Shipping Container as a Gun Safe (Yay or Nay?)

Is your gun safe too small to contain your firearms? Then the idea of making a shipping container a gun safe might have already crossed your mind. 

The use of shipping containers as storage for valuables is common practice. For years, they have been known to be a cost-effective and fantastic solution for your storage space needs

So yes, you can use a shipping container as a gun safe. But there are factors that should be considered first before doing so. 

Advantages of Using Shipping Containers As Gun Safes:

Shipping containers come in different sizes and dimensions. Whether a private individual or a business owner, you can benefit from this storage unit. 

Here are some of the advantages of using a shipping container as a gun safe:

1. Durability

One of the sought-after benefits of using a shipping container as storage is its durability. These containers are made of corten steel which can withstand any weather. Depending on their usage level, it can last up to 25 years or longer

2. Portability

Most shipping containers, especially the smaller ones, are designed to be portable. You can move them from one place to another. Gun owners can benefit from this feature as they can locate their possessions in their desired sites.

3. Security

Shipping containers are large enough to store your valuables and secure them properly. You may use heavy-duty padlocks or install alarm systems to reduce the theft risk. Security cameras can also be installed in your target area inside the container.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Depending on the size and dimension, a shipping container may cost around $1000. Given its durability, this storage unit is more cost-effective than commercial gun safes. 

Disadvantages of Using Shipping Containers As Gun Safes:

Despite their attractive features, using shipping containers have drawbacks. These are a few disadvantages of using shipping containers as gun safes.

1. Accessibility

It can be easy to breach a shipping container when not adequately secured. So, it is essential to maintain tight security measures

2. Climate control

Storing your firearms in shipping containers should be cautiously handled as they are susceptible to weather changes. Most owners insulate their containers to reduce humidity and extreme temperature. They must also be placed in a shaded and well-ventilated area. 

3. Limited size

Shipping containers’ sizes vary from 8 ft to 40 ft tall. Due to limited sizes, it is often difficult to find the size that is just right for your guns and ammo. 

Factors To Consider Before Using a Shipping Container as a Gun Safe:

Gun owners know the importance of a safe to store their possessions. However, if you are considering using a shipping container to store your firearms, here are the things you need to consider: 

1. Location

Consider the location of the shipping container. It should be placed in a secured area where its contents can be safe from criminals. Use modified security systems to prevent thieves from taking your valuables. 

2. Climate

A shipping container is highly sensitive to humidity as well as cold temperature. It must be placed in a shaded and well-ventilated area. Also, be ready to provide insulation inside the container. 

3. Size requirements

Most containers are as big as 20-40 ft tall. However, there are standard sizes that can be perfect for gun safes. Finding one can be a struggle. 

4. Budget 

The cost of a single shipping container may hurt your pocket. But considering how durable and efficient it is, this storage unit can be worth buying. 


One of the issues that gun owners encounter is having a safe that might be too small for their firearms and ammo. Some may want to secure their possessions away from their homes. 

So, instead of purchasing more than one gun safe, they might have thought of having a shipping container as an option. 

Shipping containers are sturdy but highly sensitive to climatic conditions. Make sure to provide proper insulation and ventilation to the whole storage. 

Consider the size of the container itself. Some may be too big, others too small. Purchase one with the right size and dimension. 

Also, do not forget to secure the container in a safe area. Heavy-duty padlocks and alarm systems are a great help to protect your valued possessions away from robbers. 


What is the best option for the safe storage of firearms?

It is still best to have a gun safe at home where you can store your firearms. A shipping container is an option but it could be better.

Can you keep guns and ammo in the same safe?

Avoid keeping your guns and ammo in the same place. As much as possible, store your ammo away from your firearms. This may prevent unauthorized use.

Can a shipping container stop a bullet?

Shipping containers can withstand wear and tear. However, they are not completely bulletproof. 

Are shipping containers safe for storage?

Shipping containers make good storage. However, consider the size, location, climate, and location before using it as storage for your guns. 


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