How To Secure A Gun Safe In An Apartment?

How To Secure A Gun Safe In An Apartment

Residing in a small apartment might make the idea of purchasing a gun safe seem daunting. Nonetheless, there are methods to make a gun safe a feasible option for you.

There are many different types of gun safes, but the most common type is the wall-mounted gun safe, which can be screwed into a wall stud.

When securing your gun safe, the most important thing to remember is to make sure it’s not visible. In addition, it is important to remember that if you have any children in the house, your gun should be locked away from them.

This is especially true for toddlers and young children who can’t understand how dangerous guns can be. When securing your gun, keep in mind that it needs to be accessible but secure enough so that no one else can access it without knowing the code.

 A Gun Safe In An Apartment

Can You Have A Gun Safe In An Apartment?

Gun safes are undoubtedly the most secure and safest option available in terms of storing guns. In addition, gun safes are affordable for the average gun owner, and even the cheapest models offer significant advantages over other gun storage options.

Gun safes are heavy, so keep that in mind when living in an apartment. Many larger gun safes weigh thousands of pounds and can cause excessive stress on the top floors of apartments.

There are small, high-security options for storing guns in an apartment building that offer the same level of security without destroying the top floor.

Before you start getting guns, you need to know how your apartment building handles firearms. The landlord’s lease policy and state law determine if a tenant can store a firearm in a rental property.

Guns aren’t allowed on rental property in some states. Your landlord is usually in charge of this. The best thing you can do if your landlord forbids firearms is to arrange for safe storage of your guns elsewhere.

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It is common for landlords and rental property companies to permit tenants to store firearms in apartments.

Review your lease agreement with your property manager and discuss further details with them.

Depending on the apartment complex, additional rules concerning gun ownership may apply.

For example, the dispensing of firearms in open areas like the office, the pool, the gym, and other amenities.

Here Is How You Can Secure A Gun Safe In An Apartment

There have been gun safes in homes since the invention of guns. They’re usually built into the walls or floors. You have a lot of choices for a gun safe, but not all of them will work in an apartment.

Check with your landlord or building management company before buying a gun safe to see if you can use it in your apartment. If you can, then follow these steps:

1. Be As Discreet As Possible

Don’t tell people you have guns. Use nondescript gun cases when moving guns in and out of your apartment, and don’t put up signs that might lure criminals.

This prevents criminals from seeing the guns and trying to steal them. In addition, a gun that has another person’s name engraved on it is much harder to sell. As a result, you can mark your guns with an engraving pen.

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2. Renters Insurance

Guns are valuable, just like anything else. Therefore, it is important to protect and care for them properly. When living in an apartment, you might want to consider getting renters insurance.

The cost of renters insurance is usually pretty affordable, and you can get coverage that protects your firearms. Be sure to document your evidence carefully with pictures.

3. Pick a Smart Location

Places where thieves will look for guns, such as drawers and mattresses, should not be used to store guns. Unfortunately, there are people who keep their guns in a safe in their living room so they can access them easily.

Be aware that lighter gun safes can be moved easily. Therefore, safes should be bolted to the floor, and the combination should be turned far from the correct dial so that people can’t gain access easily.

The final thing you should do is don’t hide the guns in places that are subject to extreme temperatures because they can damage the firearms and bullets, causing them to malfunction or not work the way they should.

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4. Make Sure Your Apartment Space Is Adequate

Make sure your firearms are stored in the best places in your apartment. If you live on an upper floor, a conventional safe may weigh more than the weight limit of your floor.

Keeping your weapon protected in a concealed safe eliminates the need to carry it everywhere you go. Placing a concealment picture frame or clock on a shelf, mantel, or tabletop will conceal the gun.

If you have a larger firearm, consider concealment art for storing it. Using this type of storage keeps the gun off the ground and uses space that would otherwise be unused.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about how to secure a gun safe in an apartment. We know there’s no perfect solution (that we know of), but we’re going to recommend a couple of things to our readers that might work for you.

5. Don’t Show Your Guns

The security offered by hiding the guns cannot compare to that offered by a gun safe, but it is better than nothing. False containers work great when hiding guns in the pantry.

Thieves do not often look in the pantry. Many people make their own false containers because the ones in stores look fake. Some people keep their guns in garment bags and hang them up in the closet with their clothes.

6. Bolt Down Gun Safes In Your Apartment

There are gun safes that are hundreds of pounds in weight and those that are small enough for criminals to carry away. You shouldn’t consider these lighter, cheaper gun safes to protect against theft, fire, or other threats.

Install a gun safe far away from the front door, in a closet, or a location where it will not be disturbed. Even though criminals might look here, it will take some effort and time to open this safe.

Even a criminal with a lot of guts knows the clock is ticking and won’t have time to open a gun safe anchored to the floor.

On the other hand, renters and apartment owners who are concerned about damage can easily fix a wall if needed with a little spackle or pull back some carpet to bolt it down with a little bolt.

Glue the carpet back down when your lease is over. You don’t even have to do perfect repair work when you bolt a gun safe in a closet.

7. Attach A Steel Slab To Your Safe

First, you’ll need to get a heavy-duty steel slab that’s about a quarter-inch thick. Make sure it is larger than your door frame. This will prevent a burglar from quickly grabbing the steel slab and leaving since the slab is larger than the door.

Place the slab where you intend to mount the gun safe and use the holes on the bottom of the safe to secure it to the slab. It would be difficult and time-consuming for a burglar to remove the safe if they had to cut through the slab.

8. Make Your Safe Wall-Mounted Instead Of Floor-Mounted

You should check with your landlord before you bolt your safe to the wall instead of the floor since not all of them will be comfortable with this method.

Start your project by locating the perfect location for your safe if you are allowed to bolt it to the wall. You should choose an angle so that the safe can be bolted to two walls rather than one.

It is now time to find the studs for the safe. If you bolt your safe to drywall, it can easily be torn off by a burglar. To install a safe on studs, it is recommended that you hire a professional.

It will be necessary to drill holes directly into your safe walls at the center of the studs, to which it will be bolted. By drilling holes in the body of the safe, you will void the warranty if your safe has a fire rating. Before drilling, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

What You Need To Know Before Installing An Apartment Safe

You need to store your firearm securely in a gun safe when you own a firearm. It can be difficult to set up a safe in an apartment if you live in one. If you drill holes in your landlord’s floor, odds are he won’t be happy.

What can you do to make sure your safe is secure without bolting it? Take a look at these rental-friendly ways you can keep your apartment safe and secure without upsetting your landlord.

1. Check With Your Landlord

To mount a safe securely, bolts are needed, so the wall or floor may be damaged. If you don’t own the apartment, you should ask the owner’s permission first.

If your tenant lets you move out, they are likely to impose some restrictions. Your landlord is likely to demand that you remove the safe and leave the apartment eventually.

2. The Best Hiding Place May Not Be The Best

Burglars won’t linger around for long. Typically burglars stay in the house for eight minutes, but that doesn’t mean they’re clueless.

Most homeowners don’t think burglars will find their safes, so they head straight for them. However, I bet you didn’t think you could hide a safe under the sink.

Why It Is Important To Install A Safe In An Apartment

Following is a list of some of the many benefits that a dependable safe can bring to a homeowner:

  • By preventing unauthorized access, you can keep burglars out.
  • It is your responsibility as a gun owner to protect children.
  • There’s no way for your guests to get to your gun.
  • You can get to your safe easily.
  • It can keep your guns and ammo safe from fire.
  • Safely stores important documents, credit cards, and cash.

You might consider these advantages when deciding whether or not to install a safe in your apartment.

However, even with these measures in place, you should still make sure your gun safe is protected from intruders who might want to get into the safe easily.

Note From The Author:

In the United States, the number of people renting housing has increased significantly since the late 1990s. Renting an apartment, a townhome, or a house is a popular option for individuals for many reasons.

With protests often turning violent and stay-at-home orders being issued frequently, home security has never been more crucial. In the event that someone attempts to break into your house, your firearms can provide you and your family with protection.

You may find it difficult to install a safe in an apartment. There is a good chance that your landlord won’t be happy when you drill holes in the floor. That is why gun owners should use bedside gun safes to store their firearms.

When storing a gun safely, apartment tenants are frequently restricted by a lack of storage space. There is usually no additional storage space in apartments, such as a garage, attic, or basement.

Apartment and condominium properties make it difficult to store firearms. Therefore, it is recommended to install a gun safe discreetly in an apartment. A nightstand gun safe should be bolted down or secured with a steel cable even if it is not locked.

Final Words

Many people are looking for ways to store their firearms safely in their apartments. They want to keep them away from children and don’t want to risk having them stolen.

Also, if you conceal carry, it is better to have two different gun safes—one at home and the other one in your car. Car safes are necessary, which most tend to overlook.

To secure your gun safe in an apartment, you can make sure that it is not exposed and easily accessible. You should also be mindful of how often you use the safe and where it is placed.

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