How To Organize A Gun Safe The Best Way

How To Organize A Gun Safe The Best Way

It’s no secret that your gun safe might not be as organized as it could or should be. There’s always going to be some unused space. That’s why it’s crucial to understand what items should and shouldn’t be stored in your gun safe.

Many people are terrified and concerned about gun safety in the wake of recent mass shootings. Many people are also interested in learning how to organize a gun safe but don’t know where to start.

This article will teach you how to organize a gun safe to make it easy for you to find your guns and keep them secure.

Organize A Gun Safe

Why Do You Need To Organize Your Gun Safe?

Gun safes come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s important that you get one that fits your needs and the space available in your home. After that, you will have to figure out how you will keep all your firearms and other valuables inside the safe.

It is important to organize your gun safe so that it will be easy for you to find the firearms, ammunition, and accessories you need. When organizing your gun safe bed, it is important to consider where each item goes.

You should also make sure that all the firearms are secured in a proper place so that they don’t get mixed up. This will make everything easier for you to find and access.

Most Common Mistake To Avoid When Organizing A Gun Safe

What are the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to organizing their gun safes? The most common mistake is overfilling their gun safes with items other than firearms.

Overfilling your gun safe can make it difficult to find what you need quickly in case of an emergency. You might think that you are doing your gun safe a favor by filling it up, but the truth is, you are actually doing more harm than good.

If a safe is overfilled, the items will push against the bolts, making it hard for the lock to work properly. If the gun safe handle becomes difficult to turn, you may be unable to open it all together.

Organizing A Gun Safe

Ways To Organize A Gun Safe

One of the biggest problems we hear from customers is storage space. The biggest regret we hear from them is buying too small. Though we can’t make your safe bigger, we can make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

The interior of a gun safe can be configured in many ways, especially if you purchase a gun safe that offers flexibility. Home safes with flexible interiors are the best because they allow your collection to grow and change over time while accommodating your space.

1. Hangers & Racks

Hangers and racks are a great option if you do not want to use power tools or modify your safe in any way. It is possible to transform your gun safe space by simply adding pistol hangers with safe or organizing racks.

2. Panels

You can make good use of unused space even if you aren’t a handyman by utilizing a door panel organizer. Essentially, if you have a behind-the-door organizer, you can also use it to organize your guns.

With this easy-to-implement solution, you will get the same benefits as those listed above with a more straightforward method. Do you want a cost-effective solution? Take an old closet door organizer and modify it to use in your gun safe.

3. Pegboards

Would you like to utilize that unused space in your safe even though it does not have a fabric-lined interior?

If you do not wish to bother installing velcro material to your safe, consider installing a pegboard instead. Not only does this display style maximize space, but it’s a sleek way to display and store firearms as well.

4. Magnets & Velcro

Because most vehical gun safes are made of metal and layered with fabric, adding accessories such as magnets and velcro is a great way to keep things organized. Additionally, as a result of optimizing unusable space, these features free up a great deal of space within a gun safe.

Organizing Gun Safe

Accessories To Maximize Your Gun Safe Storage Space

Apart from the flexible interior, you can personalize and maximize your gun safe’s storage capacity with an array of after-market gun safe accessories. Take a look at some extra gun safe accessories to help you save space.

Door Panel Storage

Utilizing the space between your door and shelves, door panel organizers help you maximize shelf space. The mounting brackets for these organizers are designed specifically for gun safes.

Vaultek Universal Display Rack

We love this handgun storage accessory. Most bedside gun safes have a top shelf that fits neatly on top of it, so you can easily organize and store handguns there. Plus, you can customize your setup with additional modules, such as magazine storage.

Handgun Hanger – Over/Under Shelf

You can store two handguns in the over/under handgun hanger in a minimum amount of space, depending on your storage needs. The Sportsman setup is particularly attractive since you can take advantage of the space above and below the top shelf with this accessory.

Liberty’s Rifle Rods

It is a plush solution to store items in the traditional slots in a safe. However, because of those extras, you can only store fewer guns. Compared to traditional racks, rifle rods allow you to store 50% more guns.

The rods are each 16-inches long, so they can be used with a variety of guns. Additionally, they can be paired with scopes, double barrel weapons, and shorter AR-15s. The kits include fabric loops, so you don’t need to drill into your shelving unit to install the rods.

Gun Safe

Tips For Organizing A Gun Safe Interior

It’s important to make sure that the interior of your gun safe is organized, whether you’re a hunter, a shooter, or just someone who needs to keep firearms in a safe place. You will find this section especially helpful if you are looking for some tips on how to organize a gun safe interior.

Tip #1

The most number of long guns and shotguns can be stored by removing all the adjustable shelves and shelf covers. If you have a lot of guns, this is an ideal setup.

In addition to having a small amount of shelf space at the top of your safe, you can also use it to store items such as handguns.

Tip #2

Long-gun storage can be easily accessed by removing the shelf covers and adjustable shelving from the right side.

Owners of gun safes, especially big game modern hunters, usually set them up this way. The left-hand shelves allow for easy organization of ammunition, handguns, and other valuables.

Tip #3

You can access multiple rows of slots for long-gun storage by removing the adjustable shelves and shelf covers on the left side. Bird hunters with an extensive shotgun collection should consider this setup.

Gun Safe for home

Note From The Author:

The amount of space in your gun safe diminishes as time passes and your collection of firearms grows. As a result, it is likely that you are wondering what you should do next.

Are you considering buying a new safe or upgrading the safe storage you currently own?

Both of these options exist, but many people do not have the space to install a new storage solution or the additional funds to do so.

Therefore, to maximize the space in your gun safe, we have compiled some tips on how to organize it.

When it comes to organizing your gun safe, there are several routes you can take. In the end, it is up to you which route you will choose.

Final Words

In the end, there are several ways to organize your gun safe, and it’s important to choose the organization style that works for you.

The suggestions above can help you find the right solution for you since everyone’s preferences are different. It is good to stock up on firearm accessories while organizing your gun safe. Hopefully, now you know how to best organize a gun safe.

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