How to Add Shelves to Your Gun Safe: A Step-by-Step Guide

Maximize your storage space by adding shelves to your gun safe!

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When you add shelves to your gun safe, you can say goodbye to the cluttered firearms and hello to a well-organized and easily accessible arsenal.

Is It Advisable To Add Shelves to Your Gun Safe?

Adding shelves to a gun safe is generally safe if they are correctly installed and do not interfere with its locking mechanism or structure.

However, what’s most applicable is how you must find shelves with materials designed for a gun safe and installed according to their manufacturer’s instructions.

You may also find one made of durable materials to ensure that it can carry your ammunition, tools, and another type of firearm. 

It is highly advisable to consult with the gun safe or shelf manufacturer or a professional locksmith to ensure that modifications will not compromise your fire protection or locking mechanism.

Importance of Adding Shelves to a Gun Safe

Adding shelves to your gun safe may seem minor, but no matter how simple, it creates a significant impact. 

Read the following about the importance and benefits you can get when adding shelves to your safe gun.

1. Maximizes Storage Space

As mentioned above, adding shelves to your gun safe helps you maximize the space within your gun safe. Adding shelves to your gun safe increases the storage space and allows you to store more items in a more organized manner.

2. Protects Firearms and Accessories

By keeping your firearms and accessories neatly arranged and secure, the risk of damaging them is slim. The shelving ensures that they are properly stored and tucked in.

3. Secure Fit

These custom shelving options are designed to fit specific firearm models. If you are moving to a new residence, the custom-fit shelves provide a snug and secure fit that will help prevent items from shifting or falling during transportation.

4. Adds to the Aesthetic Appeal

When your gun safe is organized, it enhances its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it becomes a visually appealing and highly-functional storage solution that is organized and easy to access.

5. Improves Security

A more organized gun safe means highly secure safekeeping for your firearms. By adding sections to them through these shelves, your firearms are protected from theft, damage, and unintentional firing due to misplacement.

6. Accessibility

When you add shelves to your gun safe, everything will be sectioned according to where you can easily find them. It’s essential to have this type of accessibility to avoid instances such as accidental discharge.

How To Add Shelves to Your Gun Safe

To add shelves to your gun safe, you will use materials to ensure they are durable and properly bolted.

  1. Shelving material: Depending on the weight and size of the firearms and ammunition you’ll be storing, you can choose from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or plastic.
  2. Screws or brackets: You’ll need screws or brackets to securely attach the shelves to the safe’s interiors.
  3. Drill: As the gun safe is made of durable, fireproof material, you’ll need a drill to insert the screw and attach them to the shelves within the gun safe.
  4. Measuring tape: You’ll need a measuring tape to measure the inside of the safe and determine the best placement and size of your shelves.
  5. Cutting tool: If your shelving material is too wide to fit inside your gun safe, you’ll need a cutting tool such as a saw or a durable utility knife that will cut through the wood.

Please take note that the specific materials or tools needed may vary according to the type of shelves you have.

To clearly measure the interior of the gun safe so that you can bolt sustainable and durable shelving, these are the steps you need to do:

  1. Measure the safe’s interior. You must use an industrial measuring tape to measure the interior’s width, height, and depth. This will help you determine the size of the shelves that you’ll need.
  2. Cut the shelves to size. Cut the shelving material to its correct size using a cutting tool. Make sure that you must also include hinges, locking mechanisms, or hooks that may be inside the safe as you measure.
  1. Mark the placements. Using a pencil or marker, mark the placement of the shelves inside the gun safe. You must ensure that you will allow enough space between them, your firearms, ammunition, and other relevant items.
  2. Attach the brackets or screws. Using a drill, attach the brackets or screws to the shelves. Make sure that they are securely bolted before installing them inside. You may use a screwdriver while following this process if you are skilled enough with it.
  1. Install the shelves. Place the shelves with the screws inside the safe and attach them to the interior walls using screws or brackets. Make sure the shelves are leveled and securely attached. Repeat the process if you’re adding another shelf.
  1. Check stability. After installing the shelves, you need to test their stability. Try shaking it gently and see if its hinges come off or wobble. If it does, screw them until tight; if not, you’ve successfully installed them.

Tips To Keep in Mind When Installing Shelves to Gun Safes

Here are some tips and warnings you need to keep in mind when you’re installing shelves for gun safes:

  1. Make sure you use sturdy, high-quality materials to support your items’ weight for secure storage.
  2. Before making any installations, plan the layout and see if you have enough space to place your firearms.
  3. Installing adjustable shelving allows you to adjust the height of the shelves to accommodate various types and sizes of guns.
  4. When you label your shelves, this promotes accessibility and helps you find what you are looking for in your gun safe easily.


Adding shelves to your gun safe can be beneficial in terms of proper organization, utilization of space, and accessibility. However, you must note that if you want to do this appropriately, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. This helps ensure that your shelves will be installed appropriately and that the safe’s warranty will be maintained.


Can you add shelves to any gun safe?

It depends on the make and model of the gun safe. Some safes come with pre-drilled holes for shelves, while others do not. 

How many shelves can I add to my gun safe?

The number of shelves you can add to your gun safe depends on the size of the safe and the type of shelving you choose. 

What is the best material for gun safe shelves?

The best material for gun safe shelves is a matter of personal preference. Some gun owners prefer wooden shelves, while others prefer steel or plastic.

Can adding shelves to a gun safe affect its fire or theft protection?

Adding shelves to a gun safe should not affect its fire or theft protection, as long as the shelves are installed properly and do not interfere with the safe’s locking mechanism. 


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