Can You Store A Rifle In A Soft Case?

Can You Store A Rifle In A Soft Case

A gun case safeguards a firearm from physical harm and facilitates its transport. These cases are easily accessible and reasonably priced. If you’re looking to purchase one, there are primarily two types of gun cases:

  1. Hard Gun Cases
  2. Soft Gun Cases

What’s the difference? A hard case is more secure than a soft case. However, they are also heavier, bulkier, and more expensive. Compared to hard cases, soft cases are quieter and lighter. So how do you choose between them?

Rifle Case

When it comes to heavy-duty protection, choose a hard case. However, if you plan to carry it in the woods and you want a lighter case, you should consider a soft case.

Regardless of the case you choose, you should know that gun cases are designed for transporting firearms (or storing them for a limited time). The gun case should not be used for long-term storage of firearms because moisture can cause rust.

You should consider getting a push button handgun safe if you want to store your guns for a long time. This article will discuss whether it is possible to store a rifle in a soft case or not.

Can You Store A Rifle In A Soft Case?

It is possible to protect a rifle with a soft case, but it is not as good as a hard case. If the rifle is dropped or damaged in some other way, the soft case won’t offer protection. You should store the rifle in a hard case. A long gun safe would be even better.

It’s okay to store a soft case in a cool, dry place as long as it’s properly stored. It wouldn’t hurt to add some desiccant in there for longer storage, as long as the case is of good quality. There shouldn’t be any problems with it.

Hard Gun Rifle Cases

It is important to remember that gun cases are for transport, not storage. Therefore, no matter how good, any gun case will trap moisture in the padding and keep it near the metal of the gun. Additionally, it wipes everything you put on the gun off or absorbs it.

Any case for storing a gun, hard or soft, has the inherent feature that the air constantly surrounds the gun in the room until it is closed. An enclosed case, just like a closed safe, has no airflow.

A dehumidifier or absorbent is usually placed in humid areas to prevent rust in safes. You get the same result if you do the equivalent in a soft case. If you live in a low humidity area, you rarely need it.

How To Store Your Soft Gun Case

Many first-time gun owners have joined the gun industry in recent years, and we welcome all of you with open arms! So, what if you bought a gun and a case, but you don’t know how to store it?

It’s important to know that you should never store your gun in your gun case for an extended period of time. A few days or even weeks will suffice as long as there is no moisture.

Make sure that guns do not end up in the wrong hands by leaving them outside. What do you do with the case once you take your guns out of the gun case and put them in the safe? You must store it somewhere.

1. Shelf Them

It is possible to squeeze them on the top shelf of your closet if you have an extra shelf or extra space. You can easily grab your range bag as soon as it’s range day by storing it on top of your bed frame gun safe.

2. Squeeze Them

It is easy to slide your cases under your bed and keep them out of sight by squeezing them flat together. Having your cases under the bed will also give you quick access to them when you need them.

3. Hang Up Your Rifle Case

Your rifle case is better off on a rack, so you don’t have to worry about it falling. The range bags I use in my garage are hung on hooks in my garage.

My cases are kept up and out of the way, and they are convenient. You can hang your pistol range bags if you have a carrying handle or a shoulder strap.

Soft Gun Rifle Cases

4. You Can Stack Them

A corner is certainly a good place for your gun case. However, if you have several soft gun cases, there is a method of storing them. It’s called stacking.

Keep them away from animals who might chew on them or pee on them. Even the toughest gun bags will be ruined. You may also want to find some Silica Gel packets if you are going to stack them in a cool, moist area. Your case and firearm will remain dry with the silica packets inside.

Be sure to choose a bag that is made of the right kind of foam. Foam with closed cells can hold odors and moisture much worse than foam with open cells. There are many reasons why we only use open-cell foam, two of which are moisture and odor resistance.

Is It A Good Idea To Store Guns In Foam Cases Long-Term?

We are often asked if guns can be stored in soft cases long-term? To answer that, we would need to know more about the gun. Your gun should be able to stay in a soft case for a long time if you store it in a cool, dry place.

It won’t hurt to throw some desiccant in with your case if you plan to store your guns for a long time. Additionally, ensuring that the case has open cell foam will also be helpful.

Hard Gun Cases

What Is The Best Way To Store Your Soft Gun Case?

Keeping guns in soft cases for long periods of time isn’t a great idea, especially for long-term storage. You need to figure out what works best for you. For example, some people have a lot more workspace than others.

There are some people who have to deal with wives who say yes or no to case storage in the home. As long as you don’t soak them, a couple of days, even a week shouldn’t hurt.

Keeping them for a longer period should be avoided. We hope that these few ideas will help you find the right storage solution for your soft gun case.

Note From The Author:

Put the rifle in a gun sock that contains silicon if you wish to prevent future damage. They are usually 5-10 dollars at Walmart, or you can order them online. They help prevent the guns in the safe from bumping into each other, so I think they are great.

Final Words

Putting the rifle into the sock is much safer than putting it in a soft padded or foam case, since the metal won’t be touching the foam. Gun socks treated with silicon will also protect them from corrosion.

As long as you make sure the rifle is clean beforehand and doesn’t hold moisture, you should be able to transport it just for a few days. But do not store your guns inside a soft case.

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