Where To Hide Your Gun Safe Keys (10 Best Places)

Worried that someone might steal your gun safe keys? Stop hiding them in common places and start being creative!

Having a gun safe is a responsible step to secure your firearms, but what about the keys? Hiding them in plain sight or in a predictable location is not secure enough. 

Here are some creative and secure places to hide your gun safe keys to ensure only authorized individuals have access.

The Importance of Hiding Gun Safe Keys

Guns are an important tool for self-defense, but if they fall into the wrong hands, they can cause serious harm. This is why it is important to hide gun safe keys so that only authorized individuals can access the firearms. 

This is especially important if there are children or other unauthorized individuals in the home.

Common Places to Hide Gun Safe Keys

People often hide their gun safe keys in common places due to convenience and ease. These common places, such as a drawer or a keychain, are easily accessible and can be quickly located in an emergency situation. 

Hiding the keys in these common places is a simple solution that does not require much thought or effort. Additionally, many people may not be aware of creative hiding places, leading them to resort to more conventional options.

Disadvantages of Hiding Your Gun Safe Keys in Common Places

1. Lack of security: Common hiding places, such as a drawer or on a keychain, are easily accessible to unauthorized individuals, increasing the risk of theft or unauthorized access to firearms.

2. Increased likelihood of loss or theft: Keeping the keys in common places increases the risk of losing or misplacing them, which can result in unauthorized access to firearms.

3. Well-known hiding spots: Common hiding places, such as under a doormat, are well-known and easily recognizable, making them easier targets for thieves or unauthorized individuals.

Best Places to Hide Gun Safe Keys

Hiding gun safe keys in creative places, such as a fake rock can provide better security for firearms compared to common hiding places. 

Creative hiding places are less well-known and therefore less likely to be found by unauthorized individuals, resulting in a greater level of security for firearms. However, it is important to remember that these places may also be forgotten or overlooked by the owner.

The best place to hide gun safe keys will depend on individual preferences. Check out these 5 best places:

1. In a fake rock or plant

A fake rock or plant can be purchased and used to hide the key outside the home. The key can be placed inside the rock or plant, making it difficult to find.

2. Behind a picture frame

Attaching the key to the back of a picture frame hanging on the wall is an effective way to conceal it. The picture frame can blend in with other decorative items in the room, making it difficult to locate.

3. In a hidden compartment

A small box with a hidden compartment can be purchased and used to store the key. This type of box is designed to be discreet, and the key can be easily retrieved when needed.

4. In a locked drawer or cabinet

Hiding the key in a locked drawer or cabinet inside the home is a secure option. The key can be kept in a locked container, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access it.

5. With a trusted friend or relative

A spare key can be given to a trusted friend or relative for safekeeping. This person can be relied on to keep the key secure, and it can be retrieved in an emergency situation.

6. In a disguised safe deposit box

A safe deposit box can be disguised as a common household item, such as a book or a vase. The box can be used to store the key, providing an added layer of security.

7. Under a doormat

Placing the key under a doormat is a common hiding spot, but it is also easily accessible to others. This option may not be the most secure, but it can be useful as a backup hiding spot.

8. Inside a hollowed-out book

A hollowed-out book can be used to conceal the key. The book can be placed on a bookshelf, making it difficult to locate.

9. Taped or magnetized to the underside of furniture

The key can be attached to the underside of a piece of furniture, such as a table or a chair. This location is well-hidden in plain sight, and the key can be retrieved easily when needed.

10. In a refrigerator

Hiding gun safe keys in the refrigerator is a creative option for a hiding spot. However, it is important to make sure that the key is concealed and not visible to others who may have access to the refrigerator. 

Additionally, it may be useful to consider the accessibility of the key in case of an emergency. 

It is important to choose a hiding place that is secure, easily accessible in an emergency, and discreet to prevent unauthorized access to firearms.

The Takeaway

The best place to hide gun safe keys will vary depending on individual circumstances. It is important to find a balance between security and accessibility. 

Additionally, it is recommended to regularly check and update the hiding place to ensure the keys are still secure.

Hiding gun safe keys is an important step in securing firearms and preventing unauthorized access. By considering common and creative hiding places, you can find the best option to meet your specific needs. 


Where is a good place to hide a safe key?

A good place to hide a safe key is in a secure location that is easily accessible in an emergency, but not obvious to unauthorized individuals. 

Where do you put your gun lock keys?

The best place to put gun lock keys will depend on individual preferences and needs, but some options include in a locked box, behind a picture frame, or with a trusted friend or family member.

What happens if you lose key to gun safe?

If you lose the key to a gun safe, you can use the combination or digital code to access the safe. If these methods are not available, a locksmith may be able to open the safe. If the contents of the safe are important, it is advisable to have a backup key or combination in a secure location.

How can I hide my safe in my house?

A safe can be hidden in a number of ways within the home, such as in a closet, behind a false wall, under a bed, or in a basement. Another option is to install a hidden door or bookcase that conceals the safe. The key is to choose a location that is secure, easily accessible in an emergency, and not easily noticeable to unauthorized individuals.


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