How Many Guns Can You Actually Fit In A Gun Safe?

How Many Guns Can You Actually Fit In A Gun Safe

The ever-increasing number of guns in America has led to a rise in the number of gun safes as well. This makes you curious about the capacity of a gun safe. Generally, gun safes are designed to prevent guns from being stolen or accidentally fired.

inside a car gun safe

There are many different types of gun safes, each with its own style, shape, and features. Most safes can accommodate a certain number of guns, however. For example, you can only fit one to two handguns inside a car gun safe.

On the other hand, you can fit up to or sometimes more than twenty rifles on a large gun safe. The problem with a safe with a limited number of compartments is that it can only hold so many guns before becoming too crowded and unsafe.

The number of guns that you can fit inside your gun safe depends on the size of your gun safe and how you want to organize them. I’ve written a detailed article on how you can maximize gun-safe interior space. Do check that out.

Now back to the question. The answer to the question of how many guns you can fit in a gun safe is not as straightforward as it may seem.

How Many Guns Will My Gun Safe Really Hold?

Many gun owners have more powerful guns so that the total capacity will drop automatically. Let’s say you have a bunch of guns. How about scopes, grips, lasers, sensors, etc., on your guns?

They’ll reduce the storage capacity of your safe. You can estimate how many guns your safe can hold by dividing the total by about half.

Pistol safe

If the manufacturer states that this safe can accommodate up to 30 guns, this safe could realistically hold around 15-16 guns. However, gun storage in pre-designated shelf slots can be tricky, even with a 15–16-gun capacity.

Safes are assigned a number that identifies how many cutouts they have for gun barrels. These numbers do not include optics, stocks, or accessories.

It would be necessary to configure the safe so that the entire lower portion of the safe accommodated rifle racks to house this many guns.

It’s traditional for customers to use half of the lower section for shelf space, reducing the rifle space by half. Therefore, a 36-rifle safe will only hold 10-12 rifles of average size.

Deciphering Gun Capacity Lingo

Gun safes are usually used for storing weapons. Nonetheless, how can you tell whether or not the safe you’re considering will be able to hold all your guns? The number of firearms in a safe can be challenging to determine.

If you want to figure out how many guns you can fit in your safe, keep reading to learn what to consider. Take a look at an example of a mid-sized gun safe that holds 12-19-31 + 2 guns. Take a look at the first two numbers (12 and 19) together. They equal the third number (31).

gun safe

You will want to focus on the third number most, representing the maximum number of weapons your safe can hold. These two numbers give us an idea of how much space the left side compartment of the safe has compared to the right side compartment.

An extra “+2” refers to the additional number of guns you can store on your safe’s door organizer. Briefly summarized, the numbers indicate the capacity of the left and right sides, the total capacity, and the extra storage space above the door. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Trying to figure out how 31 guns could fit in that safe becomes more complicated when we consider the total number of 31. Nevertheless, it is technically possible to fit 31 guns if they are slim rifles with no extra attachments and are appropriately stacked.

Understanding Gun Safe Storage Capacity

It is common for safes to list a number indicating how many long guns the manufacturer estimates it can store. However, how accurate are these numbers?

Gun racks usually come with gun safes to store your firearms. According to the number of gun racks in the safe, the safe’s gun count is determined. However, that number does not necessarily represent the number of firearms you will be able to store in the safe.

Then why not? It would be ideal if you could fit a gun into every slot on the rack. However, depending on the size and attachments of the firearm and how you use it, some guns will take up more space than others.

Accessories And Gun Counts

Therefore, if you have a large firearm, such as an AR-15, you may not be able to fit it into the safe. A tripod or scope will also be a problem. If you have these, you can store fewer firearms in your safe, as they take up more space.

If you shop for a safe based on the gun count, consider that large guns, long guns, scopes, and other accessories take up more space.

bedside gun safe.

Note From The Author:

Looking at a midsize gun safe, you may see something like a 20-long-gun capacity listed on the specifications. That probably makes you wonder two things.

Why are those numbers there? And Wow, that’s a lot of weapons! Is that safe really big enough to hold that many guns in there?” So often, these numbers are misleading. And that is why you have to come up with some inventive solutions.

You can also add a variety of handgun hangers, rifle rods, and pistol racks to your safe for greater control and versatility.

The Most Common Regret Is Buying A Small Safe

It’s rare to find a firearm collector who regrets purchasing a smaller gun safe for their collection. However, it has been more than once that we have encountered safe owners wishing they had purchased a larger safe.

How come? Gun collections tend to grow over time. You can also say the same about important documents and valuables.

These items can be protected against theft and damage, such as fire damage, by purchasing a safe. However, it will only be able to do so if your safe is large enough to accommodate them.

car gun safe.

Can I Increase The Capacity of My Safe?

Obviously not. You cannot adjust the square footage of your safe. It would be necessary to purchase a new safe to increase the size of your safe. However, there are ways to make the most of your available space.

What Happens When I Buy a Too-Small Safe?

Those who discover their safe was too small will upgrade to a bigger safe once they realize their mistake. As you can add storage instantly, this can be a good option. It might not be necessary to purchase a larger safe to meet your needs.

You may want to invest in a FireKing cabinet if you have accumulated a large number of important documents that need to be stored securely. It’s also possible that you’ve accumulated a large collection of valuables, such as jewelry.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you may want to consider getting regular or jewelry safes. Safes with more shelf options tend to be better suited to storing such items.

Final Words

If you plan to expand your collection in the future, make sure you leave enough space. Every time we hear from gun owners, they wish they had bought a bigger safe.

In addition to guns, customers increasingly want to store other items in their gun safes, even if you currently plan only to store guns. As a result, you might be surprised at how fast your safe will fill up.

It makes for a better long-term investment to give yourself some room to grow. Therefore, when you are given the option to purchase a bigger safe than what you actually need, it is always a good idea to do so. This is because a bigger safe will provide you with more space for your valuables.

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