the dolly up with one side of the safe. Get the helpers to lean the safe slightly backward on the other side. Put the dolly under it.

Put ropes or straps on the dolly to hold the safe. Make sure it’s tight. Next, move the dolly by tilting it back and keeping it stable. While moving the dolly, have your helpers hold the safe steady.

This would be a good time to plan out how to get from here to where you’re going. Make a detailed route map if you’re moving the safe to a moving truck, another room in your house, or somewhere else.

Make sure there are no obstacles in the exit path. For example, get rid of moving boxes or anything else in your way. Also, measure the doorways and tight areas along the path of the move.

Then, match these measurements up with your safe’s dimensions. So, you can move it without running into any problems.

Gun Safe

6. Make Sure Everyone Knows The Plan

Let your helpers know your moving strategy. So, everyone knows what to do. Establish warning signals before you face any problems. Also, it’s a good idea to have someone standing in front of the safe, keeping an eye on everything.

7. Getting To The Destination

Be extra careful when you move. Take it slow, especially around corners. You might have already been measuring during the planning stage, so you know how to maneuver the dolly without hitting anything.

It is necessary to go wider than usual to make the turn, which means you should position the L-shaped first-class lever farther out than you think you need to. Stairs can be tricky if you have only 2 to 3 steps to navigate. So slow down and take it step by step, guided by your helpers.

Passing through a doorway should also be possible when you have already planned for it. When it comes to navigating stairs, either going up or down, the most dangerous and most difficult part might be encountering them.

Note: Make it easier by taking it slow and letting your friends hold on to it to prevent it from falling.

Moving 2000 Pound Safe

8. Protect Your Floors And Walls When Moving

It may not be sufficient to cover your safe with thick furniture blankets, even though you have developed a plan and protected your property.

Because of that, shield any places where the safe will go through tight spaces in your home. Make sure walls, corners, and door openings are protected.

Consider using blankets, cardboard, old rugs, or thick pieces of paper to protect your floor. Then, when the safe falls off the dolly and hits the floor, they’ll help soften the impact.

9. Load The Safe Onto The Truck

Having a motorized loading ramp will make things easier. However, if you don’t have one, you must follow these steps.

  • As you pull the dolly up the ramp, position it so it can move up the ramp.
  • Push the safe while pulling up the dolly with the help of your helpers.
  • Keep the momentum going. You can’t stop now. It only takes one try if you pull and push the safe up the ramp.
  • Keep the safe in the truck securely so it doesn’t fall off while you’re driving.

Safety Tips

Listed below are a couple of things you should consider while moving heavy by expert movers:

  1. Ensure that all ammunition has been removed from the safe. It is illegal for the mover to transport weaponry.
  2. Talk to your trusted professional about the safe containing this much money, and ensure nothing illegal is included in the safe transportation.
  3. To move safely, you should discuss the policy and insurance options with the selected professional.
  4. A pick-up company might not have the right equipment to haul the safe. So you’re better off calling ahead.
  5. Dress appropriately, use high-quality gloves to protect your fingers and hands, and wear shoes that are comfortable for your toes and feet.
  6. Do not try to move a safe with golf balls, steel pipes, or glass beads, as that can cause severe injuries to you or your helpers.

Final Advice

You shouldn’t cheap out on moving a safe, especially if it’s 2000 pounds. Relocating a safe that weighs 2000 pounds is hard and dangerous.

Safety has to be the first priority when moving a safe this big. You have to make sure no one gets hurt, or anything gets broken. It’s not an easy job doing that. So, you might want to hire some professional movers.

You can also try to do it yourself if you don’t want to hire movers. Just follow the tips mentioned above. With these tips, moving a 2000 lb. safe will be risk-free, and you can once again enjoy the stability and security that your safe gives you.

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