Can You Place a Gun Safe on a Laminated Floor? (Dos & Don’ts)

Do you want to place a gun safe on a laminated floor? Here’s what you should know!

In this article, I’ll discuss the proper steps for placing a gun safe on a laminated floor as well as tips for making sure it stays in place over time.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your guns stay secure while preventing damage to your home’s surface area.

Can Laminated Floors Hold A Gun Safe?

No, laminated floors usually cannot hold gun safes. Gun safes are usually very heavy and need a strong floor to hold them in place. 

In general, laminated floors can support 350-500 pounds per square inch, with 350 pounds being the average limit. They can support more weight when coupled with reinforced beams and other structural elements.

Laminated flooring is an ideal option for any home due to its many benefits. Its water and fire resistance are excellent features, especially in high-traffic areas with children or pets. 

It’s also less expensive than traditional hardwoods and requires little upkeep to keep its good looks for a long time.

Will a Gun Safe Damage Your Laminated Floor?

A good gun safe is reliable and acts as the last line of defense against unwanted access. They are made from solid steel and can weigh almost 1,000 pounds. 

Laminate floors are tough, but a gun safe can cause potential damage over time. The weight of a safe can damage laminate floors, especially if the safe is moved around. It is important to take extra precautions when placing a gun so that it doesn’t cause any harm to your floor.

Dos & Don’ts When Installing a Gun Safe on Laminated Floors

When installing a gun safe on a laminate floor, it is important to:

  • Do use a level to ensure the safe is properly aligned.
  • Do use a rubber mat or other protective material between the safe and the floor to prevent scratches.
  • Do use appropriate anchors or bolts to secure the safe to the floor.
  • Don’t place the safe in an area that is prone to flooding or other water damage.
  • Don’t place the safe in an area that is easily accessible to children or unauthorized individuals.
  • Don’t try to move or reposition the safe once it has been installed, as this can damage the laminate flooring.

Finding the Perfect Location for Your Gun Safe

Gun safes should be placed away from doors, windows, heaters, vents, and other heat exchange points. This results in the laminate flooring warping or cracking over time as a result of temperature changes.

Here are some ways how you can prepare your laminated floor for a gun safe: 

Use of Durable Mats

It is best practice to place a thin but durable mat between the gun safe and the laminated floor surface in order to protect both surfaces. Screws or other appropriate fasteners can be used to attach the safe securely to its desired position.

Placing Additional Mats

Consider placing additional mats underneath or beside your gun safe to help protect it from further damage. These mats can also help provide insulation between any metal components of your gun safe and whatever material lies beneath it.


In conclusion, it’s clear that gun safes are absolutely worth it. A gun safe can provide security and peace of mind to any homeowner who chooses to invest in one. 

From protecting valuables to offering firearms storage, a gun safe is an important purchase that should not be overlooked. Installing a gun safe in your home on laminated or hardwood floors can be done easily when using the right tools and materials – the correct approach is key!

Additionally, researching the best time of year to buy a gun safe will ensure you get the best value for your money, which is always beneficial. 

Ultimately, all these factors prove why it’s vital to invest in a gun safe if you want to safeguard both your family and your belongings.


Can I put a gun safe on laminate flooring?

Yes, you can put a gun safe on laminate flooring. But, it is recommended to use a mat or padding under the safe to prevent damage to the flooring and help keep the safe in place.

What do you put under a gun safe on vinyl flooring?

To protect vinyl flooring from the weight and friction of a gun safe, it is recommended to place a layer of padding, like carpet or foam mats, underneath it.

How do you lift a piece of laminate flooring?

Lifting a piece of laminate flooring requires carefully prying it up with a putty knife. Start at one corner and work your way up, taking care to avoid damaging the floor while lifting.

Can you put a safe on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, you can put a safe on vinyl plank flooring. However, it is important to ensure that the flooring is secured and supported before placing the safe on it. Additionally, depending on the weight of the safe and the type of vinyl plank flooring used, additional reinforcement might be necessary to support the weight of the safe.


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