How To Unload A Gun Safe By Yourself?

How To Unload A Gun Safe By Yourself?

To begin with, trying to unload a large gun safe on your own is not advisable. There are numerous potential issues that could arise. Moreover, you risk injuring your back. It’s best to have a partner assist you in unloading the safe.

Safely unloading a biometric fingerprint gun safe from the back of your pickup truck is not as easy as it may seem. That being said, if you still want to do it, be my guest. Just make sure you know what you are doing.

So, you have just bought a brand-new gun safe, and you are on your way home. You already have planned out where to place your brand new safe. But one thing might have forgotten is how to unload it from the pickup truck?

This is not a one-man job, especially if it is a large 800-pounds safe. In this case, it would be best if you had some help. Luckily, plenty of young, strong guys will do anything for beer and pizza.

There is always one man in every group who can help unload a hand gun safe from a pickup truck. This person usually has some experience with guns, and they know how to unload them quickly and safely without hurting themselves or anyone else.

Unload A Gun Safe From The Pickup Truck

Can You Unload A Gun Safe From The Pickup Truck By Yourself?

Even without family or friends helping, it is possible to move, unload, and transport your newly bought gun safe yourself, with a bit of ingenuity.

Yet, you should never take on a project such as this without sufficient planning and forethought. You should also remember that it is not shameful to ask for more help.

This is especially true when trying to complete a move of this magnitude. Knowing your limits and acting accordingly is far more prudent than risking damage to your property or personal property during a move gone awry.

By merely searching the internet, you can find a list of professional moving companies in your area, many of which are eager to earn your business.

Tips For Unloading A Safe On Your Own

The majority of gun safes can be moved without any additional assistance, except in extreme cases. It does, however, require considerable ingenuity.

It is also imperative to ensure that one has the appropriate equipment available before diving headlong into a task.

If you plan to move a heavy safe, you must have a solid strategy in mind. Haphazardly tackling such a move is nothing short of a bad idea, with potentially grave consequences.

It is important to follow basic safety measures when moving heavy items, including safes. When this is not done, serious personal injury and/or property damage may result.

Unload A Gun Safe From Pickup

1. Getting Your Gun Safe Home

When transporting a gun safe by vehicle, it is also necessary to secure the load properly. Large safes tend to be very heavy, especially those that are very large.

Picking up your safe from the store where you bought it is the first step in moving a gun safe. In addition, this safe must also be loaded into one’s truck, which can be quite a challenge.

Typically, a store employee will use a pallet jack to transport your gun safe to your truck, from where it can be lifted into the back by a lift gate.

2. Using A Lift-Gate Equipped Vehicle

Lift-gate-equipped vehicles, such as moving trucks, can make the process of loading and unloading large safes simple and fast. This eliminates the need for heavy equipment such as forklifts.

With the assistance of a sturdy appliance dolly, the safe may be positioned at truck bed height as desired. Typical dolly rentals of this type can be found at local moving companies for a relatively low price.

3. Use Ratchet Straps

Gun safes can be secured in place using multiple ratchet straps, which prevent excessive movement. If possible, back up into the building door where you will enter as soon as you reach your destination.

You should only leave enough room for the truck’s lift-gate to be lowered safely. Then, remove all tie-downs from your safe and carefully lower it to the ground.

Unload A Gun Safe From Truck

4. Inspect Your Intended Path Of Travel

If you intend to move your safe indoors, check for trip hazards and any previously overlooked obstacles that might hinder your progress.

During this process, you should also double-check the door frame measurements to make sure there is enough clearance. Finally, make sure you wear all the necessary safety gear.

You will also need closed-toed shoes and durable work gloves. Make sure your safe’s door is securely latched as well.

The next step is to determine the best method for moving your safe to its final resting place. The process of completing this task is a complex one, and some methods are more effective than others.

5. Track Method

When moving a gun safe, a series of metal bars can serve as a sort of track. This method is used by many moving companies when transporting a gun safe, as it has proven to be effective in most cases.

A bed gun storage is slid upon a series of metal bars, and placed end-to-end, when using a track method. The safety bars are picked up as the safe passes over a particular set and moved forward to where the track extends.

Each step is repeated until the safe is at its final destination. In moving a gun safe, it is important to point out that metal bars can damage hardwood floors.

Special moving bars with rubber coatings are used for this purpose by many moving companies. However, the best method for moving on carpeted surfaces in the absence of these special bars is to use the wheels.

Unload A Gun Safe

6. PVC Pipe Method

Golf balls have been used in the past by gun owners in a similar manner as described above. However, nowadays, this method of movement is rarely used.

This is because golf balls when under immense pressure, have been known to scratch, dent, and break tile, hardwood, and laminate floors. Use PVC instead.

If a lift is not available, you can also move your gun safe around using PVC tubing. To achieve this, you will need to create a bed of PVC pipe underneath a safe, which can be used as wheels.

This round pipe is supposed to prevent friction from stopping your move. If you can, you’ll want to cut each pipe segment to a slightly bigger length than the gun safe’s width.

This prevents the safe from slipping off the pipe bed in the event that the load isn’t tracked entirely straight. However, despite its success in several scenarios, the PVC pipe method has some drawbacks.

In addition, this method can prove ineffective when traversing steps or crossing junctions between floors of varying types.

Gun Safe

7. Dolly Method

The safest, most effective, and most effective way to transport them is with a heavy-duty dolly or a specialty hand truck. Professional safe movers often use a furniture dolly or appliance dolly for such large tasks.

When moving a gun safe with the assistance of a wheel dolly, it is always recommended to use security straps. In the case of unlevel surfaces, such as changes in flooring composition, or a flight of stairs, this prevents the load from shifting.

Your risk of suffering an injury, or inadvertently damaging property, is greatly reduced by securely strapping your nightstand drawer gun safe to the dolly. Your safe should be secured to the dolly with at least 2-3 straps.

There are designated securement points on several specialty dollies, including heavy-duty appliances that can be secured without issue. You can move your gun safe simply by rolling it to its final position while secured to a sturdy dolly.

Taking your time while completing this process is key. Quick or sudden movements can cause you to lose control over your load, potentially leading to injury in the process.

Final Words

Deciding on which gun safe to buy is only half the battle. The fun begins when you try to move your gun safe to its final destination.

Unloading a gun safe alone is tough enough, but doing it yourself is even worse. Don’t forget that using a professional to unload your safe from the truck is the safest way.

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