How To Pick A Gun Safe Lock With A Paperclip?

Gun Safe Lock With A Paperclip

Having a locked gun safe is troublesome for sure. And if you are facing this kind of problem, then we have some solutions for you.

Although you don’t have a key, still you can get out of this trouble by using a paperclip. Yes, it’s the easiest way to unlock any kind of locks.

You just need to know how to pick a gun safe lock with a paperclip. Know more about it by reading the details below.

How To Pick A Gun Safe Lock With A Paperclip

Things are simple to apply with a paperclip. If you cannot unlock your gun safe, then a small paperclip can get you out of this trouble. Let’s see the complete process of unlocking your gun safe lock.

Things you will need are:

  • 2-3 paper clips
  • Pliers

1. Prepare Your Materials

The first thing should be the preparation of the things you will need to do the unlocking. And to do that, make a list of what things you need.

You don’t need a lot of things. You just need some paperclips and a pair of pliers. Two paper clips will be enough for this technique.

One is to make like a tension wrench and the other is like a pick. And a pair of pliers will help you to give the paperclip the perfect shape that you need.

So, those are the things you need to be careful of. And according to that, you need to organize all the things before getting into the procedure. 

2. Unfold The Clips

After that, you need to start the process. And for that, you need a paperclip and a pair of pliers. Take a paperclip and unfold it with the help of pliers.

Start with the edge of the paperclip. Hold the edge with pliers and put much pressure to unfold it properly.

As you know, paper clips have shapes. And to unfold it, you need to do proper use of the pliers. Otherwise, the paperclip might break.

The paperclip should be fully straight so that you can insert it as a pick into the lock. You can also make a small bend into the tip of it for easy use.

3. Make Another One Like A Tension Wrench

Now, take another paperclip to make like a tension wrench. The shape should be like two straight wires with a curve at the end.

The length of it should be about 1cm long and the curve should be a 90° bend. It is another kind of tension wrench that also can work well. But it is slightly different than the others.

All you should be careful of is, you need two types of the wrench. One is straight and the other is like a 90° curve.

4. Inserting Into The Lock

After finishing all the preparation, now you have to do the process. And the first thing would be inserting the tension wrench into the keyhole.

One thing you need to make sure of is that you shouldn’t give much pressure on it. Just slightly put it into the gun safe lock hole and apply pressure just the way the lock turns.

It might not be that easy for you if you have no experience. Practice for some time and you will see, you can do it easily.

You don’t need to put a lot of pressure because that’s how the shape of the wrench might get spoiled. Put enough pressure but in a gentle way.

5. Use The Wrench In The Direction That The Lock Turns

Keep holding the wrench and turn it in the right direction. The right direction means to turn it as the lock turns. As you are working with a gun safe lock, you should know how to give pressure.

That’s why if you don’t know in what direction the lock turns, then know the thing first and then use the wrench.

As we said before, don’t push it too hard. You need to turn the lock in a gentle way to get the proper results quickly.

6. Rake By Inserting Pick

After that, take the pick that you have made with another paperclip and insert it into the hole. You just need to do raking by pushing the pick inside the back of the keyhole.

In this process, keep pressuring the tension wrench. That’s how the pick can work with it properly. Insert the pick and then remove it as soon as possible when you are jiggling it in an upward direction. 

Make sure the motion is smooth. You might not be able to unlock it in a single try. You have to keep trying for some time.

7. Pressuring On The Tension Wrench

Keep pressuring the tension rack by the pick. After that, try to identify the pins to set. Generally, there could be five pins that you should match. And if you could do it, then the locks will immediately open.

8. Depress The Pins Carefully

You might notice when you insert the pick, the pins stay against the lock. That’s how you know where to give a push and where to depress. 

You must apply good pressure to the tension wrench in a gentle way. And when you feel there is something unlocked, you need to depress the pins carefully.

9. Keep Doing That Until The Pin Unlocks

At that time, you need to add more pressure inside with the help of the tension wrench. While doing that, you notice there is a sound that occurs, something like a click.

And that means the lock is unlocked. Rotate the tension wrench to unlock it properly.

Wrap Up

The simplest way we have described to you. Hope that you get some proper ideas of how to pick a gun safe lock with a paperclip.

There could be other techniques too that might help you more. But we are trying to give you the simplest way of doing it so that whenever you need to unlock your gun safe, it wouldn’t be difficult for you.

Let us know if this trick helps you to get out of that trouble. Also, share your experience with us!

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