How To Fit More Guns In A Safe?

How To Fit More Guns In A Safe

Gun safes are available in various sizes and forms, making it challenging to choose the right one for your firearms. The primary grievance among gun owners is that they often find they cannot store as many guns in the safe as they anticipated.

To fit more guns into a gun safe without compromising safety, you need to know what kind of firearm is being stored in the safe and how many guns are stored in that particular area.

If you’re storing rifles or shotguns, then you will have limited space available because they take up more space than handguns or pistols. One way to maximize space inside the safe is to use the gun safe’s existing space as efficiently as possible.

And to do that, you will have to get some accessories like magazine racks, handgun hangers, rifle rods, and more. This allows you to fit more guns inside your under bed gun storage without taking up too much space or needing to drill extra holes into it.

Gun Storage Solutions is a company that offers many different tools for organizing your pistol gun safe. Make sure to check them out before you plan on buying another safe just to increase your gun storage space.

More Guns Inside A Safe

Can You Add More Guns Inside A Safe?

The number of guns that can be stored in safes should be determined based on straight-stocked iron-sighted semiautomatic and lever-action rifles with straight stocks.

For a realistic idea of what the average consumer can fit without touching, any manufacturer estimates must be cut in half once bolt-action rifles, AR-15s, and/or rifles with scopes have been safely housed.

Regardless of how much space is available, there is always more to utilize. Unfortunately, most rifles and shotguns are scratched when stored in a gun safe or when being put in and taken out.

I’ve learned some alternate ways to fit more guns in my safe through experience and creative thinking. For example, we’ll get a few more in the box if we alternate one muzzle up and one muzzle down.

This technique involves placing a few AR-15s across a full rack with their stocks collapsed, but you have to be very careful not to scratch the guns. Gun Storage Solutions offers rifle rods, a clever and inexpensive idea.

Gun Safe

How To Organize Your Gun Safe To Fit More Guns?

People who own guns regret not purchasing a bigger safe. There is no such thing as too many guns.

Gun safe companies exaggerate gun capacities and underestimate the size of modern gun collections.

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There’s limited space in gun safes, but nobody’s stopping gun owners from stuffing as many guns in there as they can.

It is not only you who plays Tetris inside a gun safe if you own many guns.

Below are some suggestions for how you can fit more weapons in your gun safe:

1. Using Rifle Rods

Rods for long guns are intended to hold the firearm upright while it is stored. The shelves are attached to the bottom of gun barrels. A plastic rifle rod hangs on a fabric shelf with a loop fabric made from fabric.

With shorter rifles, you can only go so far with rifle rods. The rods work best if they sink a little into the barrel to keep the gun upright, but the farther they sink, the weaker their hold.

Small, barreled rifles (.22 caliber) can also be used with rods in addition to shotguns. In addition to preventing rifles from leaning against one another, a rifle rod maintains balance.

The idea is simple. Remove all the shelves from your safe, including the notches where the rifle forearm and barrel should go. You’ll need to cut the Velcro sheet that comes in the kit, so it fits under the shelf in the safe. Attach it with staples, tacks, or glue. Finally, put the top shelf back in.

Install the polymer rifle rod into the rifle muzzle, insert it into the safe, stand it vertically, and insert the rod into the Velcro. This will now allow the rifle or shotgun to stand vertically, requiring minimal space.

One row is stowed in the gaps between the rows behind it so several rifles and shotguns can fit inside easily. Because the rifle has to lean back into a supporting notch, the traditional way to put guns in safes uses a lot of floor space.

When a gun is angled, it takes up twice the space as if it were horizontal. Because Gun Storage Solutions means guns can be stored without leaning into a notch, safe floors have more space.

Pistol Safe

2. Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Since not all gun safe manufacturers make organizers, use the one from the manufacturer if you can’t find one that fits your door. There are also universal organizers for gun safe doors.

The inside of the door needs to have sufficient space between it and any shelving that is built into the doors. It is very difficult to store large quantities of items in gun safe fingerprint organizers.

Thus, you’ll be sure to pick the right one the first time. It takes just a few minutes to install door organizers for gun safes. The organizer is attached to the clip with a felt insert that is slipped between it and the door panel. No tools are required to mount organizers.

A safe door organizer uses unused internal space in a safe door to create extra storage space. Whether storing a handgun, ammunition, magazine, or other firearm accessory, these bags provide storage compartments and pockets.

In a portable vehical gun safe, an organizer hangs on the inside of the door. Fabric choices include nylon and mesh, some Velcro®, and others that are a full sheet, like a piece of Velcro, to which holsters and pockets can be attached. You can even customize the placement according to your brand.

Many organizers have a unique feature that allows you to customize placement. As a result, you can select which compartments go where on the organizer.

In this way, you accomplished an important goal by setting up a safe door that closes with enough clearance. Consider choosing the same brand of gun safe organizer as your safe.

Handgun Safe

3. Hangers For Handguns

Gun Storage Solutions also manufactures products that help to secure firearms both inside and outside the safe. For example, hangers for Handguns are plastic-covered metal rods that slide over the top shelf (or any shelf, for that matter) and then up the bore of the handgun.

It is possible to attach handguns above and under any shelf on the front edge, immediately inside the door, and down the back edge at the rear of the safe. In addition, it is possible to store more pistols inside the safe by using the vertical space.

Organizing your gun safe can also be made easier with the use of shelves. All you need to install the system is a shelf and a screwdriver.

Hangers for handguns can usually accommodate pistols that are no longer than 10 inches long and no larger than .22 calibers. Shelves need to be 1/2 to 1 inch thick. Each hanger is separate.

Don’t buy cheaply made items. For example, it is a common complaint that most universal handgun hangers are too flimsy and cannot support a heavy pistol.

4. Magnets With Rubber Coatings

The rubber-coated magnets that Gun Storage Solutions offers are useful for a wide range of tasks. I have a few of them, but I could always use more.

Easily attachable to any metal surface such as a safe, cabinet, or bed frame, these magnets securely hold rifles or handguns that come in contact with them.

Two large magnets are embedded in each rubber strip. You can use the two magnets to hold the pistol under a shelf or against a bed frame.

Cut the magnets in two, and you can use them to attach spare magazines and rifles and shotguns leaning against the safe’s side. Compared to traditional storage methods behind doors or corners, magnets are more organized and secure.

Gun Safe

5. Gun Safe Pistol Racks

A gun rack is a holder that holds guns for storage. This type of rack is also referred to as a weapon rack or handgun rack. Rows of handguns are arranged side by side on these racks.

You should look for the following features in a pistol rack:

  • Lubricants can’t get inside closed cells.
  • Modular designs.
  • Absorbs shocks.

Handguns can be stored more conveniently and efficiently with these. Depending on its size, you can store a certain number of handguns in the rack.

It is advantageous to store your handguns on handgun racks since they can be accessed easily. In addition, the majority of them can accommodate handguns regardless of their caliber, including those with or without magazines.

Various magazine racks are available, including racks with extra compartments for magazines. In addition, you can add modular racks to extend their length.

Final Words

Those who don’t own a bigger gun safe regret not getting one. When you consider everything a modern gun collection has, optics, etc., safe manufacturers exaggerate the capacity ratings.

Rifle Rods can help you get that safe capacity rating up to snuff and save you from having to buy a bigger one. When buying a drawer gun safe, make sure you get one with a lot of space to fit more guns inside.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful. Using this guide, you can fit more guns inside a gun safe. The guide does not provide an exhaustive list of tips and tricks, but it contains some helpful guidelines.

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