How To Anchor A Gun Safe To A Wall?

How To Anchor A Gun Safe To A Wall

Firearms are costly, and many individuals are hesitant to risk their loss. Securing a gun safe to the wall is a crucial safety step for any gun owner. There is a variety of gun safes available.

Some of them are designed to be bolted to the wall, while others can be mounted on the floor. A safe can be anchored to the wall with a variety of different materials, from screws to anchors and straps.

The process is typically straightforward, although it can vary depending on the type of materials you use. For example, the best way to bolt a under bed gun safe to the wall is by using drywall anchors and screws.

It will stop thieves from easily prying it out of its original position, which could have been an easy thing for them to do. There are several ways to bolt a safe to the wall, which I will be discussing in this article.

Anchor A Gun Safe To A Wall

Why Anchor A Gun Safe To The Wall?

It’s not hard to break into a safe with a fire axe if it’s bolted to the wall with enough horizontal space on each side. Depending on how big the safe is, you can even swing it to break into it.

Furthermore, I would like to make sure that a reason is explained why your safe should be anchored down. There are some who find it just too challenging and end up putting the safe on the floor and saying that’s how it goes.

However, this might be a bad idea. I mean, you’re putting your entire life’s worth of valuables into one safe. So why take any risks?

It is easy to see safes because they are large and noticeable. Is it easy to break into one? You can open it by turning it over or moving it off the property. And work on it later on.

It’s much more difficult for criminals to do these things when your safe is anchored to something, so your guns and valuables are much less likely to get stolen.

How To Bolt A Gun Safe To The Wall

Our article will give you everything you need to know about mounting a nightstand gun safe to a wall so that you’re confident in your techniques and effective results. Be sure to follow safe mounting strategies and alternate mounting locations.

Bolt A Gun Safe To The Wall

1. Identify The Safe’s Anchor Hole

Anchor holes are usually found around the base of gun safes. When installing a security safe, the first step is to locate this anchor hole. Anchor holes are common in most fingerprint gun safes, but there are a few exceptions.

You can make an anchor hole yourself if your gun safe doesn’t have one after checking. A metal support can be welded to it, or you can just chain it down.

2. Decide Where To Anchor The Safe

You need a strong anchoring site to mount your portable car safes. Cement walls are ideal. Anchoring the gun safe properly prevents the safe from falling over. Clear any obstacles from the cement route. These include carpets and flooring.

Put it in a place where it doesn’t draw attention or in an obvious spot. If you want your safe to be secure, make sure no one knows where it is. The more people see it, the more they’re interested in finding out what it’s all about.

3. Trace The Anchor Hole Outline On The Wall Before Drilling

The safe must be anchored at its original location in the next step. Make a mark on the wall where the anchor will be placed. Use a permanent marker to mark the hole. The misaligned holes will throw off the location of the gun safe.

Using a drilling hammer, the anchoring hole should be drilled 3 to 4 inches deep. Next, press the trigger to drill a hole at the anchor hole mark. Afterward, you should clean out the anchor hole of debris.

Compressed air will make things easier for you. Place the air nozzle at any angle you want. When you’re in position, spray air in the hole to get rid of any small debris.

nightstand gun safe

4. Anchor The Safe At Its Original Location

Once holes have been drilled, it is time to restore the gun safe to its original anchoring location. If you do this, you’ll make sure the anchor hole perfectly aligns with the holes you drilled in the cement wall.

While doing this, make sure the safe is level. A carpenter’s level can be used to determine whether the gun safe is level. To level out an unlevel safe, you can use shims.

5. Sink The Lag Bolt Into The Gun Safe To Secure It

There is a cement bolt, a cement washer, or a cement anchor in almost every anchoring kit. The washer should be pushed into the cement hole by sliding it onto the bolt. Tighten the hex nut to the threads using a socket wrench or pliers.

6. Install A Metal Support Beam In Your Gun Safe

You should align the gun safe with the metal support beam. You should then weld the two together. Next, examine the seam between the support and the gun safe using a torch. If the support and gun safe are in contact, seal the seam.

7. Mount The Safe To The Wall Stud

Stud finders can be used to locate studs in a wall. First, you’ll need to mark the studs on which you’ll secure the safe. Screw holes should be drilled exactly where the lines are marked. Next, the anchoring first alert handgun safe should be aligned with the holes drilled.

Fireproof pistol Safe

Is It Possible To Anchor A Fireproof Gun Safe?

The floor of a gun safe usually has anchor holes through which you can bolt it to concrete, wood, or other surfaces. However, most fireproof safes do not have mounting holes at the rear.

Extra holes in a safe will create more airflow, making it less fire-resistant and adding to its vulnerability. However, for those who want to mount to a wall, this is an issue.

The inside walls of a fire-rated safe are usually made of concrete or, more commonly, fire-boards, which are similar to drywall. Adding wall anchor holes through the materials in your safe begins to damage the integrity of its fire rating, thereby devaluing it.

The Best Way To Mount A Gun Safe Without Damaging The Floor

It’s easy to modify the rear of your safe if it doesn’t have a fire rating, so you don’t have to worry about destroying your fire rating. For the most part, you should drill two centered holes and the width of two wall studs apart (generally 24″ each).

The next step involves mounting the safe to the wall and then anchoring it to the wall with wood anchors. Those who do not want to damage their floors or rent their homes may benefit from this method. Patching a wall is much easier than replacing carpeting, laminate, or other floorings.

Fireproof Gun Safe

Note From The Author:

Consider a strong chain or lock if you can’t drill through your wall. Tie a chain around the safe if you can’t drill through your wall. A gun safe that is weighed down by cement is harder to move.

Depending on your skill level, you can do it yourself. If you cannot do it yourself, hire a carpenter. A great way to ensure that your firearms are safe at home is by using this method.

That’s how in-wall gun safes work. It’s also recommended that gun owners install a gun safe on their walls. But, when it comes to protecting your guns and other valuables, they always come out on top.

Final Words

The crime rate has been on the rise in recent years. You face different challenges every day that raise questions about your safety. You must use new strategies to protect what you have if you are a security-conscious person.

Time has changed, and old security methods will no longer work. People everywhere are concerned about personal belongings and valuables. It is interesting to note that gun owners are not left out either.

There is a growing concern among gun owners today about protecting their firearms at home. As a result, people are buying gun safes in increasing numbers. It isn’t possible to bolt every safe to a wall as you will end up damaging your safe.

However, if the safe can be bolted to a wall, it can be a great way to make a safe more secure, stay more protected, and not damage your home permanently. Hopefully, now you know how to anchor a gun safe to a wall.

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