Gun Safe Vs. Gun Cabinet | Which One To Pick & Why

Gun Safe Vs Gun Cabinet

Given the recent increase in gun-related crimes, many individuals are growing more worried about their safety. To enhance the security of their homes, they might be thinking about acquiring a firearm.

This is a decision that should not be taken lightly, and there are many considerations to consider. One of the most important decisions that need to be made is what type of storage device you will use for your weapon.

There are two main choices: a gun safe or a gun cabinet. A gun safe is typically considered more secure than a gun cabinet because it has thicker walls and door panels with reinforced steel locking bolts and hinges.

Gun cabinets are cheaper and not as secure. However, there are times when purchasing a gun cabinet will make more sense.

Gun Safe Vs. Gun Cabinet

To make sure that you have the best protection for your firearms, it is important to decide which type of storage method you would like to use before purchasing any guns.

Keeping your gun secure and away from intruders is the aim of these two storage solutions. However, it is important to keep certain features in mind when choosing a better alternative.

Different types of safes are available, including pistol safes, gun safes, and gun cabinets. I want to discuss the differences between a gun safe and a gun cabinet in this article and what to look for.

What Is The Difference Between A Gun Safe And Gun Cabinet?

Gun safes and gun cabinets differ primarily in their locking mechanisms and steel thickness. The steel in gun safes is usually thicker, and the lock is usually a true one, while the steel in gun cabinets is generally thinner, and a key opens it.

The common goal of both storage options is to keep your gun safe and out of reach of intruders. If you want to make the right choice, there are a few things to consider. Here are some comparisons of gun safes and gun cabinets.

Gun Cabinets: What Are They?

A gun cabinet is essentially a less secure version of a gun safe. It is not intended to stop a determined criminal from smashing and grabbing, even though they still offer basic security.

The Pros Of Gun Cabinets

Budget-friendly and easy to assemble. When it comes to storing guns, rifles, handguns, etc., you will be able to afford gun cabinets. Low price, portability, and an easy entry point make this category of firearm storage a popular choice.

Due to their ease of purchase and availability in big box stores, many people will end up with one of these. There are a lot of gun cabinets used in homes, and they are the reason many homes are safe, since children cannot access them.

Gun Cabinet

Wooden gun cabinets can be moved easily from one location to another. If you want to keep your firearms away from children, you should invest in a gun cabinet. All the weapons you store inside can be viewed through the glass door.

Having a gun cabinet in your home or office is generally a good idea. Gun cabinets can be your best option for displaying your weapons to everyone.

Slider Locking Mechanisms

A gun safe has locking bolts, while gun cabinets have a sliding bar that retracts from the door frame and into the door frame. This makes them easier to pry open with small tools, not just screwdrivers.

They Have A Key Lock

The lack of a substantial locking mechanism is a clear indicator of most cabinets. They usually use either a barrel key lock or a standard key lock. Because they are so inexpensive, most gun cabinets will never see a true secure lock like a gun safe.

Steel With A Lower Thickness

The steel in gun cabinets is usually not thick. Garage cabinets usually have 18 gauge, which is what you will find in most.

There Is No Fire Rating

As far as I know, I’ve never seen a gun cabinet with a fire rating. A fire rating can cost as much as the lock, which would result in a gun cabinet that is more expensive than its competitors.

Gun Safe Gun Cabinet

The Cons Of Gun Cabinets

Intruders will have an easier time accessing weapons stored in the cabinet if they forcefully attack the cabinet.

It has zero protection when there is a flood-type situation. Guns that are stored cannot be trusted to be secure. In addition, the glass door makes it easy to break.

Gun Safes: What Are They?

In most cases, you want a gun safe if you want to store firearms. Most of them are extremely impressive and tend to be of better quality. While looking at gun safes, I keep a couple of things in mind. First, let’s look at the advantages for comparison’s sake.

The Pros Of Gun Safes

Of the two different categories, gun safes are the most secure! In general, they are going to be the best option if you want something to secure more valuable items because of their thicker steel, better locks, and better fire rating.

On more expensive safes, you can also protect your firearms from smash-and-grab attacks and even determined criminals. Below we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of gun safes.

Gun Safe

The size and weight of these units make carrying them impossible for burglars. Moreover, the safes can store more handguns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and other valuables, because they are larger in size.

With this rifle unit, you can store firearms in a waterproof and fireproof gun safe that protects them from fires or floods. So, you won’t need to worry about these units during times of floods or fires.

A solid steel construction is featured with a wide range of gauge ratings, ranging from 8 gauge to 16 gauge. Of course, it will be more secure if the gauge is lower.

The Locking Mechanism

You will find a true lock on the outside of most gun safes. This could be a low-end lock without a name brand to a high-end biometric lock with a tamper notification feature.

This article discusses different types of locks, but basically, the idea is that gun safes tend to have a lock at the center and are more secure and better constructed.

best Gun Safe

The Thickness Of Steel

To determine whether something is a safe or a cabinet, the thickness of the steel is the first thing to consider! There will be about 14-gauge steel or better in most gun safes.

14 gauge is considered to be the industry standard for gun safes, while 12 gauge is more difficult to cut into. In addition, having thicker steel in a safe will give you more time to prevent a break-in.

Locking Bolts

A gun safe’s interior door also has boltwork. Locking the safe retracts the bolt work into the door, and unlocking it retracts it back out again. Typically, these bolts are actual bolts, but Liberty’s newer safes use steel plates instead.

The Cons Of Gun Safes

There are some downsides to safes. A complex design and an extreme amount of weight contribute to this. In addition, it is almost impossible to prevent gun units from catching fire due to their construction.

A single person will never be able to move the rifle safe from one place to another due to its heavy size. Don’t forget that quality units are heavyweights.

You probably have experienced racking your brain trying to figure out how to move a safe on your own if you’ve ever moved one (especially upstairs).

At the end of the day, either you hire a moving company or find some friends to help you move. The problem can be resolved in some cases, but for the most part, it can be a pain to deal with.

Lastly, the cost is a huge factor! It is usually quite expensive to buy a gun safe, even at the low-price range. There is always a premium attached to quality safes.

Gun Safe Vs. Gun Cabinet | Which One Should I Get?

Regardless of which unit you choose, both will protect your firearms when they are stored. There are also different levels of protection and different security features in both units.

Gun cabinets also tend to secure your guns, but unlike gun safes, they can be easily broken. The gun cabinet is therefore ideal for those who wish to display their rifles in an attractive manner for all to see.

My general recommendation is that you find a high-quality gun safe! You can still get quality with a budget of $500 if you cannot afford a quality safe. Investing in a gun cabinet might be best if you can’t afford a gun safe.

Is It Possible To Find A Safe Or Cabinet That Is A Hybrid Of The Two Types?

This one model I know of can be said to be a hybrid between the two. The hybrid is generally considered a safe and not a cabinet, but some combine both qualities.

One of my favorite examples is the Agile Model 52 from SecureIt Tactical. There is no fire rating on this safe, and it looks like a cabinet. However, a cabinet’s locking mechanism is high quality and has thicker steel than a typical cabinet.

Can A Gun Cabinet Be Considered A Gun Safe?

Gun cabinets are different from gun safes because they are lightweight and have thinner steel. They are usually made of metal or wood and have a lock to secure the guns inside. Gun cabinets are not designed to be fireproof or waterproof, so they should not be used as an alternative to the gun safe.

A gun cabinet may be sufficient protection if you don’t want to worry about the burglary or simply want to display your collection. While they are less secure than gun safes and aren’t really a viable alternative, they can still be used to store firearms securely.

Hunters and sports enthusiasts often use gun cabinets to store their guns when they’re not using them. These cabinets can be used for storing guns that are not being used or for collecting guns.

Final Words

Another responsibility follows when you buy a gun: keeping it safe. Ensure you always keep your gun out of the reach of children and burglars. Investing in a gun storage option for your weapon is important to protect your guns.

In addition to maintaining your rights, securing your firearms keeps you safe and keeps any children or visitors safe. Instead of constantly worrying that someone may stumble upon your firearms and become injured, you should have gotten a gun safe and stored your guns in them.

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