DampRids on Gun Safes (Should You Use Them?)

Every gun owner resorts to dehumidifiers as one of the effective methods to reduce moisture levels. Dehumidifiers not only help absorb moisture but also eliminates unwanted odors from the safe.  

If you wanted to know whether it is fine to use DampRid inside the gun safe, the answer is yes. This article will discuss everything you need to know about DampRid and how this particular product works. 

What is DampRid and How Does it Work?

DampRid is among the popular brands of dehumidifiers in the market. It is a type of desiccant that absorbs excess moisture which does not require electricity. It can provide quick results and is less expensive compared to other dehumidifiers. 

This desiccant contains chemicals in the form of crystals that absorb moisture inside the safe. Excess moisture goes to the bottom of the container maintaining optimal humidity levels. 

As the moisture in the air is absorbed, the crystals harden and form into solid. DampRid can help get rid of excess moisture for several weeks or months. 

Advantages of Using DampRid in Gun Safes

  1. Prevents rust and corrosion. High levels of moisture are the culprit of rust and corrosion in metals. DampRid is a high-capacity moisture absorber that can remove several ounces of moisture for a long period. 
  2. Protects ammunition and other metal items. Guns and ammo must be kept in a safe and dry location. Since they are made of metals, humid temperatures may cause them to corrode in time. DampRid is a fast and convenient product to protect your valuable firearms from further damage. 
  3. Prevents mold and mildew growth. Moisture contributes to the growth of mold and mildew. DampRid inhibits the growth of mold and also gets rid of musty odor in your safe. 
  4. Prolongs the life of gun safe contents. DampRid is a product that helps protect your guns. Lowering the level of humidity helps prevent rust, prolonging the life of gun-safe contents. 

How to Use DampRid in a Gun Safe

DampRid is a safe and highly effective product to keep you safe from high humidity levels. The product is made of all-natural ingredients such as calcium chloride. It also claims to be environmentally friendly. 

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to place it inside your gun safe. 

1. Choose a DampRid product. For small spaces like a gun safe, I recommend using crystal forms. You may also use the hanging one if you prefer. 

2. Remove the lid and pour the moisture absorber into the container. Place the container in the corner of your gun safe. Choose a location that is flat and stable. 

3. When the product wears out, replace it with a new one. You can also purchase a refillable DampRid as they can be less expensive. Replace the contents every 45 days depending on the levels of humidity inside the safe. 

In addition, to ensure that your safe is dry, make sure that your hands are not damp before touching the items inside. Check whether the gun safe is airtight. 

Alternatives to DampRid

  1. Silica gel: Silica gel works wonders in keeping the moisture level low, especially in closed spaces.   They are non-toxic and make a great humidifier for your gun safe. However, they can only be used in small spaces. 
  2. Dehumidifiers: Dry rods are also great dehumidifiers for your gun safe. They also help get rid of moisture and help prevent the growth of mold and mildew

Silica gel is made of tiny crystals also known as silicon dioxide. It is one of the most popular desiccants and an effective drying agent. But unlike DampRids, they can only be used in small spaces.

These tiny gel pouches are commonly used in shoe boxes and other transport materials. Meanwhile, DampRid is recommended for containers with larger dimensions, just like a gun safe. 

Some dehumidifiers require heat and electricity. DampRid is made of a chemical solution and works even without power. 

If DampRid does not work for you, you can choose to invest in electric dehumidifiers. There is no need for frequent replacement and you can use them for spaces that are larger than the safe. 


Keeping the moisture level low inside your safe is essential to prevent damage to its contents. Besides maintaining the right level of moisture and humidity, prolonging your guns’ life span should also be your priority. DampRid plays a big role in absorbing excess moisture in your safe.

Besides DampRid, there are several ways to dehumidify your safe. However, the said product is less expensive than electric dehumidifiers. It also provides an instant solution to damp air without having to use power. 

DampRid is made of non-toxic materials which are safe and effective in absorbing excess moisture, especially in closed spaces. It also inhibits the growth of mold and mildew which may cause that annoying musty smell coming inside your safe. In addition, they can keep your gun dry for a few weeks to several months. 

While DampRid is effective in reducing moisture, it is still recommended to use dehumidifiers in large spaces. They may be costly but worth the investment since they can last for several years. 


What can I put in my gun safe to keep my guns from rusting?

What can I put in my gun safe to keep my guns from rusting?
Dehumidifier like DampRid is a great way to keep your guns safe and dry, therefore, preventing the guns from rusting. You may also use other alternatives such as dry rods, silica gels, and commercial dehumidifiers found in the market.

Is the water in DampRid toxic?

While DampRid is known to be non-toxic, it is best to keep them out from your pets or children. Calcium chloride may also cause skin irritation. In case of ingestion and skin contact, call your physician right away. 

Is DampRid just calcium chloride?

DampRid is a combination of calcium chloride, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride. These are non-toxic minerals that help absorb moisture in the air. 

What can I put in my gun safe to absorb moisture?

Desiccants and dehumidifiers can be used to get rid of the excess moisture inside your gun safe. DampRid is a chemical dehumidifier primarily made of calcium chloride which immediately absorbs moisture from the air. 


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