Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive?

Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive

Gun safes rank among the priciest household items. They are frequently sold at a high cost due to the superior level of security they provide. These safes are neither inexpensive nor intended to be.

They are a long-term investment and the protection that they provide is priceless. They also can provide protection for your valuables and belongings in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

The cost is worth it to protect yourself and your loved ones from a potential life-threatening situation. We all know how important a gun safe is. But what makes them so expensive?

In a nutshell, gun safes are expensive because:

  • They have to be made of high-quality materials that cannot be replicated by counterfeiters
  • They have to have a certain level of security
  • They have to protect against a variety of threats
  • The cost goes up with the size, complexity, and features

They are designed to protect firearms and other valuables from fire, water, theft, and other damage. Some gun safes also offer the option for long-term protection by storing your gun in there for a set amount of time.

Gun Safes So Expensive

Is A Gun Safe Really Within Your Budget?

A gun safe is often thought to be too expensive by the average person, and this is a myth that needs to be dispelled. Gun safes are among the best forms of home and office security. It’s just that most firearms are expensive and easy to rob.

Several hundred to thousands of dollars of property can be stolen from one home during a robbery. So, it’s pretty straightforward. Gun safes can cost anywhere between $550 and $12,000.

An average hunting rifle costs between $350 and $1500, depending on the brand. A standard gun safe will cost roughly the same as two basic hunting rifles without accessories or scopes.

Additionally, the majority of gun owners possess several firearms that are far more expensive than a gun safe. In addition, a gun safe is not just for storing guns. You can store valuables such as antiques, jewelry, and valuable documents in a gun safe.

Take this simple test if you don’t think you need a gun safe. You don’t need a gun safe if you answer no to every question. If you answer yes to one or more questions, then you may want to think about protecting your investment.

Gun Safe Test: Do I Need It?

  1. Do you own firearms?
  2. Do you have knives or other collectibles in your home?
  3. Is there any jewelry in your house?
  4. Have you got any family heirlooms that you don’t want to lose?
Gun Safes

What Makes Gun Safes So Expensive?

Gun safes come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they’re designed to protect guns from unauthorized access. Although many affordable safes are available, quality ones can be quite expensive. There are many high-end gun safes that cost upwards of $10,000.

It is partly because the cost of production machinery is extremely high, and it is also because labor costs, development costs, and shipping charges are high. And the price of these safes is predicted go even higher.

The cost of these safes can vary depending on the features that you need to have as well as the size of your collection. There are many reasons why gun safes are so expensive, but the main one is the fact that they are made of high-quality materials, including steel and other metals.

Some people think that the high cost is worth it, while others argue that the price tag is too steep for what it offers. Take a look at this topic a bit further, and you’ll find that even the name on the front of your safe can add to its cost. That being said, here are the main reasons why gun safes are so expensive:

Brand Reputation

What makes a gun safe so expensive? Brand reputation is the answer to this question. Even though it is designed to protect your firearms, it also serves as a status symbol for many people who buy them.

People don’t trust brands overnight; it takes years to create one. However, once you gain your customer’s trust, and prove that you are capable of delivering a quality service, you begin to be able to charge more.

Look at brands such as Yeti or Apple. Some of the equivalent brands in the safe industry are Liberty Safe, Browning, Fort Knox, and a few others. Customers trust these brands, so they can charge a little more than their competitors.

Gun Safe So Expensive

Heavy & Expensive Materials

The cost of a gun safe could be anywhere from $100 to $10,000 or more depending on the size and quality. One reason that this is the case is that gun safes have to be made with lots of heavy and expensive materials like steel and aluminum.

The size, the weight, and the number of materials used in construction all contribute to the high price tag on these products. There is also a high demand for these safes because they are used by professional shooters and law enforcement agencies across the country.

Development Cost

The cost of a gun safe is determined by how much a company has to invest in the development process. The more extensive and expensive the testing process, the more expensive it becomes.

The main reason for these high prices is the development cost and extensive test costs involved in developing a new model. The development cost includes research, design, engineering, and testing. For example, take a look at the design of an under bed gun drawer.

In addition, extensive testing is required to make sure that the product will be safe from any potential design defects or failures. Also, most people don’t realize that it costs money to test fire ratings both on your own, and to get a UL rating.

Even just one fire rating can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The price of the safe you buy needs to reflect this in order to make the business viable.

Warranty Period

One of the factors that makes gun safes expensive is the warranty that comes with them. The safe industry is home to many manufacturers offering lifetime warranties. Warranty protection isn’t cheap, especially for safes.

Some gun safes offer a lifetime guarantee, which means that if you have any problem with your product, they will replace it for free. Others typically have a 10-year warranty and if something is wrong with the product, you can get it replaced for free.

A standard nightstand bedside gun safe doesn’t have a lot of moving parts, but those that do move or can be damaged can be expensive to fix. Locking mechanisms, hinges, and bolts are included.

If one of those things fails, or if worse comes to worse, if you get locked out of your safe, what happens then? This requires a specialized locksmith to be called in, which is expensive.

In addition, a new safe may have to be shipped, or a damaged safe may have to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. As a good company holds to their warranty with little to no troubleshooting, these costs accumulate and must be factored into the cost of a product.

Pistol Safe So Expensive

High Shipping Cost

When it comes to shipping freight, you know it’s not cheap. Now imagine that you have to ship hundreds or thousands of them every month. The size and weight of the product is one factor that contributes to this price tag.

Shipping costs are not cheap, so the cost of a gun safe can be quite high. Considering these costs when pricing a product is important since they can be a major portion of the cost. Even a car lock box for gun from a reputed brand cab quite costly.

Specialized Labor Cost

Gun safes are expensive because they require specialized labor and manufacturing. The cost of finger print gun safes is based on the number of hours it takes to create it, which is why gun safes are generally more expensive than other types of home security systems.

It costs money to find the right people, and companies must pay those costs before they can hire the right employees. There have to be welders, machinists, automotive painters, and even people who show up on time for work for the assembly line to run smoothly.

Machinery Cost

Gun safes are not just assembled from parts, they require intricate and precise machining of rare materials like titanium and steel.  

The manufacturing process requires specialized skills, time, and effort in order to create a product that will be durable and safe. It also requires machinery that can do the job in a cost-effective manner.

Final Words

Top rated handgun safes are an expensive investment that can save lives. However, this country has become highly volatile in the past year, as we’ve seen first-hand. Right now is the perfect time to get a new gun safe for the lowest price.

There are many reasons why they are so expensive, but it’s worth the money in the long term. Hopefully, now you know why gun safes are so expensive.

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