How To Build A Gun Rack In A Closet?

How To Build A Gun Rack In A Closet

One of the most ubiquitous pieces of furniture found in any home is the closet. It’s a designated area for storing clothes, shoes, and various other items. But what if you’re looking to incorporate something additional?

A gun rack is an easy way to keep your weapons out of sight and accessible when you need them. A gun rack or a rifle rack is a piece of furniture that can be used to store firearms, usually in a closet. It is typically made from wood, iron, or steel.

While hunting season is busy, it’s important to have a place to store the guns at the end of the day. A gun rack inside a closet can help with this. The gun rack inside the closet is a great way to store guns during deer season.

You can store them in there and then take them out when you need to use them. Building a gun rack in a closet is easy. All you need are some basic tools and a little bit of creativity. Depending on your closet’s depth, you can easily fit between four to eight rifles.

Building A Gun Rack In A Closet

Building A Gun Rack In A Closet

There are many different types of gun racks on the market, and they vary in size and design. Some are freestanding, and some require installation. While some require drilling, others may be mounted on walls with screws or nails.

The first step to finding a gun rack is knowing what you want it for and how much space you have available for it. It’s also important to know whether or not you need mounting hardware such as screws or nails.

Gather the following materials:

  • Plywood
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Rifle or shotgun

Build your own vertical gun rack with these easy steps:

Gun Rack

Step 1: Decide What Size Rack You Want

There should be at least one inch of clearance above the rack to accommodate the gun, and it should be tall enough to accommodate the gun’s length.

The rack should also be wide enough to accommodate the gun. It is better to make the rack a couple of inches narrower than the gun to increase stability.

Step 2: Cut The Plywood

The plywood should be cut to your desired size. From end to end, cut a 1-inch-wide vertical slot with a saw. Be sure to cut right through the middle of the plywood.

Step 3: Assemble And Nail The Piece

With nails and a hammer, attach another piece of wood to the bottom edge at a right angle. The result will be two long pieces of wood with one-inch slots in them and two vertical pieces perpendicularly attached to either side.

Step 4: Drill Additional Holes

Make a hole near one end of the top piece. To attach it to a wall stud, the hole should be large enough to accept a screw or nail, along with being close enough to the edge to not weaken it.

The bottom piece should also be drilled near one end. To attach the plywood to a wall stud, this hole needs to be wide enough for a screw or nail to fit while still being far enough from the plywood edge not to weaken it.

Step 5: Tighten The Attachment

Put the top and bottom pieces in the holes they were drilled and fasten them with screws or nails. Make sure that the screws or nails do not protrude through the wood, where they may cause injury.

Step 6: Install On A Wall

To complete this DIY project, attach both plywood pieces to a stud in the wall. If you or your guests need to access the guns, use screws with flat heads that won’t be too cumbersome to handle.

Step 7:  Put A Lock On It

Finish by installing a padlock on the front of the rack, if desired. By doing so, your gun collection will be protected from unauthorized access during parties with many guests, etc.

Step 8: Cleaning up

To clean each piece that has been assembled, wipe it down with a rag and cleaning solution. Allow the rack to dry completely before using.

Gun Safe

The Benefits of Having a Vertical Gun Rack in Your Gun Closet

Those who own several rifles can’t argue against the necessity of a gun rack, especially if they own more than one. You need a safe place to store your firearms if you have a family to consider.

Gun storage in your locked closet is an easy and affordable way to store your gun. The fact that you probably don’t think of it as the first place to look is actually one of its advantages.

Space-Saving Storage

Compared to horizontal racks, vertical racks take up a lot less space. You will especially benefit from this if you are short on space in your home or garage.

Stops Others From Touching Your Guns

You can prevent children and curious guests from easily accessing your guns with a vertical gun rack, which may reduce accidents and shootings.

Unless you leave it hanging in front of the rack, vertical storage can make it difficult to remove a gun without removing and rearranging all the other guns first.

Gun Safe for Home

Protects Against Theft

It is more difficult for burglars to access vertical gun storage, thus making it harder for them to take your guns. Rather than just grabbing the guns and running, they would have to cut through the plywood to reach them.

Wear And Tear Is Reduced

By storing your guns vertically, you reduce the wear that happens to your guns from contact with other weapons. Rather than rubbing against each other, the guns’ barrels are not touching each other.

Protects Against Damage

It is important to store rifle stocks vertically to prevent them from being damaged by leaning against each other, which could lead to cracking over time.

Especially important is this if guns have been passed down through generations of a family and you would like to keep them in top condition.

Easily Accessible

The guns on vertical gun racks can be pulled straight out of the rack, making them easy to access. However, vertical racks do not allow you to access the one behind a gun at an angle, as you typically must pull it out or remove it completely.

Now let’s talk about the cons.

It Occupies More Floor Space

Gun racks that are vertical typically take up more floor space than horizontal ones because they have a wider frame. If your garage or home is small, you may find this a problem. For that, a small revolver safe might just be the thing you are looking for.

It Can Be Expensive

It is more expensive to buy a vertical gun rack than a horizontal one. That’s because they’re made of thicker wood, and they’ve got more nails, screws, and other hardware. If you are on a budget, perhaps a gun safe under 300 dollars might be the solution.


As they are wider and take up more wall space, vertical gun racks tend to be bulkier than horizontal ones. If you do not have enough space or wish to keep your guns hidden, this can be a problem.

Possibility Of Dents

If you store your guns in high humidity areas or in areas with rapid temperature changes, vertical gun racks can leave marks and dents on the stocks of rifles.

The reason for this is that when the wood is wet or dry, it swells, which can cause the rack to grip the stocks too tightly.

Try to store you weapons inside an under bed rifle safe and make sure to put a dehumidifier inside it.

Gun Safe for Homes

Often Wobbles

Because the weight of the guns is not evenly distributed, vertical gun racks are more prone to wobble and instability. As a result, having a gun on the rack can be dangerous, as it increases the chance of it falling from the rack or hitting someone.

Alternatively, a drawer safe will be much safer if you only have one handgun to store.


Due to the extra thickness of the wood used to construct vertical gun racks is often heavier than its horizontal counterparts. Therefore, they are harder to move around when they are full of guns.

Should You Consider Gun Racks Over Gun Safes?

Several studies have found that many gun owners do not store their guns safely or correctly. Keep your guns locked away in a safe or in a gun rack to prevent unauthorized access or use.

There’s no question that you shouldn’t store your guns in an easy-to-access location if you’re going to keep them somewhere. Of course, it would be ideal for storing guns in a safe or vault, but safes can cost over $500, and most decent safes are more than $1500.

It’s also common for gun safes to be too small to accommodate more than ten rifles, and thus there is wasted space. If you have a large collection or a tight budget, you’ll need a different option.

Gun racks that are ready-made and can store six rifles vertically start at $109.99. Therefore, installing a vertical gun rack in your closet is an easier and more affordable method of accessing your gun collection.

Note From The Author:

Compared to the old days, gun racks are more functional and technical. Gun owners use them to show off their collections, and there are others who just use them for storage.

Vertical gun racks can save space and can be used as a storage space out of the three gun closet design ideas (horizontal, vertical, and rotary).

It is possible to hang them up or place them on the ground. The guns can be easily accessed this way whenever they are needed.

Final Words

Guns should be kept close at hand for a variety of reasons, including protection. The vertical gun rack in your bedroom closet allows you to keep your firearms in a neat and easily accessible location.

If an intruder breaks in at night, this will come in handy if you cannot get to your hidden gun in the garage or safe. If you have one in the closet, you can easily pick it up off the rack and prevent that intruder from hurting you or your family.

This gun rack is the perfect solution for those who want to store their guns while having easy access to them. On the other hand, if you are always on the move, try installing a vehicle safe under your car seat.

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