How To Store Guns Without A Safe? Different Gun Storage Methods Explained

How To Store Guns Without A Safe

Safe storage of guns can be done through a variety of methods. A common method is to store them in a gun safe or gun cabinet. What if you don’t have a safe and want to store your guns in a safe place?

While some don’t even have a gun safe to store their weapon properly, others have a bigger gun safe than they have guns. So, if you belong to the first group of people, you are in the right place.

We have all the gun storage solutions you need if you don’t have a safe or are thinking about buying one soon. Firearms should be kept in gun safes in order to ensure their safety. If you don’t have access to a gun safe, what can you do? It will still be necessary for you to secure your firearms. 

While even the cheapest gun safes are better than not having a safe, for the time being, you will have to look elsewhere to store your guns without a safe.

That being said, always consider purchasing a gun safe or gun vault for long-term storage of your firearm. This will give you the extra protection that you need when storing your guns.

Is It A Good Idea To Store Guns Without A Gun Safe?

You might want to consider a few things first if you don’t live alone and have kids or other family members living with you.

The first thing you should do if you have kids is to make sure your guns are stored safely. The whole point of owning a firearm is to be able to defend ourselves, and taking firearms safety precautions too seriously can somewhat defeat that goal.

Therefore, it is essential to find a safe place to store your guns and have access to them when the time comes. Storing your firearm out of sight is the best way to keep it safe from intruders. A nightstand safe should be more than enough for this job.

I’ve no doubt you’re a responsible person who wants to prevent unauthorized access to guns. This is why you’re reading this blog post, isn’t it?

A gun safe is the only option you have if you wish to keep your firearms. But, without one, what is the alternative? Do you store them in a separate room or elsewhere? If so, how can you prevent unauthorized access to your guns?

In reality, there are a lot of things you can do. Here are some cool ways to store guns without a safe that I’d like to share with you.

Without gun Safe

The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

A variety of storage methods exist to keep guns safe. Whether they are in a locked cabinet, gun safe, or hidden in a safe place, there are different ways to store firearms.

In today’s world, many gun owners cannot afford to purchase a safe to store weapons. Here are some suggestions for storing guns securely without a safe. You can then determine which method will increase your safety the most.

1. Creating A False Wall Or Ventilation

The system looks like something out of a movie, but it is highly effective and popular for securing firearms. Usually, only people with a large budget are able to choose this option.

A credible vent or false wall will need to be built by an architect. Despite the fact that it takes much more time and effort, this is also a job that many do-it-yourselfers can do.

Once the holes have been drilled in the walls, boards or wood will need to be used in order to complete the job. Then, paint the wall with a color that matches exactly that of the wall.

However, it is not very effective in an emergency, as it does not provide quick access to weapons. You can also achieve the same result by creating a false floor.

2. Use Shotgun Mounts

For your gun to be safe and efficient, you need secure storage space. In the event of an emergency, shotguns are required on a number of occasions, including for store safety.

Due to this, many different shotgun mounts let you mount this firearm in the most appropriate location. Choosing the right location is critical.

If not, your gun could also fall into the wrong hands. This would make your shotgun a threat against you. That being said, shotgun mounts are the most convenient option in terms of effort and budget. You won’t need a gun safe for this.

3. Inside A Lock Box

In addition to a lockbox, there are various methods for storing a set of important items that are lightweight and portable. It is possible to carry your firearm and ammunition in this way. Those wishing to store or transport long guns can also opt for large models.

It is also one of the most effective methods of preventing oxidation of the weapons as well as storing them. The lockboxes are filled with silica gel packs. In terms of safety boxes, this is usually the cheapest and most useful.

gun safe

4. A Small Pistol Safe

A pistol safe is an excellent choice if you need to hide weapons, jewelry, valuable documents, or cash. These small handgun safes can also be located in a very safe and discreet area, making them a very efficient alternative. It is ideal for storing guns and small valuables.

Additionally, it is a small and economical option with a high degree of security. The interior is accessible in several ways. Security codes, fingerprints, and conventional keys are usually used. In addition, an armored mounting and security cable maximizes the safe’s security.

5. Gun Cases

Gun cases are a cheap way to store some weapons. They are also a convenient and portable way of transporting some weapons. In addition, the user can carry his weapon wherever he pleases comfortably.

You will not have to worry about rust or moisture with your weapons. However, due to their robust locking systems and high levels of security, these gun cases can be difficult to operate at night.

To prevent intruders from getting their hands on these weapons, they are usually split up into different compartments inside the cabinet. In addition, some users include cabinets as a means of distracting intruders.

Such designs often fool people. They usually have an upper layer to store instruments like violins or gutters. It’s under here where you’ll find the ammunition and weapons to keep the family safe.

6. Gun Cabinet

Connoisseurs in our area tend to like gun cabinets the most. These are the primary alternatives to gun safes. They normally come in two types.

The first cabinet is a general one, and the second one is a glass door cabinet. The glass door cabinet is one way to display weapons.

In contrast, the general gun cabinet has a door constructed from a combination of wood, board, and steel.

Having all these weapons displayed in unsecure units when you do not have a gun store does not seem very convenient. So, it’s usually a good idea to have a general cabinet to avoid the weapons falling into the wrong hands.

Without Pistol Safe

7. Trigger Lock

Preventive measures like the trigger lock are a great way to prevent problems. Trigger locks in guns are effective in preventing many unwanted accidents. Most modern guns have the trigger lock function.

Alternatively, a lock or cable lock can also be used as an external locking device. As a result, accidents with children or people who are not familiar with guns can be prevented.

8. Gun Storage Bag

The best option today is to use a gun storage bag. You can also use other, more efficient options. These items include safety boxes or weapons boxes where each weapon can be stored separately. It is unlikely that gun safes will be needed.

If you’re concerned about moisture, a gun storage bag can help. The metal on a gun may be damaged by moisture. I use a transparent VCI bag to store mine. It’s a good option that prevents the metal from rusting.

Things To Consider When Storing Guns Without a Gun Safe

If you don’t have a safe gun in your house, you should avoid the following aspects when planning how to store your guns.

Never Store Loaded Weapons

It is best to only keep one loaded weapon on hand to avoid a situation. It is suggested that all other weapons be unloaded if the person has other weapons. By unloading all other weapons, domestic accidents can be avoided much more easily.

Gun Without A Safe

Make Sure Weapons Are Out Of Sight

There is no need to reiterate what seems obvious. Whatever method is selected should not be overly obvious but also not clearly visible.

A user with efficiency in mind should choose a false wall. A person who keeps weapons in that place would make it very obvious if it is not discreet enough.


There are some areas where theft is a major problem. Keeping your gun in a difficult place to find is important if you live in an area where theft is a problem.

Keep in mind, however, that accessibility is equally important. It is impossible to predict when you will need your weapon.

Maintain A Budget

We have considered different options with different budgets. Users with numerous weapons should evaluate their budget. There aren’t always safe places to store all kinds of weapons, and accidents can happen at any time, anywhere.

Use The Right Storage Method

There are a number of ways to store your guns without a gun safe here, so you shouldn’t choose based on randomness. Instead, according to the characteristics of the user’s house, he or she should choose the best option.

Choosing Suitable Locations

It’s also important to note that criminals are smarter than you might think. It’s easy for them to find out which rooms contain guns and other valuables.

Therefore, you should store your gun in unusual places. If your house lacks this kind of room, then you might need to invest in a more durable structure, such as a gun safe.

Can A Gun Be Stored Without A Safe? Is It Legal?

The possession of several guns is perfectly legal in many places. It does not matter where you keep them. Having guns in the house is not illegal, so that isn’t the real issue. Where people store their weapons is the real problem.

The wrong place to store weapons can lead to sudden accidents. Many children have found weapons and caused accidents as a result. This occurs when weapons are not properly stored. Leaving weapons in plain sight makes them a threat when the wrong person gets their hands on them.

Tips To Keep Your Gun Safe When Storing It Without A Safe

Make sure the gun can be secured for the reason why it needs to be secured. When securing your gun, you should also consider the following:

  • Whenever possible, point the muzzle of a firearm safely in order to prevent injury in the event of an accidental discharge.
  • Make sure your finger is not on the trigger unless you intend to shoot.
  • Make sure that your guns are unloaded when not in use.
  • Forbid anyone else from touching your gun unless you gave them permission. Keep your gun away from children at all times.
  • It is not a good idea to store ammunition with your firearm.
  • You should lock up your gun once you have finished using it. Be sure to clean it and unload it before storing it.
  • If you find a firearm unattended, be sure everyone in your family knows how to handle it.

Author’s Note:

When it comes to storing guns without a safe, choosing the best method is very important. Gun accidents in a home are prevented because of this decision.

When you choose the right storage, you increase the degree of protection against intruders. So, choose your storage carefully.

Final Words

Everyone needs a different safe storage solution. But no matter what method you choose, it has to provide an adequate level of protection so unauthorized people can’t access the guns.

Gun owners are responsible for determining what constitutes “adequate protection” for themselves. So how do you decide which safe gun storage system best suits your individual needs?

The answer depends on the gun you own, your living situation, and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Collectors want more storage space. Sports shooters want something that can be carried around.

The speed of access to firearms will concern people who keep them at home. Understanding what the various kinds of safe storage devices can and cannot do helps to take a step back and understand what firearms can and cannot do.

A firearm storage device can perform several important functions: First, they prevent the firearm from being operated by an unauthorized individual. Another benefit of these devices is that they protect the gun from physical damage, thus protecting its value.

They can also serve as a deterrent against theft. As with other forms of technology, a safe storage system tends to be more expensive the more features it offers. That is why you won’t find a single location or method that can be said as the best location to store guns without a safe.

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