Do You Need A Safe To Own A Gun?

Do You Need A Safe To Own A Gun

A gun safe is an important purchase to make if you own a gun. It ensures that you are storing your weapon in a safe and secure manner.

There are many benefits to owning a gun safe, including:

  • Keeping your weapon out of the reach of children or intruders
  • Protecting your weapon from fire or other disasters
  • Keeping your weapon from being stolen by criminals

Now, the question is, do you need a gun safe to own a gun?

The obvious answer here is a big YES. You do need a safe to own a gun, and there are no buts or ifs for that. However, it is not mandatory.

Do You Need A Safe To Own A Gun

That being said, it is a very crucial thing to own as a gun owner. You can’t just keep your firearms lying around, which is irresponsible not just as a gun owner but also as an average person.

Even in some states of the USA, you are legally required to own a gun safe if you own a gun. Therefore, this article will emphasize why do you need a safe to own a gun.

Importance Of Owning A Gun Safe For A Gun Owner

The purpose of the gun safe is to store your firearms and ammunition from unwanted persons such as your children or any intruders, from burglary protection and to protect the guns or whatever content you keep inside safe from fire, flood, or any natural disaster.

If you have a gun stored in your house without a safe, it may not be not long until someone finds, let’s say, one of your children, and accidents don’t happen every day.

Suppose a thief broke into your house and you kept your gun in the living room as a display, and the thief found it, and you don’t have access to your weapon. Some scary scenarios, right?

Guns are a very sensitive matter in the world. There are many people who own guns and others close to them who would feel unsafe if they knew that their loved ones had guns.

A gun safe even if it is an under desk gun safe is an investment for the long term even if your next generation will be able to use it, and that is going to be worth it for every gun owner that is yet to buy a safe.

You can store your valuables alongside your guns and don’t even need to worry about it. If you have guns in your home, a simple yet secure mechanical handgun safe will help protect them from being stolen or harmed in any way.

There are also many other locks that are safer than just having the gun locked up somewhere. You can use a combination of these locks and safes to keep your guns secure if you have young children.

Do You Need A Safe To Own A Gun

Top Reasons Why Safes Worth The Money

Gun safes are worth the money but ‘WHY’ you must be thinking. Well, that answer to that why has been written below.

Protection From Theft

There are cases where thieves break into houses and steal firearms and later use them in various criminal activities.

If you keep up with the news, then I’m sure you pretty much know about such incidents. If you have a gun or multiple guns, you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.

So having a gun safe can keep your guns protected, and the safes have multiple layers of protection like biometrics locks, solid steel build and an advanced secure locking system.

And rest assured about your guns being stolen since these safes are indeed tough to break. You can even get creative and install a wall gun safe for maximum protection and concealability.

Out of Children’s Reach

There are cases of children being accidentally killed due to guns not being stored appropriately. As a parent and a gun owner, your foremost priority is to keep the gun out of your child’s reach.

Kids play around the house all the time, and finding such things is only a matter of time. So owning a gun safe prevents the risk of that. I would highly recommend you look into a under bed gun storage.

Best Gun Safe

Quick Access

Hiding your gun is different from keeping your gun in a safe, and when thieves break into you, you don’t want them to be the first to find your gun hiding spot.

In situations like these, you want quick access to your gun, and since the gun is safely locked in the safe, you can go and grab it and access the situation.

Moreover, fingerprint handgun safes open in split seconds by putting your biometrics or code. The advantage in such cases is obviously in favor of gun safe owners.

Protection From Fire

There are safes available with fireproof protection. These safes can withstand up to an average of 1200 degrees up to 30 mins. In addition, there are safe models with higher thresholds for the heat, but of course, they will cost more.

While looking to buy a safe, always prefer the ones with a better fire rating and have a couple of insulation layers to protect your guns from fire.

Protection For Other Valuable Items

Besides guns, you can also keep your other valuables inside the gun safe. Even small safes have some space left to keep essential documents, gold, financial papers, passports, cash, tax records, and whatever you find valuable to store them inside the safe.

Gun Safe for home

Avoiding Lawsuits

Suppose there has been criminal activity and your gun was part of it which means a lawsuit is bound to be filed against you.

Even though you had no idea about what happened with your guns and where it was used, officers will show up at your doorstep.

Having a gun safe saves you that trouble since the safe is drilled to the ground or wall and it’s far certainly not possible for the thief to break it; you’ll be secure from any fake lawsuits.

When I am carrying, I always keep my guns inside my car trunk gun safe just to avoid the po-pos.

Tax Benefits

Few states in the USA offer a tax rebate if you own a gun safe. However, states like New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan and Connecticut provide privilege from income tax.

Another thing is you can get a write-off for keeping tax documents and business papers in the fire-rated safe.

Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Bolted To The Floor?

This is one of the general questions that comes into mind before owning a safe. So yes, it is safe to bolt down a gun safe to the floor to avoid any accident or even the death of your loved ones if the safe tips over.

Guns safe are typically heavy, heavy as in 1000 pounds now imagine that it falls over. Moreover, bolting into the floor can save you from scuffs, scratches, dents, carpet tears, or crushed wood.

Some floors require special gears to bolt down a gun safe. You can keep you safe in your bedroom closet, garage or the basement which are the common spots for keeping a gun safe.

Do I Need A Gun Safe In Connecticut?

A person, firm, or corporation selling a handgun in Connecticut must have a reusable trigger lock or gun locking device designed to prevent the handgun from being easily disarmed, unless it is sold at wholesale.

Do I Need Gun Safe California?

In spite of the fact that you don’t have the gun in your hands, you still need to think about safety. Firearms safety devices approved by California, such as trigger locks or cable locks, must be used on the gun to prevent it from being fired. Unloaded, keep it in a lock box or a safe that has been approved by the State of California.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you have a gun, owning a gun safe is a mandatory part of your end as a responsible citizen or a responsible parent.

Also, while buying a safe, always look for a bigger size than you need because your collection of guns will grow and soon you won’t find enough space to store the rest of your guns.

If you are short on cash but want a large safe, consider getting a rifle safe under $300. I hope this article helped you know the importance of owning a gun safe.

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