How To Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight?

How To Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight

**Gun safes** are **crucial** for every home **since** they lock up firearms and weapons, keeping them away from those who shouldn’t have access. But, a lot of these safes get found and **broken** into easily, which means they’re not as secure as they need to be.

That is why a gun safe that is hidden on the wall and out of sight will be better than one that is not. There are many reasons why gun owners choose to hide a gun safe in plain sight.

The first reason why people hide their guns in plain sight is that they are afraid of thieves. If you have a safe hidden away, it’s not going to be easy for someone else to find it and steal your valuables.

The second reason is that if you have a gun safe hidden away, it might make you feel safer about the safety of your home or family members.

Many people think that they can hide a gun safe in plain sight by putting it behind a painting or hiding it on the side of the wall. However, these methods do not work well because burglars can easily see the safe when they are looking for something valuable.

To get around this, you should put your safe in an visually prominent area but doesn’t attract attention. This will make it harder for burglars to find and steal your gun without being caught.

Hide A Gun Safe

Here Are Some Ways You Can Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight

As the world becomes more aware of gun violence, many people are looking for ways to prevent their guns from being stolen. One way is to hide a gun safe in plain sight. If you want to keep your gun safe hidden, then you need to find the right spot for it.

There are many ways that you can hide a gun safe in plain sight. If you have the space and don’t mind having the safe out of sight, then you could put it on a high shelf or inside a cabinet.

If you don’t have enough space for that, other options might work better for your needs. Depending on the type and size of the safe, there are several ways to conceal your gun safes. Safes designed for small guns are usually suitable for concealment.

However, this guide will show you the simplest and most effective methods to hide large and small gun safes unnoticed in plain sight.

1. Keeping It Under The Table

To store your weapons safely inside the table, you can purchase the table from the market and add a compartment.

The table can also be placed in your bedroom, kitchen, guest room, etc. Because it is easily accessible, I recommend placing the table in your bedroom. You can easily install a handgun safe for nightstand beside the table.

2. Fake Wall Outlets / Air Vents

If you’re looking to trick intruders or prying eyes, a hidden fake wall outlet or fake air vent is a great option. There are several designs or different models available from wall outlets to air vents.

As they cannot be easily detected or accessed by outsiders or intruders, they are good choices for home security and gun concealment. Either you can purchase one and install it at home, or you can build one yourself.

Gun Safe In Plain Sight

3. Inside A Picture Frame Box

If they do not take up much storage space, you may want to consider hiding your handguns, pistols, or revolvers in the picture frame box. You can even keep a pistol safe with fingerprint lock there.

4. Concealed Flags

In addition to wooden and fabric materials, pure wood can also be used to make concealment flags.

It can also serve as an indication of your patriotism in addition to serving as a weapon safe concealment method. Concealing flags are typically mounted on walls.

5. In Garage

For those who cannot find a hidden place in their house, they can also hide the unit in their garage. Make sure that place is only accessible by you, as no one else should be able to find it. Keep the humidity in check using a good dehumidifier.

6. Gun Safe That Looks Like A Book

Many movie plots feature plain sight hiding places for valuables, like the book gun safe. Give this method a try. It’s not easy to find a gun safe that looks like a book.

To accomplish this, you should choose a book with a thick cover and a lot of pages. You can just cut out your exact gun shape in the middle of the book by flipping open some pages.

Close the book after you have placed your gun inside. Gun safes are rarely hidden among books on a shelf, but intruders may not think to look for them.

gun Safe

7. Using the Gun Concealment Bench

The next option is to hide the guns inside a concealment bench, where the intruder will have difficulty finding them.

If you want to store your weapons in it, however, you will need a gun concealment bench.

8. The Secret Mirror Concealed Gun Safe

A secret mirror is also part of the gun-safe storage furniture collection. An exterior mirror hides hidden gun safes behind it, making it suitable for storing shotguns as well as small guns. Of course, ammunition and other valuables can be stored inside as well.

9. Under The Bed

If your bed is large enough for you to conceal your gun safe under the bed, that would be the best option.

First, as soon as an emergency occurs, you will have easy access to the unit. Second, an unknown individual cannot see it.

Gun Safe in Hidden Wall

10. The Cabinet Gun Safe

A cabinet gun safe is another convenient option for hiding firearms. There is an additional sliding compartment on the inside of this piece of furniture that is made to resemble a cabinet on the outside.

Many of them come in designs that are easy to use on a daily basis without creating suspicion. In addition, families with extra adults or kids can utilize them since they are easily accessible.

11. The Shelf With a Hidden Compartment

Furniture pieces that you already have built with the additional function of concealing a gun safe can be used for this project. You have the advantage of being able to access your gun safe easily when using this method to hide your gun safe.

Shelf installation and use are usually straightforward. A key can be used to unlock the hidden compartment, a button can be pushed, or the concealed compartment can be removed by simply sliding out.

Long or short guns and most types of ammunition can be concealed on a hidden gun safe shelf. As well as serving as a bookshelf, coffee table, or side table, these designs usually do not require additional modifications to your interior space.

What About Tactical Walls?

Steel-safe tactical walls are installed between two spikes or studs inside a wall. In most cases, your choice of design will cover the frontal area of the tactical wall.

Mirrors, glass shelves, chalkboards, huge picture frames, dry erase boards, heirlooms, paintings, or custom images can be included.

A tactical wall is typically small and only available in one size. They can only store small guns such as pistols and ammunition, which differs from hidden storage furniture. Long guns cannot be stored in them due to their size.

As a result, they are an unbeatable choice because they can be mounted and concealed securely. Furthermore, other valuables and documents can also be stored in them.

It is easy to build tactical walls underground, and they can be installed quickly. As seen in the movies, it is possible to carve out a space underneath your living room for the safe to be installed.

It can be straightforward to blend and conceal your flooring depending on what material it is made of. In the case of wood, this is extremely simple. You might consider using a rug, a carpet couch, or a coffee table to hide that spot from prying eyes if you have another type of flooring.

Importance Of Keeping A Gun Safe Hidden

In addition to guns, gun safes can be used for securing cash, jewelry, ammo, important documents, etc. However, sometimes only securing your weapons and other valuables is not enough if your gun safe is not secured and hidden from strangers.

Gun ownership is unquestionably beneficial for your security and safety. You should, however, know how to handle and store your gun properly. Failure to do so can pose a security risk to the owner.

The importance of owning a gun safe can’t be overstated. Guns and other valuables should be kept out of the reach of children and adults in a safe.

It is equally important to conceal your gun safe as to hide your firearm. Simple methods exist to hide your gun safe, even in plain sight, without making it obvious to intruders or noisy neighbors while allowing the owner to access it easily.

One of the easiest ways to ensure a gun safe’s longevity and safety is to learn how to tuck it away in plain sight.

Final Words

You might not be able to protect your gun safe against drilling or tampering by an intruder if you are not at home or at the office and someone breaks into your house. Keeping a gun hidden in plain sight is a good way to protect it.

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