Coke Machine as a Gun Safe (Is It Possible?)

Do you love soda and guns? We may not have thought of this before, but why don’t we put them together in an idea—a coke machine gun safe!

The use of coke machines as gun safes is beneficial to both guns and gun owners. Choosing the right coke machine will do the trick.

Coke Machines As Gun Safes

Coke machines can be an effective and affordable way to store guns safely. Considering they are heavy and cannot be easily moved around, these machines provide a great level of security if you can top it up with reliable lock machinery. 

Its ample space and vending machine functions give you more room to plan, explore, and innovate.

It has been a creative excuse for gun owners to think of ways to hide their guns in plain sight, hide them from minors, and, of course, thieves and criminals. One of the most common hiding techniques is building a false wall or a false floor.

Gun owners who own several guns probably already have gun safes from manufacturers like AMSEC, Liberty, Stack-On, etc. But we need more room for new guns, right?

Choosing the Right Coke Machine

Having the right coke machine is essential for keeping your firearms secure. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one.

If you do not hold an old coke machine in your basement, ask your friends or neighbors

Here are the important factors to consider before converting a coke machine into a gun safe:

1. Size

How much space does your coke machine take up? How much space do you have at home?

Make sure that your safe will fit into the location where you plan it to be.

Look for one that has enough room. Your coke machine shall have ample and breathable space for multiple firearms.

2. Height and Weight

Coke machines are large and heavy. They are originally purposed to be left on the streets as mini beverage stores, the reason why they are difficult to move or break, perfect to deter theft.

Weigh your guns, load boxes, and other valuables you plan on keeping inside the coke machine. Make sure that you will choose a coke machine that is heavy and sturdy enough to hold them all.

This should be the least concern, but let’s include this as a heads-up. You might want to consider how the coke machine will be transported from where you will get it to where you are going to put it.

Also, measure your door, and measure the coke machine’s height. Just be ready with all the numbers to avoid the hassle.

3. Material

See and feel if the body and door are sturdy. Find one that can withstand a good force.

4. Lock mechanisms

What kind of locking mechanisms does your coke machine have? Keypads, biometrics?

Explore it, ask the seller about it, feel, and try it with your own hands!

Expect that you might consider replacing parts, too. But, it would save you time, energy, and money, if you would choose a coke machine that has complete and working parts, screws, and locks.

You would dismantle the coke machine, so be sure that you would be able to put the necessary pieces back as you build it as a safe.

5. Ease of Access

We don’t want complications. It is important to consider how accessible your firearms are in different situations such as emergencies.

As you canvas physical coke machines, you have to plan your gun safe design in your mind, as well.

Picture yourself locking your guns securely inside it. Then, picture yourself unlocking the safe to get a gun for whatever valid reason.

You have to pick the right one that will help you out and not add to your stress in a distressing event.

6. Aesthetic Value

We mentioned that the more vintage the coke machine would look, the better and more appealing, remember? 

Choose to your liking. But as to the color, you might want to consider the color palette used in your home just to make a match.

7. Price

If you saved a lot to buy another high-end gun safe, then you will probably get out of the DIY project budget alive with more savings.

But, still, look for an affordable, sturdy, with complete and original parts, coke machine in good physical condition. It is better to save money for you would need to buy more accessories such as cleaners, carpets, etc. in building your gun safe.

How To Convert a Coke Machine Into a Gun Safe?

Here are the basics steps in converting your coke machine into a gun safe:

  1. Remove the refrigeration unit from the coke machine.
  2. Clean and prepare the inside of the coke machine.
  3. Install a metal safe door to the coke machine frame.
  4. Add a locking mechanism such as a key lock or combination lock to the door.
  5. Reinforce the hinges and frame of the door to prevent prying or forced entry.
  6. Install shelves or gun racks inside the safe to organize your firearms.
  7. Seal all the seams and edges of the safe door to prevent moisture damage.
  8. Place the coke machine in a secure location.

This process requires basic metalworking and carpentry skills, as well as the use of power tools. It is recommended to seek professional assistance if you lack experience or knowledge in these areas.


Converting a coke machine into a gun safe requires careful planning, proper tools and materials, and a good understanding of safe construction techniques. 

This project is best done by a skilled professional or someone with experience in metal fabrication and lock installation. It is important to consider the safety and security of the firearms when planning and completing the conversion to ensure that they are properly stored and protected.

On the other hand, if you are hesitant to own a gun safe, you might consider reading this article to help you decide positively.


What are the factors to be considered in choosing the right coke machine to store my guns?

Some of the factors that you should consider when selecting a suitable coke machine are size and weight, material, lock mechanisms, ease of access, aesthetic value, and price.

How well can DIY gun safes take care of my guns?

Choose a good material for the coke machine lining that will protect your firearms inside the coke machine, say for example, in cases of earthquakes.

Which is the preferred lock mechanism for gun safes?

An electronic lock mechanism is preferred to prevent unauthorized people from opening it. Just make sure to have a backup mechanism, in case it fails to deliver.


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