How To Store An AR-15 For Home Defense?

How To Store An AR-15 For Home Defense

For a lot of individuals, the notion of possessing a gun is frightening. The thought of having a firearm in one’s home can be daunting and nerve-wracking.

But for those who are willing to take the risk, there is no substitute for having a gun that you’re comfortable with and know how to use.

If you are looking for the best home defense gun, then it is imperative that you know your weapon inside and out. In addition, you should have a good understanding of how to use it and what its limitations are.

If you are a beginner or just starting out, you might want to go with a smaller caliber gun like the 9mm or .38 special. You can also start off with a rifle if that is your weapon of choice.

My personal favorite is the Ar-15. I like to keep it as a home defense weapon. The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America for home defense. It’s easy to use, has a large magazine capacity, and can be customized with a variety of accessories.

It’s a versatile weapon that can be used in any situation, including home defense. However, it is important to know how to store the weapon properly so that it can be used when needed.

AR-15 For Home

Properly Storing An AR-15 For Home Defense

The AR-15 has a lot of parts and ammunition that can be dangerous if they are not stored properly. So, for the sake of your safety and peace of mind, here’s how to store an AR-15 for home defense:

The Basics

First off, make sure that you have a secure location for storing your rifle. If you live in a small apartment or don’t have much space in your house, it could be difficult to find a place that works well for storage.

You should also consider buying some sort of gun case or cabinet to keep your rifle safe from harm and damage while still being accessible when needed. A slim, 2-3 gun capacity safe would be enough.

The ammunition and magazines should always be stored separately from the gun in a locked cabinet or safe. The gun should also be kept unloaded with no rounds in the chamber at all times.

AR-15 at Home

Using A Rifle Storage Case

When it comes to mounting their home defense weapons on standard rifle hangers, rifle owners who are used to AR models will be more cautious. Some owners, especially less experienced ones, put their ARs under their beds or in their closets.

It might be convenient for defending and protecting, but it isn’t sufficient for keeping your AR safe. Special rifle storage cases can be an effective way to use and store an AR in your home safely.

You can put this on a wall, away from the ground, and out of sight. Furthermore, this solution has the additional benefit of preventing children from accidentally accessing your firearm.

The AR models can even be stored vertically or horizontally in those special storage cases. Furthermore, you can access the AR models with a push-button combination lock.

Gun Cabinets

In addition to making your AR-15 more secure, gun cabinets can also be useful. Although they do not offer the same level of security as small gun safes, they still provide a lot more than gun cases.

Unfortunately, these storage options aren’t fire-resistant and are made of a thinner steel gauge, but they are reasonably priced.

Gun Safes

You might choose a long gun safe if you want to keep your AR-15 safe. The interiors of most long gun safes are lined with a protective lining and have racks for storing guns.

If you want to store AR-15 scoped or without scope, you should make sure the under bed gun storage has enough space for you to do so comfortably.

AR-15 Gun

Factors To Consider When Storing Your AR-15

The following factors should be taken into consideration when deciding where to store your AR-15:

State Laws

Gun storage should be considered according to the regulations of your country/state. Therefore, you should check with your local, state, and federal laws before deciding where to keep your AR-15.

Are you supposed to keep a gun in a safe if you live in a state that requires that? It would be a good idea to ensure that you comply with the regulation in that case.


To keep your AR-15 safe from children, visitors, tradesmen, and repairmen, you should not store it in a place where they can easily access it. This depends on how your home is laid out and the space available.

It is also important to plan your course of action in case an intruder gets into your house. You shouldn’t store the gun under your bed if you spend most of your time downstairs. Make sure the safe you choose is easily accessible.

If you plan on keeping your rifle in your bedroom, it is better to do so because you can grab it quickly when needed. While the AR won’t fit inside a nightstand, you can do the next best thing and place a rifle safe beside your bed.

Family Members

Are there any children in the house? You don’t want your AR-15 to be in a place where others can find it easily, so you will need to store it away from them. Also, keep your weapon away from your friends and family members if they regularly visit you at home.

Frequency Of Use

Moreover, you should consider how often you intend to use the AR-15. For example, how often will you use it, and how often will you store it? For home defense purpose, it is better to keep your rifle in a quick-access fingerprint safe.

If you intend to store it, you should keep it out of the reach of dirt, dust, and moisture. However, if you intend to use it frequently, you should keep it well cleaned, lubricated, and protected against corrosion.


Maintaining The Security Of Your AR-15

Here are a few tips on how you can secure your AR-15 in your home.

Regularly Cleaning Your AR-15

AR-15s have complicated mechanisms that require proper maintenance to function properly. Remember that it is not designed to last forever and will eventually become worn out or damaged.

For this reason, it needs to be adjusted, serviced, and inspected regularly. You should check the manual to find out what needs to be done to clean your ar-15.

Don’t Just Think About Your Target

The target isn’t the only thing to consider when shooting. Make sure you know what lies beyond your target before you shoot.

When shooting on the target, ensure that no one else is injured. Also, consider the distance a bullet might travel if it does not hit the target or ricochets in another direction.

Never Rely On The Safety Of Firearms Or Guns

If you own a gun, you should always treat it as if it is ready for use at any time. As a safety feature, the gun has a mechanical device that might malfunction at a critical moment. Alternatively, you may forget to turn it off.

Therefore, the safety of your AR-15 should serve as a supplement rather than a replacement for proper gun handling. When handling a firearm, always hold it at shoulder height. Do not touch the trigger unless you are ready to fire.

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Make Sure Your Muzzle Is Pointed In The Right Direction

All guns, including the AR-15, must follow this rule. Ensure that the muzzle is pointed in a direction that you do not intend to shoot at.

Make sure the muzzle isn’t pointed in a direction that could cause an accident. Also, keep in mind that bullets can penetrate walls and ceilings.

The safest direction depends on the situation. It may be up at times, while it may be down at others. Be sure to point your gun in the right direction while dry firing, with the gun, unloaded.

Is There Any Risk Of Over-Penetrating?

Over penetrating is a risk with all guns. You should definitely consider this if you live in an apartment or townhouse. A shotgun is indeed more likely to over-penetrate than an AR.

ARs fire .223 projectiles that are fast, light, and long. In this way, when it encounters resistance, such as a wall, the round ends by tumbling end over end. If the tumbling begins, it is unlikely to penetrate more than one layer of drywall.

Buckshot or handgun rounds, on the other hand, will just keep going straight as a result of their shape. So, you can shoot people through multiple walls with any gun suitable for self-defense, including rifles.

I would suggest you look at some videos of people shooting various guns at layers of drywall, and you’ll find the AR isn’t any more dangerous than other guns and perhaps even less dangerous for your neighbor – especially if you use ammunition that gets the drywall tumbling.

Note From The Author:

You can use an assault rifle (or AR) as a weapon for your home’s security and your family’s protection. Being an AR owner will be second nature to someone with a military background.

On the other hand, if you own an AR platform rifle for the first time, you will likely need to complete many hours of training on how to clean, assemble, and operate the rifle. The rifle will also require special storage.

Final Words

The first step to securing your home is to make sure that all rifle training practices are followed. No matter what rifle model you own, you should take additional safety measures if you plan to store it at home.

As a matter of fact, the NRA strongly recommends it. So if someone tells you that an AR-15 isn’t necessary for protection, don’t believe them. Chances are, they have never shot one.

If you decide to use a firearm to protect your home and family, you should be extremely proficient in the use of that weapon as well as extremely well-versed in all aspects of self-defense shooting.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that gun storage systems with more features are going to be more expensive. As a result, you will need to think about how much you intend to spend on the storage system.

You will be able to find a storage solution that suits your requirements. You can ensure the safety of your AR-15 firearm by using one of the storage methods mentioned above.

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