Are You Using the Right Lag Bolt for Your Gun Safe?

Can’t figure out which lag bolt to use for your gun safe? Discover the types of lag bolts and learn how to use them properly in this article! 

Lag bolts play an important role in securing gun safes. They may seem small and almost irrelevant, but lag bolts are super materials in the gun safe industry.

A lag bolt, also known as a lag screw, is a type of fastener identical to traditional screws. However, compared to regular screws, they are sturdy. They have threaded exteriors that allow you to insert the screw into your target object. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about lag bolts. Once you finish reading, you are on your way to having a more secured and protected gun safe.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Lag Bolts

Lag screws have a significant role in securing your gun safe. They are commonly used to join heavy objects and they come in varied sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. 

Before grabbing your drill and bolt screws, there are major things you need to consider such as the weight and size of your gun safe, and your house’s flooring.

Some floors are made of cement, others are wooden subfloors. Understanding the flooring materials is a big factor for you to determine the type of lag bolts to buy from your nearest hardware store.

The rule of thumb is that all residential building floors should hold at least 40 pounds per square foot. This building code is applicable regardless of where the floor is in the building. 

If you are unsure of how heavy your safe is, consult with a contractor or a safe installer. They will figure out what’s best for you.

Recommended Sizes of Lag Bolts

With all the different types and sizes, how would you know which ones to use? Here is a simple size chart to guide you in choosing the correct size of lag bolts. 

Lag Bolt Size (Diameter)Gun Safe Weight
¼ inchup to 500 lbs.
5/16500-1000 lbs.
3/8above 1000 lbs. 

Now that you have determined the size and weight of your safe, it is time to fasten it in your chosen area.

The perfect size of lag bolts to use ranges from ¼,  5/16 to 3/8 inch in diameter. You may also use a lag bolt size chart to determine the appropriate size to use.

The lighter the safe is, the greater the risk of tipping. If your gun safe’s weight is 500 pounds, ¼-inch diameter lag bolts will suffice.

For gun safes weighing 500 to 1000 pounds, 5/16 diameter lag bolts should work. A ⅜ inch diameter lag bolts are the best option if your gun safe weighs over 1000 pounds.

How To Install the Right Lag Bolts for Your Gun Safe?

Lag bolts are like regular screws. You can install them in no time. Here is the step-by-step process on how to install the right lag bolts for your gun safe.

  1. Before you start working, make sure you have the appropriate builder supplies. This should be the first and the most important step.
  2. Determine the kind of flooring you have. The type of flooring materials will help you decide the appropriate lag bolts and anchors to use.
  3. Wear safety gear. Protective personal equipment is essential to avoid injuries while working.
  4. Choose your location. Protect your firearms by putting your safe in a secure yet accessible location. This prevents thieves from stealing the safe.
  5.  Locate the mounting holes. Most safes have ready-made holes in the middle of the floor. Draw marks if the safe does not have holes.
  6. Remove flooring elements when necessary. Do not drill through the carpet on the floor. The fibers on the carpet could unravel around the drill. 
  7. Drill the anchor holes. Some safes have pre-cut anchor holes. Locate the holes to guide you on where to put the bolts into. 
  8. Upon drilling, match the size of the lag bolts to the holes. Hold the bolts in place and hammer them 2 to 3 times.
  9. Put the washer and tighten the nut of each bolt.
  10. Remove all the dust and debris that were created by the drill. You can use a vacuum to clean up the remaining dust and particles.
  11. Check whether the safe is anchored tightly. Push it in different directions and make sure it does not move at all.
  12. To ensure that the safe is properly anchored, push the safe in different directions. Make sure it won’t fall or move at all.


For gun owners, having a gun collection may not be enough. Anchoring their valuable firearms in the right place should be one of their top priorities. Some bolt their safes for security purposes, others for safety reasons. 

Securing your safe is the key to preventing criminals from taking your possessions. It could also help prevent accidents that may cause physical injuries in case the safe tips over.

Lag bolts work wonders when it comes to bolting your safe. These little fasteners are so versatile that they can handle heavy loads. The larger the diameter, the greater the capacity to support more weight.

Do not forget one of the most important details before fastening the safe in your chosen area. Determine the weight of the gun safe first. Once the weight is measured, you can now choose the right size of lag screws. 

Anchoring your safe has never been easier when you follow the given instructions listed above. You may also visit websites created for gun enthusiasts like you. If you can’t do it yourself, may call a safe installer to do the job for you. 


What size anchor bolts are for Liberty safe?

For Liberty safes, ¼-inch diameter lag bolts are ideal to carry a weight of 500 pounds or less. For  500 to 1000 pounds, 5/16 diameter lag bolts are recommended. If your gun safes weigh over 1000 pounds, use ⅜ inch-diameter lag bolts.

Should you bolt down a gun safe?

Bolting down your gun safe not only protects your firearms from damage. It also secures your precious possessions from attempted theft. Moreover, anchoring your safe also prevents injuries caused by tipping over.

Can you bolt down a Liberty safe?

You can bolt down a Liberty safe in your preferred location. It comes with pre-cut anchoring holes which makes it easier for gun owners to bolt it down.

Where do you bolt down a safe?

The ideal place to bolt down a safe is on a concrete floor. Wooden flooring is also acceptable as long as you use safe anchoring kits.


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