How To Store A Home Defense Shotgun?

How To Store A Home Defense Shotgun
Store A Home Defense Shotgun

An increasing number of individuals are purchasing shotguns for home defense, and I believe that is an excellent decision. Shotguns are highly effective for protecting one’s home, capable of hitting targets at close range or even at a further distance.

However, storing one safely is not as easy as you may think. Anytime you’re setting anything up for defensive purposes, you’re trying to strike a balance. And that balance is between having that weapon accessible and easily used if you need it.

And at the same time, keeping it safe from mishandling by untrained or unauthorized persons. For example, children. You don’t want them to have access to things because they might have an accident.

You’re always trying to strike that balance. How do you do that with a shotgun? I mean, these guns are big, and you want to keep them hidden, and also, at the same time, you want them to be readily accessible.

Things To Consider Before Storing Shotguns For Home Defense

Defense Shotgun

Concerning self-defense at home, I believe many things constitute failures. As opposed to mentioning what I don’t like, I would like to address a couple of questions that are worth considering.

You need to think about this situation, as you need to come up with a plan for self-defense in your own house in advance and be prepared for as many situations as possible.

However, most of us will either prop it up against the wall behind the door or lock it in the safe, and we’ll never be able to access it. You don’t want to go about this halfheartedly.

  1. If someone intends to harm you or your family, how long do you think it takes them to reach you or them?
  2. Do you have any other plans for home self-defense? For example, is there an alarm system or cameras at your home? Using them is a good idea.
  3. What liability do you have in a “middle of the night” scenario? Are there kids or other members of your household?
  4. When it comes to self-defense, are all parties on the same page? Will your family be able to find shelter together and arm themselves in a reasonable period of time?
  5. In the event of an emergency, can you carry two toddlers and your self-defense firearm to a location that’s safe?
  6. How do you store your firearm? Where do you keep it? What time does it take you to get to your gun and prepare it?
  7. What if you keep your home self-defense firearm in your bedroom closet and you spend most of your time in the living room – do you have a plan to get there quickly?

The Best Way To Store Shotgun For Home Defense


It is not necessary to lock your gun in a safe to secure it, as there is another way to prevent others from gaining access to it. The Shotlock Solo-Vault is one such solution. It’s a cool little gadget that most people have heard of.

If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a small lock box in the form of a pistol safe that goes over or under shotguns. There are two types of these, an electric and a mechanical one.

Because I am a fan of not being dependent on batteries, I chose to go with the mechanical version. A pistol version and an AR-15 version are also available. Shotlock vaults are constructed with military-grade 14 gauge steel. The lid has what is called a no-pry design, so it’s hard to open.

Shotlock Solo-Vaults – and other manufacturers’ products like them – basically lock the receiver inside the locked box. However, do not think of it as an alternative to gun safes.

Mounting the safe to wall studs is the best method for ensuring the safe is secure. In terms of use, it’s pretty straightforward. Just unlock, grab, and go. Of course, you want to have a gun on your wall; however, not everyone is into that.

Some people don’t like a loaded weapon hanging on the wall. If it’s in a closet, you can hide it out of sight, but only if you can get to it fast. Besides being small, the Solo-Vault only weighs about 5 pounds. The possibility of a burglar ripping it off isn’t out of the question, but I don’t think it’s impossible.

Keeping Your Shotgun In An Under Bed Gun Safe

Home Defense Shotgun

Under-the-bed safes basically look like flat lockers with a digital keypad lock that allows quick access. They work with 3- to 8-digit codes. Available in regular and XXL sizes.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to be able to dive under the bed and punch in a combination in a hurry – maybe in the dark.

Safes With Fast Access

Now let’s talk about fast-access safes for a home defense gun. There are several varieties of these, but they all share some characteristics. For example, some units are designed to be put under the bed, some are upright, and some are mounted on the wall.

Fast-access safes generally use a more complex lock than a simple barrel lock and key, but there are some with that as a backup. Although there are a few push-button or other mechanisms out there, biometric and RFID locks are quite common.

Gun Cabinets

Getting a standard gun cabinet that fits in a closet is a good cost-effective option. Look for one with a fast-action lock. A key-operated system is best for quick access, but biometrics aren’t bad either.

It needs to be assembled. Since it isn’t too difficult to lift and carry, you’ll want to anchor it to the floor or wall (or both). The keys need to be kept in a safe place at all times when you have a keyed cabinet.

Keeping them away from children is a must. Also, you must be able to enter the cabinet quickly. In comparison with serious gun safes, cabinets are inadequate for basic storage.

It is possible to punch through the keyed lock, and there is no fire protection. Nonetheless, it’s inexpensive and can be effective enough to protect your home defense firearm from children.

Concealed Gun Furniture

Using concealment furniture can be a great option. Several manufacturers have created furniture with hidden compartments that store firearms, including long guns. They hide guns very well, even though they don’t lock as well as a gun safe.

If someone tries to break in while you’re sound asleep, that clever piece in the living room is closer to them than it is to you, even if it’s meant to be decor. While you can keep a home defense shotgun in more than one room, keep one in the bedroom.

Therefore, you need furniture that is practical. A Dresser, chest of drawers, or bed is a good place to start. Its functional use and its use as a place to secure your home defense shotgun give you the best of both worlds.


External Locks And Triggers

The issue of trigger locks is always brought up as a possible solution that gun owners might have to install on their weapons. They control the trigger’s movement.

There are trigger locks that are part of the weapon’s design, eliminating the need for external components. Chamber locks prevent ammunition from being chambered, thereby securing your firearm.

Even though trigger locks come in various types, the most common is a small plastic or metal device that fits inside the trigger guard of a gun. Unlike a padlock, an external trigger lock requires a key or the correct combination in order to be removed.

Gun Cases

Gun cases are primarily designed to protect your weapon from damage. They are available at most local gun stores, and there are a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials available to fit any commercially produced weapon.

Their affordability, compactness, and portability make them extremely convenient. Designed specifically to lock your gun firmly inside, these bags include a padlock or zipper for security. An unauthorized person cannot handle a firearm when it is in a closed carrying case.

Store A Home Defense Shotgun2

There are a number of different gun cases on the market right now. Cases for handguns, rifles, tactical rifles, and more are available. Choose the one you need from the options available.

It turned out that hard gun cases are quite difficult to carry or throw over your shoulder. On the other hand, the parts of your rifle that stick out are the most vulnerable in soft gun cases. For this reason, the American company Air Armour Tech makes inflatable gun cases.

Compared to when it is inflated, it takes approximately 15% of its size when deflated. Due to the nature of air, Air Armour Tech cases are light in weight. A blanket of air covers the firearm or scope inside the air bladder.

Note From The Author:

The shotgun is an excellent home self-defense tool. If it fits your needs, use it. Having one on hand is a good thing, but don’t force it just because you think you don’t need to aim to shoot a shotgun or that the sound will scare people away.

It doesn’t matter what firearm you choose to use in your plan, one thing that’s always crucial is time. Your gun should always be stored safely in a lockbox or safe. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and you need to know what works for you and is legal where you live. Getting quick access is also essential.

I recommend keeping quick-access safes right beside your bed for any potential visitors at night. In addition, you should keep a lockbox in whatever living area you spend the most time in. However, you should make your decision based on a thorough understanding of the process.

Final Words

A home defense shotgun is a weapon that can quickly engage in a fight, putting down a two-legged intruder or four-legged intruder. If you plan on shooting black bears and grizzlies at close range, a 3-inch slug should be enough.

However, I heard some 12-gauge pumps loaded with Brenneke, and other heavy slugs are becoming very popular with bear hunters. Keep in mind that the purpose of a home defense gun is to have it readily available in case of emergency.

Each of the above methods has both advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to storing your home defense shotgun, you have to make your own choices.

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